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Give the Gift of Adventure. Nothing quite compares to the clean air and the views experienced from ziplining. Plus, to make sure you have the best experience, we carefully vet all our providers to ensure they're safe and fun.

Featured Reviews:

  • Bridge to Nowhere Bungee Jump

  • 5

  • Santa Barbara

"I planned this trip for myself and 11 of my friends, and Cloud 9 and Bungee America made it very easy for me to plan. Cloud 9 and Bungee America delivered helpful directions multiple times as well as lists of how to prepare for the trip. The guides were on-time, friendly, fun, and enthusiastic. Bungee America has been doing jumps for 25 years, and it showed. They were extremely knowledgeable and concerned for your safety, well-being, comfort, and happiness. The very first thing they do when you arrive to the jumping site is run through the many safety measures and back-up safety protocols, which impressed me. Overall it was an enjoyable experience, and me and my friends will definitely be returning and strongly recommending the jumps in the future. "

  • Bridge to Nowhere Bungee Jump

  • 5

  • Los Angeles

"What an amazing experience!! The hike was BEAUTIFUL, the guides were so friendly and their sense of humor really helped take the edge off the situation. It was my first time going , and of course I Googled bungee accidents; the overview of the safety guidelines and the construction of the bungee ropes along with the bridge and wire itself took away 99% of the fear I had going into this experience. Cloud 9 Living does not set you up for failure. Thank you Cloud 9 Living for helping make such an amazing lifetime experience that much more memorable! Clarisse Paul (24, Redlands, CA) Also-I don't know how much the guides are making, but it is NOT enough!! They were AMAZING!! I wish I could thank them personally, again. "

  • Zipline Adventure

  • 5

  • Sacramento

"The entire experience was great. Every one was friendly and helpful. After the zip line, my husband and I purchased another activity to do right then (repelling into the cavern) and it was fantastic. I recommend this place to anyone wanting a quick adventure. "

Zip Line & Bungee Experiences

Glide or fall through the air on our adrenaline pumping zip line and bungee jumping experiences!

Perfect for the thrill seeker in your life, these zipline and bungee certificates give them a chance to accomplish a lifelong goal and create a fun memory.