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Infuse an incredible dose of adrenaline into someone's life! An unforgettable adventure gift gives any bucket list ambition loads of lifelong memories. Raft, skydive, zipline, bungee jump, hike, scuba, learn to fly, drive race cars & much more, all under the guidance of strongly vetted professionals.

Make really  BIG bucket list wishes a thrilling reality — with Cloud 9 Living's action and adventure gifts!

From water sports to the great outdoors, and fast cars to high-flying freedom — our adrenaline-infused collection of experience gifts means we have extreme adventures for everyone!

Invite someone to celebrate a special occasion by taking full advantage of what Mother Nature has to offer with heart-pounding outdoor activities. Scale magnificent cliffs on rock climbing lessons. Swivel and soar over treetops and ravines on an exhilarating zip line tour, squealing with delight. Crawl and rappel through rocky territory on a cavern excursion. And hike into one of the most marvelous wonders of the world on a Grand Canyon tour. Or take the ultimate plunge amid stunning scenery, as you bungee jump off the renowned Bridge to Nowhere!

Give the H2O a go with thrilling adventure gifts that feature outings both above and below various bodies of water. Hop on a raft to tackle the wet 'n' wild rapids of an unruly river! Dive to magical ocean depths in full scuba gear. Hoot and holler with delight aboard a competitive sailing vessel, as a professional crew whips you across boisterous open waters. Wrangle some of the ocean's finest catches on extreme sport outings like deep sea fishing. Or paddle your heart out to on a surfboard or kayak to join forces with the perfect wave or playful wildlife in its natural habitat.

Add some 'power' to your outdoor play with adventure experience like race car driving, skydiving, flying lessons, high-speed boat rides, and many more outings that will take your breath away in a heartbeat!

Smile with extreme delight thanks to adventure gifts that do adrenaline right!

Awesome gifts for men and women whether you're gunnin' to keep someone's adrenaline fixes on (mostly) solid ground? Let them savor the comfort of dry land that comes with enough excitement to fill even the biggest of ambitions!

If fast cars are the name of their game, we've got fleets of horsepower-hungry cars, just waiting to be unleashed on tracks across the U.S.! Burn rubber with race car driving experiences that really ramp up the MPHs and heart rate. Get behind the wheel of the auto world's most impressive vehicles: stock cars, Indy cars, dragsters, flashy exotic vehicles, muscle cars, and more! Put the pedal to the metal for yourself, or sit shot gun as a professional driver takes you on the ride of a lifetime!

The land-loving adventure gift ideas don't stop there. Check out what's available from Cloud 9 Living in various U.S. regions, that embrace both the great outdoors and wild urban excursions! Thrill-seekers of all levels will delight in exciting outings like Segway tours, biking, hiking and rock climbing, trapeze lessons, ninja training, cavern expeditions, horseback riding, baja chases, ATV tours, and countless other opportunities.

Embark on an adventure activity that makes a true splash — celebrate a special occasion on the water!

Whether you're looking for an H2O excursion that's fairly low-key, or one that comes with more a boisterous atmosphere, Cloud 9 Living has an unrivaled array of water activities to help you gift the perfect aquatic outing.

Invite someone to sit back, relax and enjoy gorgeous views and photo opps on a number of sailing experiences. Beautiful shorelines and sparkling waters set the perfect scene for a lovely, laidback outdoor adventure for those who may love trying something new or different, without the intensity of a bold adrenaline rush. From leisurely scenic cruises to more animated America's Cup Sailing outings, Cloud 9 Living's water activities often come with the option to be as relaxed or hands-on as guests desire.

For those lucky adventure gift recipients who really want to make some waves, we offer a variety of incredible ways to an exciting plunge! Check out heart-pounding tours and lessons like white water rafting and kayaking. Explore the ocean's underwater world with snorkeling and scuba diving outings. Paddle your way across the mystical, bioluminescent habitat of Tomales Bay. Master the art of stand-up paddleboarding. Reel in the catch of a lifetime while learning the ins and outs of fly fishing or sportfishing!

No matter the method of taking to the water, these adventure gifts are sure to please! From learning a new sport or hobby, or simple enjoying some time among one of our planet's most fascinating elements — plenty of water adventures are ready and waiting.

Explore the air up there with flying adventure gifts that exceed breathtaking heights!

Sounds impossible, right? That anything could ever surpass the breathtaking majesty of simply flying? But guess again! With Cloud 9 Living's collection of airborne experience gifts for men and women, participants get all the height, plus a few other perks!

How about giving flying lessons a go?! Experience the sheer exhilaration of helicopter or airplane lessons right in the pilot's seat! Enjoy thorough ground and in-air instruction, coupled by superb views and the unimaginable freedom of flight. Go a step further and turn pilot training into the ultimate extreme sport by climbing into a combat jet, complete with real aerial dogfights.

Or take a "scenic" plane ride to the next level. History buffs will rejoice over the chance to soak up some stunning scenery from the seat of authentic aircraft like T-6 Warbirds and WWII biplanes. And adrenaline enthusiasts won't be able to say "no" to an aerobatic biplane thrill ride that pulls out all the stops: G-force, barrel rolls, loops, figure-eights, and other impressive maneuvers!

A list of air-mazing experiences wouldn't be complete without a few classic adventure gifts! Check out unforgettable excursions that happen far above sea level like paragliding, hang gliding and skydiving. Not so fond of jumping from planes? Then a fun round of indoor skydiving simply can't be beat. Suit up and spread your wings, to fly in a way that offers safe, unimaginable fun for all ages!