25½ Wedding Gifts for Your Groom That He Actually Wants

Step aside, gifts for your groom that are anything short of extraordinary! A new trend in the classic bride and groom gift exchange has arrived, and it’s here to stay.

The days of wedding gifts for grooms that inevitably end up in the back of closets across the globe are over. A new age of presents for husbands-to-be is dawning. And with it comes virtually zero dust — which is music to a lot of significant others’ ears!

Gaining popularity at an astonishing momentum is the notion of giving a groom a marriage gift that comes with the utmost purpose.

Whether that ‘purpose’ is practical functionality or sensational sentiment (or both), this trend ensures that gifts for your groom bring new meaning to the whole “til death do us part” deal. And put the biggest smile possible on his face.

Maybe it’s an activity or other intangible gift that gives him a grand story to tell for years to come. Or perhaps it’s a present for him that comes wrapped in a box, but it comes in handy on the daily. Essentially, the underlying theme of these latest and greatest wedding gifts for grooms is that they work their way into ‘normal life’ on a regular basis — and thereby bring fond memories of an unforgettable day of knot-tying.

If sticking with the typical ‘store-bought’ norm is the name of your gift-giving game, then do it! (It is your big day, after all.) But if you’re on a mission to make your bride and groom gift exchange one that leaves a lasting mark on him, here’s how.


Wedding Gifts for Your Groom
That He Actually Wants


1. “Coupon” for a Getaway

By this we mean a getaway that isn’t intended as wedding-recovery (a.k.a. your honeymoon). Whether it’s a weekend away with the guys to blow off some steam, or a romantic trip for the two of you to enjoy, a great gift for your husband-to-be is one that he can look forward to later, that adds a little spark to ‘normal’ life.

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2. Espresso Machine and/or Barista Class

If your main squeeze is a coffee lover who has always wanted one of these gems, then you’ve hit the jackpot snagging this gift for him. And as a bonus – you just might get a dedicated, in-home barista out of the deal, who just loves whipping up some morning magic for you!

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3. Golf Lesson with a PGA Pro

If he’s a golf guy, this is the best present for grooms you could possibly find! Whether he’s just starting out or is looking to polish up his game a bit, the impressive skills he learns will last a lifetime on lush, green fairways.

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4. Monogrammed Cutting or Cheese Board

Pun intended, this gift idea may be a little ‘cheesy’… but it’s a must to give a list like this some balance, right? And truth be told, it’s perfect for the guy who relishes being an entertainer. It’s not likely that anyone actually owns this until it goes on a wedding registry. But once it’s owned, it’s amazing how often it’s used. Talk about a win-win as a wedding gift for your groom!

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5. Honeymoon Extra(s)

Without a doubt, you’ve budgeted for plenty of fun outings to enjoy on your honeymoon. Even if you’ve opted to go the all-inclusive resort route, it’s likely that not all activities are actually included without an extra cost. So a great present for your new husband is to spring for an amenity that goes above and beyond — like room service, a cabana rental, bottle service, or spa session.

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6. Vinyl Record of Your First Dance or Kiss

Preserve nostalgic moments with vintage sound waves. Anyone can throw a tune or two onto digital storage. But a unique gift for your hubby on your wedding day should break the modern-day music mold! Hunt down some classic vinyl (or have one custom made) that features a sentimental song for the two of you… your first dance, first date, first kiss, etc. Feeling extra creative? Design a new album cover to go with it, featuring a highlight reel of your favorite moments together.

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7. Sassy Photo Shoot

One word: boudoir. No explanation needed here. Because without question, and out of all the romantic gifts for your groom out there, this is the one that will make him melt inside. For years and years to come. Not to mention, it’s an especially great gift for guys who have everything!

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8. Airplane Flying Lesson

As you two embark on your new marriage adventure together, hit new heights straight out of the gates! Give your husband a gift that invites him to hop into the pilot’s seat of a private aircraft for an unforgettable aviation outing! After a brief ground orientation, he’ll be in total control of the plane as it soars sky-high. Just imagine the photo opps this unique present for him will afford!

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9. Engraved Pocket Watch or Compass

Wait, wasn’t this article supposed to be about creative gifts for your groom that avoid cliché or un-usable wedding ‘stuff’ like this? Too true! So instead of giving this as a one-off gift, give it with the intention that it’s the start of something that can be passed on from generation to generation, on wedding days to come. The sentiment will surely trumps that it’s ‘stuff.’

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10. Cuff Links

This traditional gift idea for him is admittedly a norm. But if your groom is a king in the corporate world, it’s guaranteed this present will come in handy time and time again. Keep it classy and take this ‘typical’ gift for your guy to the next level by adding a sophisticated accessory to the links. Engrave the coordinates of a personal moment like your wedding itself, or first date, first kiss, etc.

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11. Outdoorsy Gear He’s Been Gunnin’ For

This may not be a wedding gift for him that’s forever-preservable, but it’s certainly practical. Whoever said that gifts for your groom has to be shiny or snazzy clearly never married a guy passionate about the great outdoors. So if you want to bring an endless smile to his face, this will do the trick. And he’s bound to get plenty of use out of it.

