Celebrate World Water Day 2012: Scuba, Surf and Sail

Did you know that each of the 7 billion people on the planet consumes 2 to 4 liters of water every day? How about that it takes 2,400 liters of water to make one hamburger?


Well, World Water Day 2012 is here and ready to teach you about how water runs the world around you.


World Water Day, which was incorporated by the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in 1992, falls on March 22 and raises awareness for the importance of freshwater across the globe. It also advocates for the sustainability of water and has a different theme each year. Past themes include “Water for Cities,’ “Water Quality,’ “International Year of Sanitation’ and “Water and Culture;’ and this year’s focus is on “Water and Food Security.


Here at Cloud 9 Living, we are water enthusiasts! From sailing adventures to the Galapagos to days fishing on Coot Lake in Boulder, our staff can’t get enough H2O.


In honor of World Water Day, we’ve put together some of our favorite water experiences. And remember; take care of your water sources today so theseexperiences will be here tomorrow!


Whitewater Rafting Trips: Enjoy the United States’ many rivers as you paddle through their rapids with a certified tour guide. Just be careful not to fall out ofthe raft!


Kiteboarding Lessons: The trend of kiteboarding is catching wind, so don’t be left out! Strap into a surfboard and harness attached to a kite for a new way to ride to ocean’s waves.


Kayak Tours: Go for a few hours or a three-day tour on one of our many kayak experiences. Paddle through rivers, bays, lakes or oceans as you take in the scenery around you, whether it be the skyscrapers of Chicago or sea caves in La Jolla.


Private Surfing Lessons: Take a tip from the ancient Hawaiians and embrace mother nature’s greatness as your ride the ocean’s waves.


Scuba Certification Gifts: Discover a new world underwater after becoming a certified scuba diver.


Sailing Gift Experience: Learn how to captain a 420 or simply enjoy a light breeze off the water as you are chartered on a private sailboat. Whatever sailing experience you are looking for, we have it!


Learn to Wakeboard: Turn lazy days on the lake into exciting memories after learning to hop the wake on a wakeboard.


Airboat Safari Adventure: Get up close and personal with saw grass and alligators on an airboat tour of the Everglades National Park in Florida. These one-of-a-kind swamp lands overflowing with wildlife are a must see!