Pilots John and Billy of Grayout Aerosports are taking the skies of Indianapolis by storm. And that may be an understatement. Offering folks the best aerial adrenaline fix in Indiana, their outings are ideal for adventurous types and bucket list victors. So what, exactly, makes Cloud 9 Living customers so entirely head-over-heels for this flying experience? And why do these two personable pilots get so much sheer joy out of taking people up for airborne antics? Find out straight from Billy himself in the interview below!


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When did Grayout Aerosports start?

My business partner, John, and myself started the company in Indianapolis in June of 2006. I started flying in 1988 and always knew I wanted to provide this kind of experience to people. This sort of flying is far too much fun to keep to ourselves, so we acquired a two-seater biplane in an effort to share the love. This isn't your standard quiet, calm, relaxing ride around the city (although we can do that, we've just never actually been asked to). It's a fun, laugh out-loud type of experience that allows riders to see the world from a very different point of view. The flights are totally safe, but thrilling enough that some folks might not think so at first.


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What do you love about the flying experiences you offer?

Well, I call it the “yee-haw level.” It's a blast to hear people cheering and yelling over the intercom. I've actually had a few people clapping and cheering at the same time right in the middle of a loop. People get out of the plane and are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to have done something they've only seen in movies and on YouTube. Additionally, the customers really love the fact that we have the ability to capture a video of the ride, so they can show off the experience to their family and friends, even after the giggling has worn off (although, I'll warn you that takes a while).


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What do people worry about the most on your flights?

The question of airsickness comes up a lot. I try to not talk about it too much, because you don't want to concentrate on it more than you have to. Each ride is tailored to the individual. Nobody is impressed with flying when all they're doing is concentrating on not getting sick. So we always start a flight out gently, and work our way up from there. Or we keep the whole flight nice ‘n' easy, and that's OK too. This experience is all about our passengers ending the outing with smiles on their faces… and an empty airsick bag.  With the combined 16,000 hours of flight time and 40+ years of flying experience, we have become pretty good at noticing way ahead of time when our passengers have exhausted their fun meter.


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Describe your best customer experience.

I happened to take up a friend of mine who, for years, was terrified of flying. Once she calmed down over being strapped into the plane, she gave in and said I could do one barrel roll (of course, I took it very easy). After the roll, she said, “That's it?…that's all there is to this?” I said, “Yep, that's it.” And we spend the next 30 minutes flipping around the sky. Later than night she called me, and it sounded almost as if she were crying. She said she was in tears because she was so happy that after 38 years, I had cured her of her fear of flying, and she couldn't thank me enough. Now that's a success story!


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What do you like about working with Cloud 9 Living?

We've always enjoyed our relationship with the Cloud 9 Living crew. We've received a good number of customers from them, and even some repeats. On the business side as a supplier, they are always very prompt and helpful when dealing with them on any level. I would recommend Cloud 9 Living whether you are a potential customer or even an experience provider. You will not be disappointed.



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