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Give the gift of soaring sky-high! Learn to fly an airplane, helicopter or other aircraft with a supreme hands-on lesson. From start to finish, introductory pilot training opportunities allow unforgettable experiences in the air up there. So spread some wings & marvel at the memories that follow!

Take dreams up, up and away with Learn To Fly Experiences from Cloud 9 Living!

Explore new heights and horizons right from the pilot's seat of a real aircraft. A discovery flight is the best way to defy gravity, enjoy a flying lesson, and make unforgettable memories — all at once.

For Cessna or biplane enthusiasts who have always dreamed of taking to the skies for themselves, there's no time like the present to learn how to fly an airplane! While specific aviation topics and protocol may vary across flight schools, the excitement and expectations surrounding a typical day at the airport are fairly similar across the board.

Introductory pilot training sessions start with a brief ground orientation, in which an FAA certified instructor covers the basics of aviation, general plane mechanics, and what to expect in-flight. Wrap up the ground instruction by assisting the instructor with the pre-flight aircraft inspection, then prepare for take-off!

In the case of most Learn To Fly Experiences, the flight instructor handles taxi, take-off and landing due to FAA regulations. At cruising altitude, however, the controls are handed over to the student enjoying the pilot training, and the real fun begins! Engage in flight lesson basics such as learning to fly in a straight line, maintaining altitude, handling turbulence, climbing up and down, turning left and right, keeping compass, turning 180, flying in circles, judging throttle speed, and other fascinating skills.

If an airplane's not your thing, you can still be sure to soar with these flight trainings!

Feel like exploring helicopter training instead? This introductory session will operate in much the same way, with a short ground orientation followed by the flight itself. The skills practiced to learn to fly a helicopter may include hovering, ascending, descending, turning, flying straight, and flying level — all in addition to stunning views!

Looking for more ways to leave the hangar behind? Learn how to fly with even more Cloud 9 Living experiences that aim for impressive, new elevations! Check out flight lessons in all sorts of unique aircraft like gliders, Ultralights, WWII biplanes, and T-6 Warbirds. Try your hand at fighter pilot training in an authentic combat jet, under the instruction of a military pro. Soar through the skies tackling dogfights and dodging laser 'ammo' to find out first-hand what a real Top Gun mission feels like!

Prefer to keep both feet firmly planted on the ground? You can still spread your wings! Learn to fly amid the comfort and remarkable technology of flight simulators, typically featuring the likes of Boeing, Cessna or military aircraft.