Birthday Gifts for Husbands


Give your hubby a gift that really takes the cake! Unique birthday gifts for husbands like golf lessons, fighter pilot missions, racecar driving, outdoor adventures, and more easily get wishes granted on his big day. So add another candle to the cake in the happiest way --- he'll be so glad you did!

Featured Reviews:

  • Stock Car Ride Along

  • 5

  • Charlotte

"I really enjoyed the NASCAR riding experience. It was very cool to get a feel for the power of the car and what the drivers are doing. I did 6 laps with very few cars on the track and I can't imagine doing 600 laps, maintaining control at those speeds with so many other cars around, cutting each other off, etc. It would be very demanding and grueling. It was fun climbing in and out of the car. I was afraid once I got in I wouldn't be able to get back out. I'm not as young as I used to be. I'd recommend anyone to ride along but I'm not in a hurry to be the driver! "

  • Tandem Hang Gliding

  • 5

  • Orlando

"The hang gliding was a great experience. Beautiful day and really nice folks. The video is pretty nifty. Take a camera and give it to one of the folks on the ground to take photos of you. "

  • Learn to Sail on Lake Union

  • 5

  • Seattle

"Two hours sailing lesson for beginners on lake Union: Very nice and skilled instructor. Clean and comfortable boat. Good weather - just the right amount of wind for beginners. Great experience altogether!"

Birthday gifts for husbands_cloud 9 livingCloud 9 Living's birthday gifts for husbands give any guy memories to talk about for many birthdays to come. With over 1,800+ unique experiences nationwide, we have what it takes to get him unwrapping the unbelievable!

Tee him up with a golf gift! Nothing will bring more gusto to his swing than enjoying a top-of-the-line lesson with a PGA Pro. Or send him soaring on only the most extraordinary airborne adventures --- helicopters, hot air balloons, jets, and more! Need to knock a few items off his bucket list? Cloud 9 Living's extensive collection of adrenaline-pumping birthday gifts for husbands will do just that!

Or let him choose his own way to get his heart-racing with a Gift Certificate to Cloud 9 Living!

Want to enjoy his birthday as the perfect pair? Stroll through a vineyard, sipping on the country's finest wines. Board an elegant cruise for an evening of dinner, dancing and breathtaking scenery. Craving some creative time together? Our selection of unique urban experiences features fascinating topics and tours like art, history, hauntings, food, beer, desserts, boats, bikes and much more!

This year, birthday bows are optional. But great birthday gifts for husbands from Cloud 9 Living are a guarantee!

Birthday gifts for husbands_flying experiencesThe sky's the limit when it comes to celebrating your hubby's big day! Cloud 9 Living features an air-mazing selection of birthday gifts for husbands to take him up, up and away!

Sightseeing from a biplane, taking a trip down memory lane in a vintage aircraft, or sweeping over the treetops in a glider or hot air balloon are perfect experience gifts for the man who loves to simply sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. If he prefers a few more chills with the ride, nothing beats an aerobatic biplane thrill ride – complete with heart-pounding loops, swoops, fancy figure-eights, dazzling dives, and daredevil maneuvers!

Get his heart pounding to the beat of a different drum by putting him  in the pilot's seat! Offering flight lessons in planes and helicopters, Cloud 9 Living can help your main man explore the air up there from an entirely new perspective! And if he dares do some dogfights while he's at it, there's no better place for him than the cockpit of a fighter jet!

Want to keep it simple in the sky? Forget the engines --- go for the freefall! Treat your fella to a skydiving, hang gliding or paragliding birthday air-venture that he won't soon forget!

Life and culture birthday gifts for husbands_vineyard tourTreat your hubby to having his birthday cake and eating it too – because you can get the  tastiest, most entertaining birthday gifts for husbands from Cloud 9 Living!

For the man who loves his grub on-the-go, allow him to savor it at a different speed… with a walking food tour or bikes-&-brews outing!

Let the mouth-watering topics tantalize his taste buds --- craft beers, chocolate and desserts, wine and vineyards, artisan cheeses, local foodie fare, and intriguing food for thought to satisfy any appetite.

If your main squeeze is the king of your kitchen, there's no time like the present to help him hone his master chef skills to perfection! Check out cool birthday gifts for him like sushi rolling lessons, in-home cooking classes, chocolate-making, cocktail classes, and more!

Wish your first mate "bon appétit!" in a special way on his big day! Indulge in romantic birthday ideas like an in-home private chef for an evening or an elegant night on a dinner cruise or tall ship wine-tasting sail together.

Birthday gifts for husbands_driving experiencesWant to get your fine fella's engine revving? Cloud 9 Living's driving collection of birthday gifts for husbands will get him into the hottest hot rod of his dreams!

Fulfill his fast-driving fantasies on the very tracks raced among the professional circuits --- and in the very same high-performance, power-hungry car models, too! Take to the track as a passenger or a driver in any number of speed-savvy racecars, ranging from stock and Indy, to dragster and Formula 2000 experiences across the U.S.!

Can't decide if he'd rather ride along as a passenger, or get behind the wheel as a driver himself?

Give him the best of both  heart-pounding, fast-paced worlds! Double the driving fun with a unique experience gift that combines riding and  driving!

And if your man has his eyes on a two-wheeled prize, there's no better birthday present for him than a Harley rental or dirt bike experience. Of course, if you're in a pinch, you can always let him pick the best way to burn rubber. The ultimate birthday bash awaits the man with a need for speed!

Birthday gifts for husbands_golf giftsWant to get your hubby's heart racing? Make his wildest wishes come true with Cloud 9 Living's huge assortment of larger-than-life birthday gifts for husbands!

If golf is the way to plaster the biggest grin on his face, have him hit the greens with the guys for a round or two on a nationally-renowned resort's course! And if you really want to make his heart skip a beat, teeing up for a golf lesson with a PGA Pro will do just the trick.

Got an adrenaline-junkie on your hands? Cloud 9 Living has birthday gifts for men that exude action and adventure! Give him some serious fun in the sun with outrageous excursions like zip lining, bungee jumping, rock climbing, racecar driving, and skydiving! Add a whole new wow-factor to the wonderful world of water for him with kayaking tours, surfing lessons, sportfishing, scuba and snorkeling outings, white water rafting thrills, and (gasp!) even diving with great white sharks!

Of course, if your handsome hero seems to have already done it all, you'll be the gift-giver of the year when you let him choose his own adventure!