Santa Goes Digitial: Keeping Christmas Magic Alive in the Internet Age

Christmas is in danger.

Knowledge is at everyone’s fingertips – including the fingertips of children. Every year kids get more and more tech savvy, and at younger ages.

What’s stopping young kids from pulling out a smart phone or tablet to Google search: “Is Santa real?” Sadly, with just the few touches of a screen, this wonderful and magical myth —that parents, grandparents, siblings aunts, and uncles the world over have gone to such great lengths to preserve— could be instantly undone.

And yet, few things in the world are better than the magical ambiance of Christmas morning. The feeling of waking up early, the chilly winter air turning your nose red and your toes cold — but leaping out from beneath the blankets anyhow. Then rushing down the stairs and bursting into the living room, blinded by the dazzling lights on the tree, your eyes still foggy with sleep. And of course, that indescribable rush of joy at seeing that Santa came, having placed gifts beneath the tree and knick-knacks in stockings.

Santa isn’t just a magical being. He’s a magical idea. And in our increasingly digital society, this magic has never been more in danger of fading away.

There is, however, a bold way to reignite the now-fizzling spark that, regardless, continues to drive the big man in red and his reindeer. Instead of letting wi-fi speed straight past his sleigh this Christmas, Santa can go digital in big ways.

So little as 20 (or even 10!) years ago, kids were happy to accept that every year a man would fly all around the globe to every child’s household and leave presents for the well-behaved. In this digital age, with information being just a click away, parents might need a little extra help to maintain this timeless tale. But it’s certainly magic worth maintaining.

Thanks to the beauty of the world wide web, curious and questioning kids can see Santa and his reindeer on their downtime! Three times a day, a live broadcast will display Santa venturing outside to feed his team.

And the fun keeps ho-ho-going! A website called Norad counts down to Santa’s grand take-off on Christmas Eve; then tracks his flight across the globe. 

And the brilliance of Capture The Magic provides families with the ultimate Santa-selfie! It inserts Santa into a picture of your own home, which he can then leave for your kids to find on Christmas morning.

Those are just a few of the endless options available to help Santa spread Christmas cheer and keep his holly-jolly history going strong, well into the years ahead. So although the world wide web could jeopardize Santa Claus, it could also just as well save his story. And thank goodness for that!

Because Santa isn’t just responsible for delivering Christmas presents but the Christmas presence as well.

So this December, when you see your kids surfing the net, it may cross your mind that maybe (just maybe), their classmates are starting to whisper about whether or not Santa Claus is real. And it may be easy to quickly assume the internet is the enemy of youthful Christmas joy.

But take a moment (and perhaps a sip or two of egg nog) to put yourself in Santa’s boots. Try to see the vastness of the internet world through his hopeful spectacles. And find ways to have faith in this cozy season of Christmastime. (Even if that does mean installing a parental block here and there… just in case).



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