Featured Reviews:

  • Gondola Dessert Cruise for 2

  • 5

  • Las Vegas

"We went on the 1 hour gondola desert cruise on Lake Las Vegas for our 11th Anniversary. We had dinner in Town first and took time to walk through the "Village" by Lake Las Vegas before our cruise started. We had the pouched pear and the chocolate cake and a bottle of sparkling wine. My pear was the most delicious ever! Our gondolier "Angel" was very knowledgeable about the region and played the guitar and sang us a song. We had a very nice experience and would recommend the Gondola Desert Cruise to any couple who would like a relaxing, romantic hour in a lovely setting."

  • Chesapeake Bay Sailing Cruise

  • 5

  • Philadelphia

"The cruise was a gift to my husband from our daughter. Really didn't know what to expect. What we got was a wonderful experience!!!! The Captain and his first mate were great hosts!!!!. We had all kinds of weather(it added to the fun),and were rewarded with a rainbow!!! My husband was able to "help" the captain. He LOVED IT!! Would recommend this adventure!! "

  • Wardrobe Revamp with Makeover

  • 5

  • Washington DC

"Lorna was fabulous! From the moment she stepped in the door it was a non stop educational, enlightening experience! She is big on not just DOING your make up, but explaining skin care and educating you about the ways to take care of yourself. As she is doing your makeup, she is checking out your hair and skin, right down to your toes. All I can say is "WOW"..... She has great follow up in case you need to touch base with what she was doing. Her revamp of my wardrobe was spot on! She showed me ways to utilize my exsisting wardrobe to expand and think outside the box. Who knew my kimono bathrobe (in light brocade) would make a fantastic dinner jacket with some black leggings and nice shirt underneath. Loungewear-its not just for sleeping! She reviewed my necklaces and explained how to mix and match and forbade me from buying anymore XLs, since I was walking around looking like a bag lady! Lorna looked at the whole me, my coats/dresses/pants/shoes, etc and told me where I had gaps, what I needed (like a "big girl" purse as she put it) and what needed to go back to the thrift store! The whole experience was totally worth it, and it would be a great gift to give to anyone who could use some help getting back out into the real world! Thanks so much to Cloud 9 AND Lorna Basse! Karyn"

Relaxing Experience Gifts

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