Featured Reviews:

  • Arkansas River Photo Safari

  • 5

  • Denver

"It is hard to explain how much I learned from Jon during this experience. He probably drove over 200 miles during our day to get the right light, at the right place at the right time. Jon explained what we were after and what he wanted me to do at every shot. The location of the try-pod, shooting on manual, metering, correction, observation and critique were part of every shot. Jon narrated during shots, and driving to the next one. At one point I said "my head is hurting how will I ever remember all of this"? He made me do something out of my comfort zone by shooting in RAW and manual. The results required me to learn and experience an entire new approach to photography. The most amazing part of the day were the filters he used. Since they would not fit my lens he patiently held up the filter and "dialed" in the effect for me to see and choose. He would then hold it up to my lens for the shot and look at the results--if need be he would recommend a change and we would reshoot the picture. I could go on and on but with out a doubt I have a new friend and a great experience. "

  • Private Photo Tour of NYC

  • 5

  • New York

"We had an awesome time with our guide Kennedy he was very entertaining, knowledgeable & energetic and we are delighted with the photos, an awesome experience."

  • Love Your Camera, Love Your Photos

  • 5

  • Washington DC

"Our instructor was very knowledgeable as well as helpful. The day was perfect as was the location to allow an informal setting to learn the ins and outs of our cameras. Plenty of time to troubleshoot and answer questions and really leave feeling confident about taking my camera off of auto mode!"

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