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Fighter Pilot for a Day

Home Town:
Montgomery, AL
Skydiving doesn't come close to that, race car driving doesn't come close, I don't think anything comes close to that. One of the best experiences of my life!
Milton & Brannon Marshall , Montgomery, AL

Dan Kostrova Chicagoland Speedway Drive a Stock Car (TRS)

Drive a Stock Car (TRS)

Chicagoland Speedway
This was the most amazing experience ever! My family got to stand in the Pit area and watch me experience, my biggest dream. Thank you Cloud 9!
Dan Kostrova

Eric Fowles San Diego California America's Cup Sailing

America's Cup Sailing

San Diego California
Sailing the America's Cup Stars and Stripes was amazing - not only did we get to ride on this amazing boat and tour the bay - we also got to trim the sails, hoist the main, and steer the boat. It was a blast! Would do it again in a heartbeat.
Eric Fowles

Chicago Dinner Cruise

Chicago Dinner Cruise
The dinner cruise was amazing, and exceeded all of our expectations! This is something we would do again! What an amazing and magical night! Thanks Cloud 9 for making this happen!
Melissa Schultz

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Best of Brooklyn Food Tour

Home Town:
New York, NY
Loved it. Food was great, time was nice, saw new things and I would definitely recommend it!
Nisaura Mendrell , New York, NY

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Drive an Indy Car - Sparta, KY

Kentucky Speedway
Driving at 177 miles an hour around a super-speedway - the whole thing was surreal and phenomenal. This was a once in a lifetime experience and it was as good as I could have possibly dreamed. Many, many thanks to my family for this unbelievable gift!
Michael Mascari

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San Francisco Catamaran Cruise

San Francisco Bay
Thanks to a co-worker who purchased a gift for me through Cloud9 Living, I experienced a thrilling 1.5 hour adventure sailing on a catamaran on San Francisco Bay.
Michael Shea

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Aerobatic Glider Ride

Upside Down in Warner Springs, CA
The Acrobatic experience was amazing! Between the loops, turns and hitting a couple G's there is nothing like it! Thank you Cloud 9!
Susan Veliz

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Dave Harris Milwaukee Mile Drive a Stock Car - Milwaukee

Drive a Stock Car - Milwaukee

Milwaukee Mile
What a great time I had at the Milwaukee Mile for the drive a stock Car experience! My wife bought it for me as a 40th birthday gift. I had a excellent car to drive and great instructor. I would highly recommend it. Thanks for the memory!
Dave Harris

Phil Daschner Chesapeake Bay Fly Fishing Charter - Old Listing

Fly Fishing Charter - Old Listing

Chesapeake Bay
Striped Bass caught on Bay from Capt. Russ Wilkinson boat. We had a great time!
Phil Daschner

Bridge to Nowhere Bungee Jump

After the jump!
Guess who volunteered to get strapped first during demonstration and the 2nd girl to jump off!? Oh yes that would be me--coming from someone who is terrified of heights and it was my first jump! THANK YOU for a wonderful experience!
Melissa Cumba

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Alex Rabinovich New Windsor, NY Fighter Pilot for a Day

Fighter Pilot for a Day

Home Town:
Brooklyn, NY.
If you want to feel totally liberated, 100% in control, and completely in awe then this experience will be one you won't forget! I want to thank my amazing wife Floriana, who always seems to be able to bring me to the unattainable. You are my complement.
Alex Rabinovich , Brooklyn, NY.

Hayden D. Texas Motor Speedway Corvette Thrill Ride

Corvette Thrill Ride

Texas Motor Speedway
It is so cool being 10 and getting to ride in a race car around the Texas Motor Speedway! Thanks Cloud 9!
Hayden D.

