• Gift Ideas for Dad

Gifts for Dad

Offering 2,000+ experiences nationwide, Cloud 9 Living has just the gifts for dad to get him grinning from ear to ear! From golf and flying lessons, to food tours and driving experiences, the smiles and excitement will start as soon as he unwraps his gifts --- and they certainly won't stop there!

  • Flight Fan
  • Auto Enthusiast
  • Golf Guru
  • Adventure Seeker
  • Food Lover
  • Urban Explorer

Gfits for dad_cloud 9 livingCloud 9 Living has gifts for dad that will get you giving him a whole lot of happy on his big day! And with over 1,900 experiences to choose from, we have gifts to celebrate all kinds of dads — for every type of special occasion.

Thanking him for being the best dad ever? Put him in control of a plane or helicopter with a flying lesson. Or thrill him with the ultimate air mission as a fighter pilot!

Bring out his inner daredevil with an adrenaline-pumping birthday adventure! A ride or drive in a race car, a round of bungee jumping, or a wet 'n' wild white water rafting excursion will do just the trick.

Feed his golfing need with a lesson with a PGA Pro — he'll never see a fairway the same way again! Or say "bon appétit" with unique gifts for dad like dining cruises or food tours!

Whether you're shopping for a bucket list, birthday, holiday, or 'just because' — Cloud 9 Living has unforgettable gifts for dad to celebrate him on his big day.

Gifts for dad_flying experience giftsCloud 9 Living has gifts for dad to launch your pops into the ultimate air venture!

With an assortment of flying experiences offered nationwide, choose whether you'd like dad rolling, swooping and looping in an aerobatic biplane thrill ride, or calmly taking wing over a scenic cityscape or coastline in a vintage aircraft.

Or maybe he's ready to take the controls himself once he's airborne? Treat him to an airplane or helicopter lesson, where he can let his aviation ambitions shine. And if those piloting dreams of his involve a little more G-force, a fighter pilot experience will really get him jet-setting!

Maybe dad's idea of flying is actually more of a freefall? A skydiving, hang gliding or paragliding gift idea for dad will be right up his alley. Get him ready for take off, and send him soaring on his big day in any number of ways!

Gifts for dad_food tour experience giftsIf gourmet goodness is dad's idea of a good time, you've come to the right place!

Offering an extensive collection of unique food and beverage outings, Cloud 9 Living is your one-stop shop for delicious gifts for dad! Encourage him to create his own cuisine art. Wine and dine him aboard a lunch or dinner cruise, complete with live or DJ entertainment and stunning waterfront views. Or send him sampling the finest bites and brews of a metropolis!

Our exquisite culinary connections satisfy every kind of craving, with topics such as chocolate and desserts, gourmet meals, artisan cheese, beer and wine, local dishes, and renowned restaurants, and more! So give dear 'ol dad the tastiest gift yet!

With Cloud 9 Living's mouth-watering 'menu' of food and wine gift ideas for dad, both his belly and his heart will be full.

Gifts for dad_driving experience giftsIs dad the ultimate car buff, with a serious need for speed? Cloud 9 Living offers exceptional driving gifts for dad that put the pedal to the metal! Make his driving dreams come true in a power-hungry, high-performance race car on the very tracks raced in professional circuits!

Choose from an array of exotic, stock, Indy, Formula 2000, and dragster driving experiences. Each one is guaranteed to give dad the ride of a lifetime, whether he's either doing the driving himself or riding along at top racing speeds with a professional behind the wheel — or (better yet) both!

If dad's a big fan of bikes and open roads… check out our Harley Davidson rental opportunities! On the fence about his ideal set of wheels? Let him pick the hot rod he fancies most with a Cloud 9 Living Gift Certificate.

Maybe his idea of driving has less to do with fast cars, and much more to do with a cart and clubs?

Get dad teeing up on endlessly green fairways beside a PGA Pro, with one of our many golf lessons offered at select courses from coast to coast!

gifts for dad_water activitiesDoes pops have a bucket list that keeps getting longer?

Cloud 9 Living's adventurous gifts for dad will tackle some of his daredevil tasks in no time with enticing action!

Dare him to get his heart pounding with a variety of expeditions by land or water! From rock climbing to new sights and zip-lining at impressive heights, to trying his hand at aquatic adventures like kayaking, scuba lessons, snorkeling or fishing --- find the perfect gift ideas for dad to get his heart racing with sheer delight!

Want to up the ante a bit? Double-dare that dad of yours to take on some adrenaline-pumping action like surfing, white water rafting, bungee jumping, and skydiving! Still not a big enough fix for your adrenaline junkie? Maybe diving with great white sharks will do the trick.