40th Birthday Gifts


40 deserves fabulous. Give a 40th birthday gift that leaves a lasting mark. At Cloud 9 Living, the only way over the hill is to tee up, fly, relax, race, feast, or adventure over it! Featuring spa goodies, golf outings, tasty tours, exotic driving, skydiving, and lots more -- 40 never felt so good!

Featured Reviews:

  • Stock Car Ride Along

  • 5

  • Charlotte

"I really enjoyed the NASCAR riding experience. It was very cool to get a feel for the power of the car and what the drivers are doing. I did 6 laps with very few cars on the track and I can't imagine doing 600 laps, maintaining control at those speeds with so many other cars around, cutting each other off, etc. It would be very demanding and grueling. It was fun climbing in and out of the car. I was afraid once I got in I wouldn't be able to get back out. I'm not as young as I used to be. I'd recommend anyone to ride along but I'm not in a hurry to be the driver! "

  • Tandem Hang Gliding

  • 5

  • Orlando

"The hang gliding was a great experience. Beautiful day and really nice folks. The video is pretty nifty. Take a camera and give it to one of the folks on the ground to take photos of you. "

  • Learn to Sail on Lake Union

  • 5

  • Seattle

"Two hours sailing lesson for beginners on lake Union: Very nice and skilled instructor. Clean and comfortable boat. Good weather - just the right amount of wind for beginners. Great experience altogether!"

40th Birthday GiftsThe magnificent 40th birthday milestone can only be celebrated one way. Add a splash of "I've always wanted to" and dash of "remember when," and presto! A Cloud 9 Living experience has granted a perfectly unique 40th birthday gift wish!

Go all-out for the fellow who is hittin' 40! Put him on the greens with a PGA Pro! Or give him the adrenaline fix of a lifetime on white water rapids, in the company of great white sharks, freefalling from a plane, zipping by in a stock car, or dogfighting high overhead! And for the guy who just loves his grub, a food or brew tour is sure to make him smile.

Got a gal with 40 hot on her heels? Sweep her off her feet and straight to a spa day or hot air balloon ride! Is she the type to revel in getting swept up in action and adventure? Cloud 9 Living has plenty of birthday gifts for her to get the heart a-thumpin' -- zip lining, bungee jumping, exotic car racing, flying lessons, surfing, rock climbing and more!

With over 1,800 experiences to choose from nationwide, wish someone "Happy Birthday!" with an invitation to take a walk on the wonderful, wild side of 40!

40th birthday gifts for men_cloud 9 living_life and culture experiencesTrying to find the very best 40th birthday gift for him? Go for unrivaled and entirely unforgettable.

Treat him to a feast fit for a fun, young 40-year-old, with great-tasting ways to wine and dine! Sail off into the sunset on a gourmet dinner cruise, majestic tall ship, or private gondola ride. Or see what's cookin' on a generous selection of food and brew tours, culinary classes, and in-home cooking lessons.

Invite him to embark on big dreams with unique gifts for men that come with even bigger stories! Tear up a race track like the NASCAR greats. Tango with friendly competition in the clouds. Take a brave plunge, freefalling from a plane or scuba diving into waters teeming with great whites! Kick some bucket list bum -- cross off "become a ninja warrior" with an exclusive martial arts class!

And if he'd like to try a few new tricks, creative birthday gifts from Cloud 9 Living are the perfect place to start! Discover flight with an introductory piloting lesson. Spin sweet tunes at a private DJ session. Take expert tips from a PGA Pro on a golf outing. And so much more! With 40th birthday gift ideas for men like these, he'll be tackling 40 like the ultimate young gun!

40th Birthday gifts for women_Cloud 9 LivingNeed a birthday present for her that's beyond fantastic? Done! Cloud 9 Living is your one-stop shop for 40th birthday gifts for women that fit any gal's taste -- from sweet and sassy, fun and feisty, to relaxing or rarin' to go!