Walt, Peggy and Gary Carson Evergreen, CO 2 Day Fly Fishing School

2 Day Fly Fishing School

Evergreen, CO
We had a great time July 14th and 15th. As you recall, Gary is a learning disabled young man we have had since he was 12 years old. This was one of several trips we have taken Gary on in past years but this had to be right at the top of his best time list. Our guide, Bob Dye was the greatest. ..Thanks again.
Walt, Peggy and Gary Carson

Wine Tasting Sail

Hudson River, NY
My husband and I could not have had a better experience this day. The weather was priceless, the staff was beyond welcoming and the ride was smooth. We advise this experience to anyone looking for a romantic getaway.

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Agranel Padilla Moriches, NY Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving

Moriches, NY
Best experience ever! Can't wait to do it again!
Agranel Padilla

Motorcycle School

Pocono International Raceway
My first opportunity ever to ride full out in a safe environment, and have people to help me ride better. The best part: no speeding tickets!
Bob McCrillis

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Dic Fournier The Front Seat! Sedona Helicopter Tour

Sedona Helicopter Tour

The Front Seat!
My son and I had a new perspective of the rock pillars we had been climbing all week. It was his first trip up in a helicopter. The pilot and crew were exceptional. Thanks for making this an unforgetable day.
Dic Fournier

Dirt Bike Riding

Plympton, MA
I had a blast on my dirt bike adventure. I learned a lot and recommend it to everyone. I wouldn't have known about it without Cloud 9's help. Thank you for everything.

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Newport Beach Dinner Cruise

Home Town:
Lake Forest, CA.
What a fun night! Everything was great... the food, the staff, the DJ, everything! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a different dining experience!
Tobi Raymond , Lake Forest, CA.

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Temecula Sunrise Balloon Ride

Temecula, CA
Our hot air balloon ride was amazingly romantic and beautiful. Thank you!
Rebecca Metz

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Indoor Skydiving

Nashua, NH
We are both in our 50s and this experience was a gift from our daughter. It was one of the coolest things we have ever done and I would definitely recommend it to EVERYONE! It was really amazing, our guide was wonderful, funny and so talented. We will definitely do it again in the future! We used our gift on our 33rd anniversary and we had a blast!
Kim & Gerry Renaud

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Jillian Guilmette New York, NY

New York, NY
My husband and I went on our scenic tour of New York yesterday. It was amazing. I loved every second of it. The view was amazing. Cant wait to book more experiences with you. Thanks for everything.
Jillian Guilmette

Tandem Hang Gliding Flight

Granite Shoals
The hang gliding experience was incredible and one that I hope to experience again!!!
Zach Olschwanger

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Kevin Bourque Loudon, NH Drive a Stock Car - New Hampshire

Drive a Stock Car - New Hampshire

Loudon, NH
My wife and daughter surprised me with this perfect gift. I loved it! I'm used to being a NASCAR fan on the other side of the fence at New Hampshire Motor Speedway - this experience gives me a brand new perspective.
Kevin Bourque

Mark Komlosi Burke Lakefront Airport, Cleveland,OH  Fighter Pilot for a Day

Fighter Pilot for a Day

Home Town:
Dayton, OH.
Fighter pilot for a day was fantastic. Not only was it a surprise, but an experience of a lifetime.
Mark Komlosi , Dayton, OH.

Gourmet New York Dinner Cruise

New York City
Thank you Cloud 9 for an unforgettable night. It was a great way to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday. It was great food, great weather and great scenery. And very entertaining live music.
Judy & Toai Tran

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Romantic Gondola Cruise (for 2+)

Gondola Ride-Coronado Bay
We had a great time! Romantic and Fun...and just a bit corny!

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New York Dinner Cruise

NYC Dinner Cruise
We had a fabulous time. The food was amazing!!
Jodi Mynarcik

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La Jolla Sea Caves Kayak Tour

La Jolla, San Diego
This experience was exceptional. Our guide was excellent and we learned about and experienced the marine life up close in kayaks. Got to eat sea kelp too - that was fun, and also rode the surf in when we were done!
Camille Fowles

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Dennis Chicagoland Speedway Stock Car Ride Along

Stock Car Ride Along

Chicagoland Speedway
What a great time we had. It was really cool to drive to the infield garages and my driver showed no mercy, he had the hammer down. It felt like we would slide at anytime, very fast! Thanks again, great experience I'll never forget!

