11 Simple Ways to Live Large | Live Like Jack Day

Cloud 9 Living is a strong advocate of living large. And we are not the type of folks to be all talk and no action. When opportunity strikes for everyday adventure, we jump on it. Sometimes literally. Live Like Jack Day was no exception.

Live Like Jack Day celebrates the life of John (“Jack”) Lawrence Bauer, III — a wonderful father, friend and husband who was taken too soon.  In honor of this wonderful individual who was the best friend of Cloud 9 Living’s Co-Founder and President, John Augst, the Cloud 9 Living crew dedicates February 20th to #LiveLikeJack.

It’s a day jam-packed with living large — the way Jack did life. It’s a day that serves to appreciate the everyday adventures — from enjoying nature and spending time with friends and family (and pets!), to tantalizing taste buds and getting the heart racing; from reveling in some r-&-r and savoring the simple things in life, to paying it forward and helping others make the most of their day, too — among much, much more!

To kick-off the festivities, Cloud 9 Living enjoyed a happy hour the evening before Jack’s big day. We toasted to him at Hapa Sushi in Downtown Boulder with a few rounds of sake… and lots of laughter.

The evening concluded with a healthy dose of excited chatter about the types of adventures that the upcoming day would hold…


Here are 11 ways Cloud 9’ers lived large on Live Like Jack Day!


11 – “Picked out a spot I had never been before and headed out… no plans… no schedules… no expectations… other than to just stay in the moment and enjoy day. And completely enjoy the day I did… Thanks Jack.” -Jeff

10– “For my Live Like Jack Day, I spent time having fun with my family.  Went to gymnastics with my wife, 2-year-old son and 8-month-old daughter.  Then I took my dog, Khuno, for a hike.” -Bobby

9 – “I took the day to feel rejuvenated – grabbed a coffee and walked my dog, got a drool-inducing massage as a special treat, bought a book I’ve been wanting to read, and took an afternoon nap! It was the perfect day to reflect and appreciate life.” -Jess

8 – “I had a great, well needed day of slowing things down a little by enjoying a 4-hour spa day with my wife, Lindsey, as well as spending time with the family (including my dog, Murphy) in the morning and evening.” -John

7 – “My Live Like Jack Day was spent at my family’s restaurant in New York, which seems in line with what Jack may have enjoyed doing – spending time with family! We laughed, we ate, and we were merry in general. After a couple drinks, even merrier!” -Shea

6– “I taught baseball all day to kids ages ranging from 8-15. It wasn’t anything new from what I do almost everyday after work or on the weekends, but due to the circumstances of the day and what it meant, I had a new fire and drive to really teach the kids and encourage them towards meaningful, larger than life goals. It’s crazy to think about the influence someone you never met can have on you!” -Max

Cloud 9 Living_Live Like Jack Day
Cupcakes with friends!

5– “In honor of Jack, my day was filled with great company, good conversation and a lot of laughs. It started off with a lovely walk with my dog, Maverick, and was followed by a delicious breakfast, a beautiful hike, margaritas, tacos, and some quality TV time in the evening. It was such a special day with amazing people!” -Lindsay

4– “My Live Like Jack Day was great! I started the day with a nice coffee at The Laughing Goat (very cute coffee bar). I got a spa facial, then met up with my awesome colleagues to go on a hike at Flagstaff. It was beautiful! After our afternoon hike, we stopped for a coffee and a cupcake, then decided to go for happy hour. We ended our day with a nice margarita and some tacos at Centro. It was a great day!” -Frederiek

3 – “Sunrise. Coffee. Officially CO-official (wootwoot!). Milkshakes. Movie. Love. Puppy love and playin’. Wine. New threads. Endless sunshine. Grateful to be a part of honoring the memory and legacy of my buddy John’s bestie today.”  -Kristin

2 – “On Live Like Jack Day, I started my day with a run. Nothing beats the outdoors and the fresh Colorado air! After that, I went to the Buff with Lindsay, Alan, and Nick and got my favorite breakfast in the world (half-order of the “Ole Skillet” with my egg basted…duh!). Nicely fueled, I hiked in Flagstaff. It was so beautiful! All hiked out, it was time to get pampered — manicure! Then I enjoyed some time with my best friend, Jenny; and I ended my day with spending time with my main squeeze doing what we do best: eating pizza, watched Homeland, and living large by loving life! I did a lot of activities on Live Like Jack Day, but the best part was just enjoying every little moment…right down to singing and dancing in the car with the love of my life.” -Ali

1 – “During Live Like Jack Day, I was able to enjoy things that I don’t get to do very often, especially during the week. I worked on a sailing video that’s been waiting quite some time for my attention. I headed to a morning matinee because it’s just one of those things you never get to do. (BTW, I recommend seeing Monument Men.) Played some guitar. Enjoyed a walk in the woods, up the 3rd Flatiron, to finish my day of appreciation. The thing about Live Like Jack Day is that all the activities embrace what he lived for, but the biggest element to the day is to truly appreciate each minute, even the drive to and from each experience. It’s a day that honors someone that was really great at appreciating life. I’m thankful that in his passing he has reminded me how to stay present and appreciate all aspects of a day.” -Danny

Danny, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

For everyone at Cloud 9 Living, 2014’s Live Like Jack Day was one for the books! No matter how we celebrated it, everyone came away feeling appreciative and inspired to live a little larger — just like Jack.