Cloud 9 Living's remarkable collection of gifts for husbands come loaded with the perfect amount of rugged adrenaline, dude food, urban appeal, and all-around awesomeness to easily get the “man-stamp” of approval.

Want to entertain his inner outdoorsman? Cool gifts like hiking, scuba diving, rock climbing, rafting, and much more are guaranteed to have him make the most of what Mother Nature has to offer!

If he has a hankering for the hangar, check out air experiences that put him right into the pilot's seat of an unforgettable flight — flying a plane, helicopter, or vintage aircraft! And if a giant rush is part of his high-flying dreams, add to the airborne action with the ultimate fighter pilot mission in a real L-39 Albatros jet, a popular training aircraft known for its maneuverability and excellent safety record!

Get your favorite fellow's engine really revving with great gifts for guys that provide him with endless ways to ‘play.' Let him burn rubber with exotic and stock car racing — not to mention Indy, Formula 2000 and dragster experiences.

Looking for a date-like way to celebrate his big day together? Cloud 9 Living's assortment of city tours is the perfect gift for men who are eager to explore their stomping grounds! The two of you can enjoy an urban excursion featuring trendy topics such as art, history, entertainment, architecture, hauntings, food and beverages, breweries and vineyards, local culture, sightseeing, happenin' hot spots, monuments, mysteries, and more tours galore! And best of all, these intriguing outings are available in nearly every major metropolis of the U.S.

Add a romantic spark that leaves a lasting impression when it comes to unique gifts for your husband — hop aboard a lunch, dinner, or champagne brunch cruise. Enjoy stunning views of shorelines and dazzling cityscapes while strolling along the ship's deck. Delight in gourmet cuisine and cash bar amenities. Sway to the relaxing rhythm of live music, or cut a rug as a DJ spins vibrant, crowd-pleasing beats. Looking to up the intimate ambiance of your cruise? Take advantage of upgrade options like First-Class and Romance packages that come with perks like complimentary drinks, chocolates and private seating.

With gifts for husbands like these, it's exciting and easy to treat your main man to the second most memorable moment of his life – the first being the moment he met you, of course.

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