Featured Reviews:

  • Fighter Pilot for a Day

  • 5

  • New York

"Better then I could have imagined I want to do it again!!! Beautiful setting to do it above the Hanptons."

  • Drive a Stock Car

  • 5

  • Chicago

"It was an excellent day. Great training, great instructor and the experience on the track was excellent."

  • Stock Car Ride Along - Sparta, KY

  • 5

  • Cincinnati

" Great experience, I had a great time. We got a late start and had to wait awhile but well worth it. I will definitely recommend it to friends..."

Thrill Seeker Experiences

The Thrill Seeker: This person's heart skips a beat just at the thought of getting behind the wheel of a Sprint Cup Style Stock Car and hitting 150 mph. Or how about manning the controls of an Italian built fighter plane for a simulated dog fight 2,500 ft. in the air

At Cloud 9 Living, we are sure to have something memorable for The Thrill Seeker in your life!