xmas-tree-cookie-cuttersWhat are your favorite Christmas cookies? Whether they’re a part of childhood memories or a tasty indulgence you enjoy as an adult, these merry morsels are a “must-do” on any annual Christmas checklist.

Maybe you love to bake them. Or deck ‘em out in fancy icing and sprinkles. Or just get straight to eating them. Whatever the way these Christmas treats make their way into your holly-jolly happenings—perhaps they bring much more than simply a solid sugar rush.

Could the shape of your favorite Christmas cookies say something about the reason you love the holiday season?

There’s a good chance! Assuming, of course, you’re the type to cherish Christmas cheer over empirical data. So first, decide which Christmas cookie shape you like to munch on the most. Then check out the festive findings that each type of treat may reveal. All in the spirit of jingling some bells and laughing all the way to December 25th.


Christmas Tree Cookie

If you just can’t get enough of tree-shaped sugar cookies topped with ornamental frosting, you probably have a strong affinity for your roots. Family means the world to you, as do your friends who might as well be your biological family. You cherish quality time and love the cozy, fun get-togethers that come with the season. Doing all things Christmas right beside those you love is always at the top of your to-do list, along with making ‘evergreen’ memories together.

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Snowflake Christmas Cookie

If this is one of your favorite Christmas cookies, then you probably have a soft spot for the season’s innocent, peaceful moments. The Silent Night lyrics “all is calm, all is bright” likely put a happy lil’ flutter in your heart. You live for the days when you can curl up in a blanket beside the fireplace, with a good book in hand. Your other favorite option is sipping a hot cocoa, watching as snow gently dances and falls outside, quietly making way for Christmas Day.

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Gingerbread Christmas Cookie

This classic Christmas cookie shape has “kitchen connoisseur” written (err—frosted?) all over it! It’s a safe bet you’re the foodie among your family and friends. Organizing holiday meals and mixing up your own Christmas-y contribution is the name of your game. If your fam has a traditional Christmas cookie recipe that makes an annual appearance, you’re the first to rally the troops for a baking day! And heck, maybe you even host the annual holiday feast in your own home, to ensure everyone eats, drinks and is extra-merry!

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Stocking Christmas Cookie

Chances are, if this happens to be your all-time favorite Christmas cookie shape, you are the ultimate gift-giver. The gems you wrap up are genuine and personal.  In fact, your ability to go all-out with perfect gifting selections for family and friends also extends to your impressive gift-wrapping techniques. Whether stuffing stockings or adding to the stash under the tree, you sure know how to dazzle folks even before a gift is opened. And the gorgeous, impeccable way you present them is worthy of being featured in a catalog photo shoot. All hail the stunning boxes, festive bags and pretty bows!

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Star Christmas Cookie

Nothing is a better reflection of the inner joy you radiate than this Christmas treat! Your favorite part of the Christmas season is the magic and sparkle that surrounds it—namely an abundance of over-the-top décor. You have a natural knack for brightening others’ days, especially during December. Santa is pretty much your hero. And much of your life and enthusiasm for the holidays likely resembles Buddy from Elf.

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Snowman Christmas Cookie

With a favorite Christmas cookie like this, Winter Wonderland is probably the soundtrack to your holiday season. As it should be! You’re the ring leader when it comes to enticing folks to partake in all forms of “chill” entertainment: sledding, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snowshoeing, hockey, maybe even a sleigh ride… you get the idea. Basically, any outdoor activity that celebrates the presence of Old Man Winter and requires a bit of bundling up is fine by you. Especially when it leads to a delicious hot chocolate or refreshing brew at the end of the day.

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Mitten Christmas Cookie

The best Christmas cookies are made with TLC. So it’s only fitting that if this one’s your favorite, you are a true romantic. You love love. The prospect of falling in love at Christmastime makes your heart skip a beat. Sharing it with someone you already share your heart with? Well then surely life is like a real-life Hallmark holiday flick, and you’re living in a romantic movie all your own. Christmas to you means quality time spent holding your S.O.’s hand amid twinkling lights, cozy fireplaces, sparkling snowfall, whimsical downtown displays, dinner parties, and glistening city streets.

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Bell Christmas Cookie

It’s rather fitting this is the most musical of favorite Christmas cookies’ shapes, isn’t it? As such, its fans are advocates of living out loud. And if that’s you, then Christmas carols are your thing. They’re your holly-jolly jam. You delight in literally each one that hits your ears. And you may even be the culprit of starting the annual influx of Christmas tunes as soon as the last trick-or-treater exits your porch each year. But that’s ok. Because it’s what makes your heart sing most vibrantly during the festive season. So belt ‘em out—loud ‘n’ proud!

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Candy Cane Christmas Cookie

It’s not a Christmas carol, but some songs are great to live by during all seasons of the year. If you think a candy cane shape is the best Christmas cookie around, you know that “we all need somebody to leee-ean on.” So during the holiday season, you primary focus is service to others. You might be a volunteer-extraordinaire for local charities. Or maybe you lend a few extra hands to busy friends. Or go the extra mile for family members. Perhaps you even round up donations for those in need. No matter what your service looks like, rest assured it’s making a meaningful mark, during the holidays and beyond.

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No Favorite Christmas Cookies

GASP! Can this really be included on a list of favorite Christmas cookies?! Well, if having a favorite cookie inherently means something, then surely the lack of cookie-lovin’ has implications as well. Right? So enthusiasts of eggnog, peppermints, puppy chow, fruit cakes, chocolates, and other non-Christmas cookie goodies—REJOICE! You embrace trying new things, and doing so helps others expand their horizons as well. You respect traditions, but enjoy introducing your own as well, as you march to the beat of your own unique drum. You are creative and dignified. And you sure do bring the best sweet tooth selections to a party. Cheers to you!

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Did this tasty read make your mouth water? Then check out some spectacular recipes to really find your favorite Christmas cookies. Then get baking!


And as your cookies fluff up in the oven, why not knock out some of your last-minute Christmas shopping, too! You’ll be extra-glad you did. And so will your very lucky recipient, come Christmas morning.