Dazzle the inner-daredevil of a fearless female with zip lining, bungee jumping, surfing lessons, rock climbing, white water rafting, stock and exotic car driving, motorcycle classes, and adrenaline rushes galore!

Or invite her to unwind with an assortment of creative birthday gift ideas -- from floating aboard a classy lunch or dinner cruise, to basking in the calm ambiance of a spa outing, and sauntering along quaint city streets on a biking tour. Sweet tooth? Tantalize her taste buds with unique food tour topics like local eats, mouth-watering artisanal cheese, elegant wines, to-die-for chocolate, and much more!

If "that hill" is comin' in hot for a lovely lady, be sure to cut her cake with only the hottest 40th birthday gifts!

40th birthday gifts_cloud 9 living_action and adventureWhat sounds sweeter than a "Happy Birthday" serenade? How about a 40th birthday gift that celebrates the big 4-0 loud and proud! Especially when excited, heart-pounding anticipation and adrenaline rushes are added to the mix.

So scratch off some bucket list wishes. Gush over intense white water rapids. Swoosh high in the sky hang gliding and paragliding. Clatter up a cliff with a rock climbing adventure. Roar over mountains of powder on a snowmobiling trip. Zing friendly competition with an intense game of paintballing.

Splish-splash through pristine waters with surfing, kayaking, and snorkeling outings. Thunder a horsepower-packed car around a track. Whiz through the air with piloting lessons and extreme fighter pilot excursions. Or give a big "Yeehawwww!" for zip lining, bungee jumping, or diving with great whites!

There's no doubt that Cloud 9 Living packs a pretty sweet punch when it comes to action, adventure, and unique birthday gifts! And if you can't decide what will bring the biggest, bravest laugh -- let your newly-40 friend or family member decide!

40th birthday gifts_cloud 9 living_dinner cruisesWhat's better than cake and presents on a birthday? Try a 40th birthday gift that's the icing on that cake!

Say "Happy Birthday!" with ultra-unique ways to paint the town! Discover a city's hot spots and hidden gems with tours featuring fascinating topics like food bites, craft brews, classy wines, delectable desserts, haunted happenings, art, architecture, history, and must-see cityscapes. Or dare to try something different with Cloud 9 Living's array of intriguing classes -- glass-blowing, painting, sushi-rolling, chocolate- and cocktail-making, DJ'ing, pottery, and cooking! And there are plenty more birthday gift ideas where those came from!

Craving some friendly competition and a little bit of crazy fun around the city? The DaVinci's Gold Scavenger Hunt is a true party-pleaser and will make for an absolutely unforgettable 40th birthday shindig!

Have a group to entertain? Treat the guest of honor to a very special birthday bash by boat -- wine, dine and dance aboard a lunch or dinner cruise, complete with breathtaking views! Hungry for more? An in-home private chef for an evening makes the perfect 40th birthday gift for men and women who prefer elegant entertainment in the quieter comfort of home.

40th birthday gifts for men and women_spa packages_cloud 9 livingA milestone like 4-0 calls for unwrapping an unforgettable getaway. Wish a lucky lad or lady a spa-tacular birthday from head to toe, with 40th birthday gifts that feature the ultimate rest-and-relaxation destinations.

With treatment options that include aromatherapy, massages, mani-pedis, facials, and hot stone remedies, and more  --  it will be tough to find a happier, calmer person holding a spa package gift!

Not quite sure how you'd like to let your lucky gift-getter unwind? Let 'em take spa-magic matters into their own hands! Our Spafinder Wellness Certificate lets recipients redeem its value at over 20,000 locations across the U.S., for any type of good or service that best suits them  --  classes, yoga gear, salon sessions, steam rooms, gym access, massages, and plenty more pampering possibilities.

Cloud 9 Living is at your service to get your birthday guy or girl relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated -- making for the perfect 40th birthday gift idea for men and women alike!