Unique Gifts for Husband


Make your husband's biggest and boldest wishes come true! With extraordinary experiences offered nationwide and starting at just $50, Cloud 9 Living has unique gifts for husbands that leave a lasting mark! Choose from golf, racecar driving, flying, food and brew tours, water sports and much more!

Featured Reviews:

  • T-6 Warbird Ride

  • 5

  • New York

"From the time we made the first inquiry to the end when we said goodbye, we were really happy. The pilot was very accommodating knowing well that I had over 1000 hours of flying on the T-6. The ground crew and pilot Nick were just too good and made sure I had a time of my life after having last flown in 1984 and this specific T-6 after 1969. Thank you very much. Next time I will try another one."

  • Learn to Fly a Helicopter

  • 5

  • Las Vegas

"The instructor, Kyle, was very good and was very helpful."

  • Fighter Pilot for a Day

  • 5

  • San Diego

"Joe was my pilot and what a pilot he was. He made me feel like I could be the same as him. The fighting experience was awesome. There is nothing like it. The "G" forces were really something to experience. I could never ask for anything more. Thanks to everyone!"

Unique gifts for husbands_Cloud 9 LivingGive the man of your dreams a gift that fulfills one of his. Cloud 9 Living offers over 1,800 unique gifts for husbands nationwide. This makes for some pretty simple and sensational gifting --- on both the giving and the receiving ends!

For the guy who's a golf guru, surprise him in tee-rific style with unique gift ideas like taking a lesson with a PGA pro! Is your hubby cranking out adventures on a bucket list? With heart-pounding endeavors ranging from racecar driving and exotic cars, to fighter pilot missions, skydiving, and everything in-between, you can easily find gifts for men that are absolutely unrivaled --- and unforgettable!

If an H2O-lover or extreme hobbyist has your heart, make a huge splash on his big day with remarkable outings that offer him something new to dabble in! Try scuba lessons, riding white water rapids, paddlin' for pints on a kayak tour, or relaxing on lunch or dinner cruise. Or go "land-ho!" with cool gifts for husbands that feature hot topics and tours like food, brews, history, hauntings, art, architecture, air ventures, and much more!

No matter the occasion --- be it a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or "just because" --- give your husband a unique experience gift that's just like the man himself: exceptional, exciting, and entirely unforgettable.

Cloud 9 Living_Air experiences_Fighter Pilot For A DayNeed to get your husband out of the house and into a hangar? Done! Cloud 9 Living has the perfect gifts for husbands looking to earn their wings.

For the fellow who prefers the more scenic fare, remarkable views of land and/or sea can be enjoyed aboard a variety of easy-going aircraft – from helicopters and gliders, to hot air balloons, biplanes and vintage rides.

And if your main-squeeze wants a little more interaction with the air up there, why not treat him to an airplane or helicopter flying lesson, putting his hands-on piloting skills to the test – no past experience necessary! Think your dude needs a little more G-force to dance with up in the sky? The exhilarating dog fights of a fighter pilot mission will teach him to tango in a way he won't soon forget!

With unique experience gifts for men like these, the sky's the limit!

Cloud 9 Living_Lunch and dinner cruisesCloud 9 Living knows there's no tastier treat for men on any occasion than a good dose of dude-food. That's why we offer an entire "menu" of delicious gifts for husbands!

Satisfy any appetite with a variety of tours in nearly any major metropolis! Tantalize his taste buds with topics and tastings like artisanal cheese, craft beers, local cuisine, wine and vineyards, nationally-known pizza pies, creative cocktails, and more! And if the fella you're sweetest on has a sweet tooth himself, you can always do a dessert tour…first!

Want to take wining and dining with your main man to the water? Check out our cruise options. Sip on some wine on a romantic sunset sail aboard a tall ship. Enjoy an exclusive outing for two on a dinner or dessert gondola cruise. Or be sure to dress in your rug-cuttin' kicks for a lunch, brunch or dinner cruise – complete with either elegant live music or dance-worthy DJ entertainment.

With these mouth-watering gifts for men, it's easy to say both "I love you" and "bon appétit" with a unique, tasty treat!

Cloud 9 Living_Driving experiencesWant your hubby to hop into the hot rod of his dreams? With a wide array of driving experiences to choose from on select tracks nationwide, bring a giant smile to your fella's face faster than you can say "gentlemen, start your engines!"

From stock, exotic, and Indy racing, to Formula 2000 and dragster experiences, our driving gifts for husbands provide the perfect way for him to take to the track. Thrill him with a heart-pounding ride along with a professional behind the wheel, zipping him around at unfathomable racing speeds! For an entirely different type of adrenaline rush, let his own lead-foot do the driving! Or better yet, double the driving fun with a gift that gives him the chance to enjoy both a ride and a drive.

Perhaps you main squeeze prefers to put the pedal to the metal with a different set of wheels? Scope out even more unique gift ideas that will keep the good times rollin' like Harley rentals, motorcycle schools and dirt bike rides!

And you can always let your husband choose his favorite way to burn rubber, with a Cloud 9 Living 'Racecar Thrills' Gift Certificate!

Action and adventure_Cloud 9 LivingGive your other half's inner daredevil an unforgettable adrenaline fix with experience gifts that are jam-packed with action and adventure! Cloud 9 Living offers a huge selection of gifts for husbands that are bound to get his heart pounding like never before.

If his bucket list revolves around the wonderful world of water, gift him with a wet 'n' wild outing of snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, or flyfishing. Or if he's likely to want to take the ultimate plunge, you can always help him cross white water rafting, America's Cup sailing, or diving with great white sharks off his bucket list.

If that husband of yours is more likely to enjoy playing around water rather than in it, nothing will thrill him more than a chance to tee up with a PGA pro! Looking for more land-loving pursuits? There's no rush quite like a bit of rock climbing, bungee jumping, or skydiving!

Torn between which adventure he'll treasure most? Grab a gift certificate, and let him decide on his own unique experience gift!