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What We Offer:

Walk on water, soar through the air, hover at breathtaking heights, & dive like a dolphin! Strap on a water-powered jetpack & experience an exhilarating H2O-flight that goes completely unrivaled. For a once-in-a-lifetime adrenaline rush that warrants superhero status, it's time to fly a jetpack!

Jetpack Experiences

What happens when sheer hydropower dares to defy gravity? Fly a jetpack for yourself to find out! Experience the extreme, superhuman sensation that comes with strapping on a real jetpack with this highly-unique phenomenon of flight!

Explore the technology and basic operating techniques behind water-powered jetpacks during a ground training of this impressive H2O experience. Then get ready for the wet 'n' wild adventure of a lifetime!

Under the careful instruction, supervision and on-going coaching of experienced professionals, first-timers can safely engage in exciting, fundamental maneuvers like take-off, landing, elevation control and steering.

More advanced jetpack enthusiasts are encouraged to experiment with stunts like walking on water, donut turns, dolphin dives, hovering, and hands-free flying.

Don't miss the chance to fly a jetpack. There's no better way to make some epic waves and exceptional memories in Newport Beach, Oahu, San Diego, and Las Vegas!