Cloud 9 Living’s Core Values

A lot has happened lately. Four interns from CU Boulder are gracing the office (we wish we were in college again) and two new experience consultants (look for a post on this later) have been hired. It’s a time of change here at the Cloud 9 Living office and with that we’ve decided to take a look at and make some changes to our core values. The nine values listed below really are what drives our company forward from day to day.


We wanted to share them with you in hopes that you find them as inspiring as we did. Please, share them with others and let us know what you think in the comments section.


The 9 Core Values of Cloud 9 Living


Since its inception, Cloud 9 Living has evolved into an amazing company. We have been fortunate to always have had wonderful people who all share a similar set of values and beliefs.


Below are the 9 Core Values of Cloud 9 Living which we all live by daily and have made us who we are today.


1. Show Integrity & Accountability


At Cloud 9, Integrity & Accountability are the pillars to our foundation. We treat people and our business with respect, fairness, honesty and are genuinely happy to do so. Combined, these two characteristics guide our moral compass through every situation. We take responsibility for not only our successes, but our shortcomings, and recognize that in these moments others are almost always involved and affected.


2. Always Deliver Legendary Service


We strive for legendary service in all we do and happily go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy, delight and surprise our customers, suppliers and co-workers. We understand they have a choice. We anticipate, listen to, and own their issues until they are surprised by our efforts and responsiveness. We exceed their expectations at every turn.


3. Be Passionate


It’s passion that keeps us ticking. It’s passion that creates. It’s passion that sets us apart. We embrace passion and look for it from everyone, in all areas of the company.


4. Embrace Change


If you’re not changing, you’re not growing. We’ve learned that change will occur and that it’s rarely planned. Therefore, embracing it brings about opportunity that would have otherwise been overlooked. So embrace it. Good stuff happens.


 5. Live Humbly


In living humbly, we put pride to the side and accept circumstances no matter what. We deal with whatever challenges come our way. We do not think we are greater than someone else and we know that we can always learn from others.


6. Choose a Positive Attitude


Living with a positive attitude is a choice. We recognize that this choice is not always easy, but it is always rewarding in the end. We look for the fun, the positive, the creative and the excitement in our interactions and life experiences.


7. Be Pleased But Not Satisfied


Enjoy the glory; just don’t bask in it for too long! We understand that no matter how well we believe we do something there is always room for improvement, and therefore we constantly ask ourselves and each other “How can we do this better?”


8. Compliment Often


At Cloud 9, we’ve found that complimenting often is a mindset that leads to action. In a world where many choose to look at the glass half empty, or the shortcomings in people and business, by instilling a mindset to compliment often, we look for the positives in what people do and act on it.


9. Communicate


We realize that everything we do and everyone we interact with is connected to our success in some way. Therefore it’s imperative to have open lines of communication with each other, across departments, with our suppliers, our customers, our leaders and our supportive roles.