• 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

50th Birthday Gifts

Time to celebrate someone turning 50 years young? Mark this milestone with 50th birthday gifts for men and women that let the good times roll! From spa packages to golf greens, dinner cruises to whale watching, exotic driving to airborne adventures -- give a lifetime of memories all in one day!

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  • Flying
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  • Golf
  • City Tours
  • Action & Adventure

50th birthday gifts - gifts for men and womenJump-start someone's next 50 years with Cloud 9 Living's impressive collection of unique 50th birthday gifts for men and women that range from calm and relaxed, to courageous and rarin' to go!

Rev a fine fellow's engine with a racecar driving experience. Commemorate an impressive half-century at a nationally-renowned golf resort. Satisfy his appetite with an extraordinary menu of wining and dining options. Fly that 50-year-old high with unique birthday gifts for him like airplane lessons, skydiving and fighter pilot missions!

With 1,800+ Cloud 9 Living experiences nationwide, so there's no stopping the wonder- woman who wants to take this birthday milestone by storm! Pull out all the pampering stops with a spa package. Entice her inner explorer with an abundant array of urban excursions, intriguing tours, and enlightening classes -- not to mention outdoor adventures galore!

With birthday gifts for men and women like these and much more, your birthday champ will be the story-swapping envy of any circle of friends!

50th birthday gifts for men - gifts for him - fighter pilotGive a 50th birthday gift for him that gives him unforgettable memories! Go heart pounding. High flying. Premier golfing. Best tasting. Fast driving. And that's not all...

Send him soaring through the skies with unfathomable speed and G-force on the ultimate fighter pilot mission -- dogfighting, dodging laser-ammo, diving and all! Or gift him with the chance to sight-see from a scenic biplane ride or helicopter tour.

Let his inner speed demon thunder around a race track in the hot rod of his dreams – choose from stock, exotic, Indy, Formula 2000, and dragster cars! Not to mention motorcycle and off-roading outings!

Enjoy an evening aboard an elegant cruise ship, complete with a gourmet meal, live music or DJ entertainment, dancing, and awe-inspiring views!

Tantalize his taste buds with flavor-packed dude-food on a sampling tour. Send him out to bike, run or paddle for brews with his buddies. Or invite his inner chef to master the kitchen with an in-home cooking class! With 50th birthday gifts for men like these from Cloud 9 Living, he'll easily unwrap proof that life doesn't just get really good at 50  --  it gets unbelievably great!

50th birthday gifts for women - gifts for herCelebrate her big 5-0 in style. Flying, diving, splashing, driving, pampering, savoring, and-then- some style, that is! Cloud 9 Living has the 50th birthday gifts for women that not only commemorate a marvelous milestone, but that create larger-than-life memories for years to come!

Honor her big day with unique experiences that exude elegance -- like tall ship sails, vineyard tours, hot air balloon rides, gourmet dinner cruises, and private gondola outings.

Or unleash her wild side with fun, feisty birthday gifts for her like horseback riding, racecar driving, whitewater rafting, skydiving, rock climbing, kayaking, and more!

And for the gal who just loves hobbies galore -- some whale-watching, glassblowing, vino and painting, chocolate-making, sushi-rolling, wok classes, and more are guaranteed to keep her entertained for hours on end!

With gifts like these, she'll be starting the countdown for her next big day, faster than you can say, "Happy Birthday!"

50th birthday gifts - racecar driving experience giftsThere's no time like the present to give a 50th birthday gift from Cloud 9 Living that gets the young-at-heart racing!

Get a birthday lady or gent unwrapping the racecar adrenaline rush of a lifetime! From sturdy stock cars to snazzy sets of exotic wheels, dragsters to dirt bikes and more, driving experiences let lucky participants drive, ride along or take classes in high- performance vehicles that are outfitted for putting the highest level of happy in a 50th birthday!

Care to take to the air instead? Strap in and hang on tight for delightful, gravity-defying excursions! Pilot a real helicopter. Jump out of an airplane. Take off on an aerobatic biplane ride, or steer clear of a friendly opponent during an exhilarating fighter pilot dogfight!

Want to add even more variety to the spice of newly-50 life?

Hang gliding, zip lining, scuba diving, snorkeling, and rafting provide some of the most unique birthday gifts out there for your favorite thrill-seeker!

50th birthday gifts for men and women - food toursWhat do you get when you cross a cake and ice cream with unique experiences? Only the most creative 50th birthday gifts ever!

Indulge your young-hearted birthday pal in a mouth-watering menu of savory eats and tasty treats throughout most major metropolis areas. Saunter through city streets on a food tour. Sip on exquisite wine, cocktails and craft brews. Roll sushi, make chocolate, and more!

Have a bigger crowd to please? Fill the 50th birthday shindig with festivities offered aboard an elegant lunch or dinner cruise, under a familiar roof with an in-home dinner party and personal chef, or even in hot pursuit of clues on a perfectly customized city-wide scavenger hunt.

Discover even more ins and outs of a city with Cloud 9 Living's many urban excursions, with tours and classes that provide unrivaled recreation!

Engage in a major metropolis' history, hauntings, architecture, art and music scenes, natural resources, quirks, best-kept city secrets, traditions, and other intriguing claims to fame – perfect for celebrating 50 and making forever-memories!

50th birthday gifts for men and women - spa packagesPut an extra sparkle in someone's big day with a 50th birthday gift spa getaway! Cloud 9 Living's Spafinder Wellness Certificate is the easiest way to give your lucky recipient the most convenient, luxurious treatments available.

With 20,000 spa destinations to choose from nationwide  --  on top of an extensive array of services, classes and retail goodies  --  guests can redeem certificate values to design the greatest escape for themselves.

Invite your birthday guy or gal to revel in the relaxation of a Swedish, deep tissue or hot stone massage. Polish fingers and toes up with a mani-pedi treatment that will leave them shimmering with a radiant color choice. Bask in the healthy, purifying feel of a facial. Try a yoga class or get a new ‘do! Detox and revitalize with aromatherapies, steam rooms, hot tubs and other fantastic spa amenities.

Want to add even more refreshment to the 50th birthday gift mix? Give someone's closet a little razzle-dazzle boost! With the help of some of Cloud 9 Living's wardrobe consultants, the birthday guy or gal will be dressing as sharp, vibrant and fresh on the outside as they feel on the inside!