About Us

Cloud 9 Living - Experience Gifts2015-company-photo-4-compressorAhh, the stuff of life. There’s a lot of speculation about just what this “stuff” is. We like to think we have a pretty good idea.

We are Cloud 9 Living. A small but mighty gifting company founded in 2005 and nestled among the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains in Broomfield, Colorado. So it's safe to say a love of grand adventures comes with the territory.

Cloud 9 Living's mission is simple: To forever change the world of gift-giving, by enhancing people’s lives through memorable experiences.

Our motto is simpler yet: Create a memory. Give an experience.

That’s our “stuff.” And we want to share it. We want to spark a revolution, a ripple effect of living in such a way that makes each and every day unforgettable. So let's do this!

Let’s embark on unique experiences. Swap stories. Laugh and be goofy. Honor milestones. Conquer bucket list ambitions. Celebrate family and friends. Embrace big and small adventures. Learn new hobbies. Give incredible gifts. Enjoy quality time. Do happy dances. Pay it forward. Live out loud.

Let’s share in the stuff of life together. Let’s experience Cloud 9 Living.


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