Tandem Skydiving

Grovecity Airport
What an experience!!
Glenn Bogart

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Drive a Stock Car

Pocono Racetrack, PA
The experience was surreal. It was a gift. My wife always finds something outrageous and extraordinary for me to do and keeps life exciting.

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Twin Cities Scenic Plane Tour

Flying Cloud Airport
We had a great time! Our flight instructor was a lot of fun and being able to fly the plane was very cool. We would definitely love to do this again sometime!
Paula Lybert

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Drive a Stock Car

Tompson Speedway
It was a great day, everyone at the track was helpful and gave us good tips in a relaxed atmosphere. Turned some good laps and had a blast. A day I will never forget. Thanks
Cornell Horton

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Bridge to Nowhere Bungee Jump

Home Town:
Corona, CA
Fantastic, what an experience!
Jon Siders , Corona, CA

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Private DJ Lesson

DJ School
I had an awesome time! My girlfriend gave it to me as a birthday present. I was blown away!

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Angela Markman-Lin our wedding 5/10/08 Couples Massage

Couples Massage

our wedding 5/10/08
We got the gift certificate for a couples massage from cloud 9 living for our wedding and absolutely loved it! As doctors, both my husband and I need a stress reliever :-)
Angela Markman-Lin

Discover Scuba (For 2+)

The Underwater Connection, Columbus, Ohio
This was our daughter's wonderful idea for my 65th birthday. We had a great time! With SCUBA gear, you can beat gravity and feel like a bird (or a fish).
Jim Parsons

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Roger T. Vlaming United States Stock Car Ride Along (TRS)

Stock Car Ride Along (TRS)

United States
It was one of the most exciting experiences I have ever enjoyed in my 66 years!
Roger T. Vlaming

ralph k. cunningham aurora airport North American T-6 Ride

North American T-6 Ride

aurora airport
Great ride. They let me fly the plane, and taught me some stunts. Great experience, lets do it again!
ralph k. cunningham

Rocky Mountain Balloon Ride

Colorado - 10,000 feet in baloon
We had a great time and the hot air balloon ride in the Rockies was an experience we will never forget. We will look forward to another adventure through Cloud 9 in the future.
Roy Anderson

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Tandem Hang Gliding Flight

Granit Shoals, TX
This was a great experience for my son's 18th birthday. We had a blast and would recommend it to anyone!
Dan Waugh

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Private Photo Tour of NYC

Home Town:
Baltimore, MD
The Private Photo Tour of NYC (for 2+) exceeded our expectations. The photographer/tour guide Marc Samuels was professional and informative. We highly recommend his services to all. Thanks again!
Michael Picogna , Baltimore, MD

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Los Angeles Dinner Cruise

Los Angeles, CA.
A wonderful evening!
Edward & Susan Heins

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Guided Bass Fishing for 2

Lake Bastrop, Bastrop TX
"Git Bit", Mike Hastings treated us like longtime friends It was a blessed and wonderful day. Thank you all
Chester & Walter Tanton

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Stock Car Ride Along - Pocono Speedway

Pocono Raceway
It was a great time!

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Drive a Stock Car

Thompson Speedway, CT
Was a really good time. Wish I had picked the bigger package. Could have used more time on track to get the hang of it. The corners come up on you fast. Would have to say, one of the best gifts I ever received.
Anilton Aviz

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Hot Air Balloon Ride - New Jersey

Pittstown, NJ
Sara & Erika

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Sunset Catamaran Cruise

San Francisco Bay
We had a great time even with the fog!
Paula & Mark Sedgley

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