home spa ideas - Spafinder gift cardsThe perfect spa treatment can work wonders on your day. So if you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a rejuvenating escape within the walls of a favorite spa location, just image the benefits a little post-treatment TLC will have on your week, month and overall lifestyle!

Sounds pretty dreamy, doesn’t it?

The reality can be all yours, simply by incorporating these basic life hacks into your routine, once your spa treatment sesh wraps up. Whether you opt to dive right in and try all of them at once, or wish to introduce them more gradually into your daily life — you’re guaranteed to experience a refreshing, ahhh-mazing impact. From home spa ideas and healthy-living hints, to optimizing the perks of a Spafinder gift card and beyond — scope out the suggestions below, and discover first-hand how they work for you!


9 Post-Spa Treatment Tricks You MUST Try


1. Take full advantage of your local spa’s amenities.

Regardless of how you found a hot spa spot you enjoy (via recommendation, Spafinder gift card, personal preference, or past spa experiences), be sure to indulge in ALL the fine features it has to offer during your visit. In other words, don’t just come and go for your specific spa treatments. Bask in the glorious bonuses that may also be included: steam rooms, saunas, lap pools, hot tubs or whirlpools, cooling buckets, meditation rooms, and more. Doing so is sure to extend the level of R ‘n’ R you feel as you head home.

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2. Keep your journey home as quiet as possible.

After a nice escape, it’s best to ease your senses slowly back to reality. The outside world has enough of its own hustle and bustle as it is. Stay in your ‘zen’ headspace as long as possible. A great spa tip is to limit any added ‘noise’ in your personal space. Keep music off and just enjoy the golden aura of silence. Or, if you need to listen to something, limit yourself to calm, tranquil tunes or sounds.

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3. Treat yourself to at-home spa goodies.

Many local spas offer a retail section in their lobby area. Don’t be shy about checking it out! It’s a wonderful way to ensure you’re using quality products for home spa ventures. Which means you can keep your R ‘n’ R feeling goin’ strong, long after you’ve enjoyed your formal spa treatments or services. And! If you happen to be using a Spafinder gift card to indulge in your spa day, you can also use it to purchase your take-home goods!

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4. Sip on tea and H2O.

Upping your water intake is fantastic advice at any time — but particularly if you’ve just gotten in on a solid workout or pampering session. The body loves to release toxins through a good sweat-fest that get your muscles movin’, as well as during spa treatments like massages. Help that flushing-out phase along, plus add more hydration to your diet on a daily basis by sippin’ tea or H2O multiple times a day.

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5. Choose books over screens.

Obviously this spa tip comes loaded with irony if you’re reading this blog post. But once you’ve noted these suggestions, shut off your device and pick up a good ol’ book. Because as science has reminded us many times over, those are much healthier sources of reading and engaging for your eyes, your noggin, and your at-home R ‘n’ R endeavors.

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6. Savor healthy eats.

Ahh yes, more post-spa treatment advice that stems from our science buddies. But let it be known, they know what’s up… so when they say “you are what you eat,” it’s legit. And it doesn’t take an MD degree to confirm that if you eat healthy, you feel better and have more energy. So give it a try, if you haven’t already!

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7. Give yourself something to look forward to!

Doing this is just downright good for the soul. It keeps you eagerly anticipating life’s happenings, and is a great motivator throughout a day, week, month, etc. It can be a vacation, a concert, a fun dinner out on the town. Or maybe it’s even a repeat spa visit because you loved your recent escape so much! (Keep in mind, if you’re a Spafinder gift card user and still have credit on your account, this is a great excuse to return for another delightful spa treatment or find a new service to enjoy at the same spa!)

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8. Simplify your living space.

This idea can apply to a variety of ‘spaces’ — all of which can benefit from a “less is more” mentality. A clean house can work miracles on helping you keep your mind clear and stress-free. So empty out that closet of unused clothes. Dispose of knick-knacks that are collecting dust. Organize your work desk. Delete emails that are consuming your inbox. Pay bills and get rid of those papers sitting on the counter. Make the physical and digital spaces you ‘live’ in less busy. You get the idea. Do it and relish the refreshing effects!

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9. Indulge in that bath or long shower!

The power of this home spa gem cannot be underestimated. Whether you’re a fan of bubbles, sea salts, or just steamy water — give yourself this time to unwind at least once a month. Add some candles, relaxing music or sounds, a good book, and a glass of wine (or that aforementioned cup o’ tea). And simply enjoy.

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