For this quarter’s Supplier Spotlight, we’d like to honor a new partner we’re very excited to be working with, The Chef & The Dish!

Their mission and passion for what they do is right in line with ours and we're just thrilled to have them onboard. They have reinvented a night in and created a very special culinary experience – learning to cook some of the world's most iconic dishes, with celebrated chefs, all in the comfort of your own home!

With step-by-step instruction through Skype, these professional chefs from around the globe bring a cultural experience right to your kitchen. With chefs from Japan, Italy, Spain, Hungary and beyond, they offer a wide variety of cooking lessons guaranteed to satisfy anyone's palate and enhance their cooking skills.

Keep reading to get the inside scoop on The Chef & The Dish and how they got started from the founder herself, Jenn Nicken!

How did The Chef & The Dish get started?

After nearly two decades working with some of the biggest technology and entertainment companies, I wanted to pursue a lifelong passion – food and travel. I decided eat my way through the world. I ventured on a 3 month solo trip, experiencing food, culture and learning how to cook with chefs and locals in places like Italy, Thailand, Indonesia and more. My most incredible moment was learning how to make Bolognese Sauce in Bologna, Italy – where this iconic sauce was invented. When I returned to North America, I decided I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to meet such wonderful people and experience authentic flavours in their own kitchen. That was the beginning of The Chef & The Dish. Our mission is to reinvent the night in, by transporting your kitchen for the day.

How many chefs are currently in your network of professionals? And in how many countries?

We are constantly bringing on new chefs and countries to our cooking experiences. Currently we offer cooking experiences in 7 countries including Italy, Japan, Spain, Singapore, New Orleans, and Hungary – with more countries being announced regularly!

Did you experience any challenges when first starting The Chef & The Dish? If so, how did you overcome them?

All new businesses face challenges and it’s important you begin a company with the understanding that every day will be different, and at times, completely unexpected. You have to be flexible and willing to roll with the punches, and some days, it might feel like there’s a lot of them!

What is your approach to marketing a product on such a large scale?  

I think every business owner needs to understand how their product truly makes someone’s life better. Once you learn that, you’ll find it’s easy to partner with people and companies with similar missions who can help you spread your message.

Any words of wisdom to other companies marketing products nationally?

Stay positive, flexible, and always be on a quest to learn something new. The more open your mind is, the more creative you’ll be in building a successful business and making meaningful contributions to the world.