Spafinder Gift CardsSo you’re the very lucky recipient of a Spafinder gift card, eh? Woohoo, now you can enjoy putting that puppy to good use! Maybe it’s your first time at the spa; or perhaps you’re looking for spa tips to brush up on, to be at your best when you arrive for your services. No matter the motive, here are some top-notch ‘how to spa’ suggestions to ensure you prep for the big day in an optimal way.

After all, why should the magic that comes with a Spafinder gift card be limited to what happens within the walls of the spa itself?

Make the most of your escape in the moment and maximize its after-effects, all with a bit of mindful spa preparation beforehand. Here’s how!


12½ Spa Tips to Successfully Prep for Your Pampering


1. Pick a convenient location.

For some, convenience may mean proximity. For others, it means featured amenities. Maybe for you, it means both. So head to the place that will make you the happiest as you indulge in quality ‘me time.’ Assuming you’re using a Spafinder gift card to book your outing, this is exceptionally easy, thanks to Spafinder’s 25,000+ locations across the globe! You’ll no doubt find a spot you’ll love, without sacrificing any must-have amenities on your wish list.


2. Choose an ideal treatment/service.

This recommendation should be at the top of any list of spa tips. Because a spa-tacular outing should involve only your favorite way(s) to cash in on sheer bliss. And this is just as easy said as done! With its countless locations, a Spafinder gift card is your ticket to infinite services, perfect for hitting the ‘reset’ button the way you want to — be it through a massage, spin class, glamorous new ‘do, mani-pedi, retail therapy, and beyond.

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3. Unplug – leave that smart phone behind!

This, perhaps, is the spa tip to trump all spa tips. It’s the king of conquering true spa preparation. So much so, in fact, that many a spa-goer may insist this is a ‘given’ rather than a suggestion… an unspoken rule of thumb… a ‘street smart’ of the spa world, if you will. But! In an age where smart phones have become more of an added appendage than an accessory, it’s best to include it in this list as a friendly reminder of the rules of true relaxation, as well as spa guest etiquette.


4. Free your mind of distractions.

Piggybacking nicely off of #3 above comes this helpful hint to unplug not only your smart phone, but also your mind. How? Before going into your spa session, tie up any and all loose ends. You know the drill… Return any pressing calls or texts. Unclutter your email inbox. Pay lingering bills. Run errands that are taking up head-space. Do whatever you need do to allow your noggin to be fully immersed in your spa experience. Particularly if it’s your first time at the spa — this is a great way to set the bar for yourself for future sessions, right from the get-go.

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5. Dress your best.

Some feel at their best when wearing clothes perfect for kickin’ back: leggings, a comfy top, flipflops, etc. Others feel like they’re bringing their A-game when donning heels and a clean, crisp look. That said, this spa tip emphasizes wearing whatever is going to make you feel the most vibrant and refreshed as you leave your revitalizing escape and re-enter reality.


6. Hit that H2O to hydrate!

If a fitness class or a treatment like a massage is in your future, compliments of your Spafinder gift card, then this one’s for you! Whether you’re sweating toxins out or releasing them via some serious muscle-kneading, your body will thank you for the preliminary-H2O when all is said and done. (Side note: just be sure not to over-hydrate! No one wants a nagging bladder while laying on the massage table or attempting a sirsasana –aka headstand– in a yoga class).

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7. Essential spa tip: avoid caffeine!

You can do it, coffee-lovers! This may sound outrageous, especially if you’ve scheduled yourself for a morning spa session. But this is one of the best spa preparation tactics across the board. Because let’s face it. Getting’ your zen on can be pretty tough when your heart is hammering in your chest like an unruly drum. Hold off beforehand, then treat yourself to a tasty espresso after your treatment, if you truly must.


8. Eat something light.

When it comes to food, finding a good balance is best. Consume just enough to avoid any hunger pangs or stomach growling that may hamper your mental escape to Spa-aahhh Land. But also be careful to not have a burger-sized bowling ball roll around uncomfortably while you’re getting kneaded into mushy goodness.

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9. Don't prep your skin for pampering!

Listen up, all of you shaving, waxing, and depilatory cream fans — especially if you’re readying yourself for your first time at the spa! The day of a spa treatment is NOT the time to prep your bod for a rub down, no matter how much you want your legs or face to be silky smooth on a spa therapist’s hands. Spa applications can irritate the livin’ bajeezles out of newly ‘vulnerable’ skin (at no fault of the therapist!). Let it be known that your therapist would much rather have your skin remain calm as it’s lathered in oils or facial clay, so that you can enjoy yourself. If you must groom, adhere seriously to this spa tip: do everyone a favor — do it the night before, giving your skin ample time to settle.


10. Have gratuity ready.

Spas and their staff are a vibrant, essential part of the service industry as we know it today. As such, it’s considered good form to thank your masseuse for his/her efforts before you leave. This sort of spa preparation will help you avoid any last-minute panic, awkwardness or surprises as you check out — so you can continue to bask in relaxation.

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11. Steer clear of screens and/or loud music.

Start to seek out your peaceful place before arriving at the spa, so you can slip into a state of relaxation all the quicker. Quieting your senses and removing any ‘overloads’ will certainly help this process along. This spa tip is just as pivotal for high-energy activities via Spafinder gift cards, as it is for low-key services. Whether fitness-related or feeling pampered, focus is always key to an optimal experience.


12. Book nicely ahead of time.

Sometimes a spa escape is a much-needed impromptu decision. Other times, it’s a much-anticipated event reserved well ahead of time. Whenever possible, use your Spafinder gift card to aim for the latter — giving yourself something to look forward to, and simply avoiding any unnecessary scrambling. But! If you can manage to rather effortlessly get on a spa’s schedule to indulge in a luxurious last-minute massage, by all means, do it.

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12½. Arrive on time the day-of.

This spot-on spa tip reiterates that your pampering session should revolve around quality R ‘n’ R, rather than rushing. That means leaving yourself plenty of time to get to your appointment. Pad your travel time to anticipate potential traffic and delays. And remember, being early to the spa means you can kick back to sip more cucumber water or steam in the sauna a little longer. Now that’s a solid incentive to beat the clock!