Imagine yourself standing at the very foot of the majestic Lady Liberty. Or sauntering past the Brooklyn Bridge Love Locks, having just left a piece of yourself (and perhaps a lover) forever committed to its presence. Or maybe you’re just itching to bike through the Big Apple’s bustling city streets, after enjoying an ice cream cone in Central Park.

Whatever the vision of fun things to do in New York City you have for yourself, spring has just about sprung! So whether you’re a native, local, or visitor to this concrete jungle—there’s no time like the impending present to take advantage of fun ways to tour New York City!

And in a city like NYC that is bursting with a remarkable amount of life, entertainment, history, and culture around every corner, it’s understandable that trying to finagle the logistics of Manhattan sightseeing can be quite the task!

So let’s make it easy on you, shall we? These top five ways to tour New York City will take you for the sightseeing excursions of a lifetime—from traditional to truly unique, casual to classy, and fun-loving to formal.


Photo Credit: / Richard Bussink

Photo Credit: / Richard Bussink

The most economical and readily available way to sightsee around NYC is by foot. For those who aren’t huge fans of walking: don’t knock it ‘til ya try it! Walking immerses you right into the hustle and bustle of the city sidewalks, which is particularly exciting if you’ve never been to an urban hot spot like New York. It offers exposure to the many sights, sounds and smells that you may otherwise miss on public transport. And depending on where you’re located in relation to the Manhattan attractions you are seeking out, you can traverse without having to wait on transportation. Need a breather from the busy sidewalks? Escape to Central Park for a serene stroll at a more leisurely pace.


new-york-helicopter-tourThe most breathtaking and exclusive way to tour New York City is by helicopter. This option is certainly not one that traditionally comes to mind, when locals and tourists alike are mapping out unique things to do in NYC. Which is exactly why you should jump at the chance to try it! These aerial tours of the city offer absolutely unparalleled New York sightseeing. View all of the city’s most celebrated landmarks in one swoop. And from a truly unique perspective, as well. Some companies may even offer chic amenities like champagne to pair with the flight—making for a perfect way to share a romantic ride with someone special. Unlike access to other NYC tours, though, be aware that availability may be limited, especially on weekends or holidays—so be sure to book in advance!


bike tours nyc

The most eco-friendly and time-efficient way to get around the Big Apple is by bike.  Ditch the ‘hop on hop off bus tours’! Enjoy the freedom to navigate where gas-guzzlin’ vehicles that are stuck on busy streets can’t go! Sure, you may need to get a bit ‘creative’ with your routes here and there. But having your own two wheels affords you the opportunity to cruise NYC turf at your own preferred pace. Plus, what’s not to love about a bit of fun exercise that doubles as fantastic Manhattan sightseeing?! And even better still—there are plenty of hot spots where you can either rent a bike on your own for the day, or join an organized group to tour New York City together. There’s no better way to way to explore the city’s eclectic neighborhoods, culture, food, beverages, history, famed Manhattan attractions, and more.


Photo credit: / Egidio Bacigalupi

Photo Credit: / Egidio Bacigalupi

Believe it or not, the most sleek and sophisticated way to cruise the streets of New York is by car! All previous implications of traffic jams aside, this is a perfect option if you’re looking to add a splash of class to your NYC sightseeing, and aren’t in a hurry to get from one place to the next. But don’t get into just any set of four wheels. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride in luxurious options like private stretch limousines, a full-sized classic Oldsmobile Royale convertible, or even limo-buses if you’re planning to tour New York City with a large party.



cruises out of nycLast but not least, the most stylish, delicious and scenic way to see the city is by boat. Conveniently located on the water, NYC offers plenty of cruise options to accommodate Manhattan sightseeing. But here’s a recommendation that will help you avoid the tourist traps: try a lunch or dinner cruise! Such H2O outings go above and beyond the norm, when it comes to floating past New York attractions. Rather than a quick jaunt around the water with hurried point-and-shoot photo ops, these dining cruises out of NYC offer a leisurely experience usually lasting a couple of hours. Guests can typically enjoy on-board features like cash bars, delicious food, climate-controlled decks, ample harbor views, rooftop lounges, music, and dancing—all in addition to snagging plenty of snapshots of legendary landmarks! Without a doubt, this is one of the most memorable ways to tour New York with family, friends or a special someone.