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12. Hot Feet Booze ‘n’ Socks Box

This casual ‘n’ fun marriage gift for him is a great idea any guy will be wild about — namely because nobody likes to tie a knot with cold feet. And because it involves booze. And few fellas will turn that down. Fill a mason jar with shooters that will warm your man up from the inside out. Maybe even add a pair of socks, just to poke fun at a good pun on the big day.

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13. Race Car Driving Gifts for Your Groom

A few things will really rev his engine on the big wedding day — and this is easily one of them! Various tracks throughout the U.S. host racing schools on select weekends throughout the driving season. Find a location convenient for you, and get him into the car of his dreams. He’ll be burnin’ rubber in no time with the likes of stock and Indy cars, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, dragsters, and more!

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14. New Sunglasses

Again we bring you a gift idea for your husband-to-be that’s entirely practical. Just make sure you spring for a good brand! That usually means a pretty penny is involved, but your wedding day is the perfect time to splurge on him. He’ll definitely use ‘em, and depending on where you’re escaping to, they’ll probably even come in handy on your honeymoon. Plus, the cheesiness factor is zero.

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15. A New Grill

If you want to give him something he’ll use, this is it! Visions of you will dance in his head each time he fires this bad boy up. And if you really want to personalize this great gift for him, get a custom plate made for it, that’s engraved with your wedding date and/or initials.

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16. Surprise Wedding Guest Appearance!

Does he have a friend or family member unable to attend the wedding day, on account of any sort of circumstances? Consider making arrangements to make it possible for them, after all. And if not on the big day itself, then on an unexpected weekend for a visit! It’s one of the most memorable gifts for your groom that he could possibly receive.

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17. Tasteful Wall Décor

Some dudes seriously dig a well put-together abode. If your main man is one of them, he’ll likely be thrilled to unwrap a new addition to the house that marks the start of your married life together. Etsy is a great resource for customized yet classy pieces that can really tie a room together.

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18. Hot Air Balloon Wedding Gift

Nothing says romance quite like a whimsical float over gorgeous landscapes. Many rides are public (so a basket is shared among strangers). However, it is possible to find private rides for two (plus your pilot), which offer a more intimate outing, if you’re willing to shell out a little extra cash. And when it comes to a cute wedding day gift for a groom, go big or go home!

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19. Make Some Music

If your new hubby has had a hankering to try something like guitar lessons or buying a new instrument of sorts, then it’s a safe bet you should stop hunting for any other wedding presents for him, pronto. Line up a class or wrap up that musical flair for him to open on your big day!

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20. Sleeping Bag for Two

Nothing promises you’ll always be by his side quite like this cozy, fun gift for your groom. And we mean always. Whether it’s for living room slumber parties or taking camping gear to the next level, this gem is sure to please your forever partner in crime.

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21. Custom Cornhole (‘Bags’) Boards

The couple who plays together, stays together. So while any type of backyard games will likely bring a smile to his face, the great thing about cornhole (or ‘bags’) boards is that it’s easy to add an element of customized creativity, making for a wonderfully personalized wedding present. Whether it’s your initials, wedding date, an inside joke, nicknames, etc.— this is the best gift for him for any guy who goes bonkers for a good game of bags!

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22. Engraved Golf Club

Another winner for the man’s who is also known as a golf guru! If he’s one to hit the links more often than not, then this is a great gift for a husband-to-be that sports both practicality and sentiment. Pick out a top-notch club (or one he’s been constantly eyeballing), and have your wedding date and/or a lil’ love note etched into the head.

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23. Wedding Tree

This unique gift for your groom is particularly grand if the two of you just bought a house together. And it’s a long-lasting gift will bring a smile not only to his face, but also Mother Nature’s. So add a little character to the new front or back yard, and watch it grow and strengthen alongside your everlasting love.

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24. Concert Tickets

If simply a song speaks volumes, just imagine what an entire live set will do! Find out when his favorite band will be in town, or plan an entire getaway around a trip to see them. And don’t get just any ol’ seats. Fork over the cash to buy the best seats in the house!

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25. Treat His Taste Buds

Invite him to enjoy samples that don’t involve wedding reception catering decisions. Indulge him in a food tour around a favorite city, whether it’s where you reside or a hot spot you’re itching to visit! And one of the best parts: this isn’t a gift for your new husband that’s going to get tossed into a stash of BBQ gear or foodie accessories that create clutter. It’s one that comes with a lifetime of memories he can savor with you!

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25½. Wet His Whistle

Speaking of samples, if he prefers a variety of liquid libations instead, check out tastings of beers, wines or cocktails. From group gigs to private tours, he’ll delight in creative hops, grapes or concoctions. It’s a perfect way to kick back together, after the hustle and bustle of the wedding day. Or send him with a few of his buddies. Whatever floats your gift-giving boat!

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