Corporate Gifting: Fighter Pilot for a Day with Ford

At Cloud 9 Living, we are in the business of putting smiles on faces. And if we can make your workplace a happier environment while doing so, then let’s do it! Whether rewarding your employees, saying thank you to valued customers or creating bonds between coworkers, experience gifts can be perfect for all types of corporate gift giving.


Recently Ford Motor Company experimented using the experience gift of fighter pilot for a day as an incentive for employees, and here’s what their sales operations manager, LaShawn Ware, had to say about it:


“In an effort to drive sales, Ford challenged dealers to a contest with the reward being an exhilarating, once-in-a-lifetime experience as a fighter pilot.


With 12 spots on the line, our dealership teams rallied as they worked with determination and focus to be declared a winner. Given the high energy and enthusiasm our dealership teams exude on a daily basis as they work to provide a superior consumer experience, we thought a unique adventure would motivate them to go further in their pursuit of excellence.


We were right! The winning dealers were completely thrilled to participate in this memorable event and thoroughly enjoyed an unforgettable afternoon battling it out in the skies in a dogfight as fighter pilots!  Thank you for providing such an exciting experience!”


That’s what we like to hear!


So, let Cloud 9 Living help motivate your employees and make the workplace more enjoyable with it’s coporate gifts.