Race a Ferrari 430 Scuderia

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Driveway Austin - Austin, TX


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The legendary Ferrari 430 Scuderia, a heart-pumping race course and you! The stage is set for the driving experience of a lifetime as you race a Ferrari at Driveway Austin!

  • Begin your day with approximately 45-minutes of instruction
  • Climb into the drivers seat of a Ferrari 430 Scuderia, the super car that was described as "a revelation on the track" by Car Magazine
  • Feel the rush of speed as you master the famed Elevations Course at Driveway Austin
  • You'll be accompanied by a professional racing instructor who'll provide helpful racing tips and techniques
  • Complimentary video package included
  • Embrace the race car driver in you!

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There's nothing quite like driving a Ferrari. Whether you are a car enthusiast or just a adrenaline junkie, this Race a Ferrari experience is sure to be one for the books!

Your day at the track will start with approximately 45 minutes of instruction prior to racing the course. This time includes about 20 minutes of classroom instruction during which you will go over track driving lines, acceleration points, safety features, and more. Next you will spend about 15 minutes on the course with your instructor and other participants for a low-speed ride-along to better understand the course. Finally, you'll take about 10 minutes to go over final details and questions before hitting the course!

Before you know it, it's time to get behind the wheel and dominate the road!

Ferrari 430 Scuderia: This powerful vehicle goes from 0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds, and 0-100 mph in 7.8 seconds!

Ferrari / Lamborghini Combo package: For those of you who want it all, select our Ferrari & Lamborghini combo package and drive both the Ferrari 430 Scuderia and the Lamborghini Superleggera. This 12 Lap package includes 6 laps with each car. This is the ultimate driving experience giving you the chance to race two of the most legendary vehicles ever made.

The Elevation Course at Driveway Austin: Located in the heart of Texas, Driveway Austin is a unique track experience. With it's signature corners and extreme elevation changes, this course brings a European flair to Texas. Even the asphalt was methodically tested and specially developed for maximum grip in both wet and dry conditions. The course is approximately 1 mile and boasts 11, thrilling turns. There is really no other course like it!

Get ready for the ultimate racing experience that you will never forget!

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Essential Information:

  • Helmets will be provided.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age and possess a valid driver's license
  • Customers over 6'2" may have difficulty comfortably or safely driving these cars. If the racing instructor determines that you are unable to safely drive your selected vehicle, you will be given the opportunity to drive another car at the instructor's discretion.
  • Included in the cost of this experience is a $39 vehicle damage waiver
  • Complimentary video package of your experience is included

Approximately 2 hours

Maximum Participants:
1 driver per car but up to 20 participants per group

We encourage you to bring family and friends to share the experience! Don't forget to bring a camera!

Weather Dependent:
Generally this experience will run rain or shine. The vehicles are equipped with safety systems to handle driving in any condition. In the event extreme weather conditions force your session to be cancelled, your experience provider will reschedule your experience. Please contact your experience provider if you have any concerns about the weather on the day of your experience.

What to Wear:
Comfortable clothing, socks, long pants and closed-toe shoes; tennis shoes are recommended.

Booking Information:
For this experience, we recommend booking at least 60 days in advance.

Cancellation Policy:
Prior to scheduling/booking a date for this experience, Cloud 9 Living's standard return and exchange policy shall apply. Once you have scheduled a date and received a booking confirmation, all bookings are final. No refunds or exchanges are allowed once you have scheduled a date. Rescheduling is allowed free of charge with at least 24-hours prior notice.

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  1. What are the requirements to drive?
    Drivers must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver's license.
  2. Do I need to know how to drive manual transmission?
    No! All vehicles are equipped with a no-clutch, paddle shift on the wheel which you will be taught to use. If you prefer, automatic transmission mode is available on all the cars.
  3. Are there any height or weight restrictions?
    No, but participants over 6'2" may have difficulties comfortably fitting into the Lamborghini Superleggera. Please contact your experience provider if you have any concerns.
  4. Do I need any previous racing experience?
    Absolutely not! This driving experience is open to anyone! No matter what your skills are behind the wheel, you will enjoy the experience! You will, of course, follow the technical briefings and participate in a discovery lap with an instructor before you drive. You will also be accompanied by a professional driving instructor while you're on the track to help ensure that you take full advantage of the car.
  5. Can I use my own helmet?
    No. Helmets are provided and are specially equipped with integrated communication to allow you and your instructor to communicate.
  6. Can I bring my own recording device?
    A complimentary video package is included with this experience. However, participants are allowed to bring GoPro's if they choose to.