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It’s no secret that buying gifts for men at Christmas time is difficult, sometimes seeming daunting or even just downright impossible.

At Cloud 9 Living, we are big fans of all things gift-giving related. So we made it our mission to unearth the massive ‘secret’ surrounding cool gifts for guys…

What gifts for men do guys really want?


CNN recently published an article on men’s wish lists for this holiday season, and the results were surprising but helpful. “One third of men want food and wine gifts, and the other third want gift cards.”

But here’s the kicker. Many of these men will not be getting gift cards or foodie gift, because almost 50% of gift-giving women plan, instead, to shower their man with clothing or books this year.

We talked to Eric Rogell, gift-giving expert from Discovery.com and founder of the blog thebachelorguy.com, for some advice on this cringe-worthy conundrum. After all, who is a better equipped guide on gifts for men than a man himself?

gifts-for-men-christmas-cloud-9-living-4“I’m not sure guys actually want to get clothes,” Rogell told us. Rogell explained that clothes seem to be the most popular go-to gift because many women “hate the way their man dresses.” (Ouch?) Rogell advised that book can make good gifts for guys if the subject matter is something your other half is passionate about, or if it has to do with an inside joke between the two of you.

But take heed, ladies. “If it’s instructional in any way, or hints that he could be a better boyfriend, you’re tap dancing on thin ice…”

That said, and thanks to the inspiration in the aforementioned CNN article, ‘tis truly the season to consider “foodie” gift ideas for men this Christmas.

Check out a city tour featuring the likes of fabulous food, fine wine, or refreshing brews. Embark on an unforgettably unique dining experience aboard a dinner cruise. Or even keep it simple, stuffing his stocking with grilling gear or a gift card to his favorite restaurant. According to Rogell, “There are no bad gourmet food and wine gifts, unless it has the word ‘vegan’ in it.”

Worried that a gift card just won’t cut it? Here’s some very reassuring news!

A CNN survey also revealed that gift cards are a much-desired men’s gift, despite the stereotypes that they are “thoughtless” or “boring.”

Rogell said, yes, a gift card may hint at the impersonal, but it can work wonders if it’s valid for a store he’s been wanting to shop. When asked if he agreed with the CNN survey, that one third of men want gift cards, Rogell said, “I would agree, but with an asterisk. The guys who want gift cards probably want them because they’ve received bad gifts from their girls in the past, and want to choose their own gift.”

In addition to food gifts, Rogell suggested exploring gifts for men that have something to do with your man’s favorite hobby.


“Guys have hobbies…every guy does. At least one. You can show him you appreciate the things he loves by getting him a gift that relates to his hobby. Just be warned: Hobbies are sticky territory. Some guys only want the best gear, or specific branded gear… so check to see what he already has, ask Qs of other guys who have the same hobby, and do a little online research to find out the best gear, the gear he needs/wants, etc.”

So — cooking or grilling gear, hobby items, food tours and gift cards. Those seem to be the gift ideas for men that will bring him the holliest, jolliest Christmas.

gifts-for-men-christmas-cloud-9-living-6Still feeling stuck? There are more than 1,900 experience gifts for men across the country, shopable all at one stop at www.cloud9living.com.

And if you’re still stumped after checking those out, check out this video (that would make Santa himself proud) on how to make your man's season memorable, merry and bright this year!