cheap diy christmas decorationsHolidays have you hustlin' already? And maybe leaving your humble abode lacking a little in Christmas decorations? Fear not! The ideas below for festive, easy DIY Christmas crafts are sure to bring you good tidings of great joy, that will merrily deck your halls… and all without breaking the bank or requiring lots of attention. So you can enjoy more time celebrating the season with family and friends!

From cute home décor to simple holiday craft ideas, the guide below is sure to brighten any space and bring warm wishes this winter. Cozy up the house with easy Christmas decorating ideas. Find low-maintenance DIY crafts that double as great gifts. Or plan thrifty, creative holiday activities to share in surrounded by the good company of others.

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25 Easy DIY Christmas Crafts to Make Your Season Merry & Bright!


1. Homemade Holiday Cookies

The smell of real holiday baking can’t be beat. And don’t for a second think it can truly be replicated by a store-bought candle, either! So turn up some Christmas tunes and go for the real deal. (And yes — since supplies, instructions and creating something that didn’t exist before are involved, cookies totally count as a holiday craft!)

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2. Cozy Christmas Countdown

Score some mini-stockings and mittens to make this cute advent calendar Christmas craft. Spots like value stores, thrift shops, Dollar Store, Walmart, Target’s bargain-bins, etc. are great places to find them cheap. Decorate as/if needed to add some seasonal style. String up on a long ribbon or twine, and pop a countdown card in each one. Then hang and let the countdown begin!


3. Gingerbread House

The best part about this type of DIY Christmas craft is that it can easily be found as a kit in almost any store these days. So you instantly have all the artsy supplies you’ll need! Of course, you also have the freedom to improvise and add your own assortment of favorite candies or sweet accessories to the mix. For example, frost sugar cones with green icing, then turn them upside-down to give your candy casa some cute landscaping!

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4. Wooden Décor

Take a home wine ‘n’ paint session to the next level with this Christmas decorating idea — all on your own! Grab a slab of wood from a craft store, or hunt down an authentic piece. Scout out festive design ideas or stencils on the internet. Stock up on acrylic or enamel paints. Transfer the pattern to the wood piece. And let those creative juices flow!


5. Holly-Jolly Wreath

This is one of the most simple Christmas decorations both to make and to nicely add a splash of cheer to any area. Just add some garland of your choice (greens, tinsels, holly, etc.) around a foam ring. Then use wire or hot glue to affix accessories to it like berries, bows, ornaments, etc.  And if you need thematic or design inspiration, Pinterest should have you covered.

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6. Hot Chocolate Ornaments

These easy Christmas ornaments make fantastic gifts for classmates, coworkers, and the like. They come with cuteness that will blow a recipient’s mind. They’re practical. And they’re a snap to make! Just remove the top of a clear bulb ornament; fill about halfway with hot cocoa mix. Fill the remainder with mini marshmallows and sprinkles; then securely replace the top and tie on a bow!


7. Simplest DIY Christmas Crafts: Faux Presents

This idea should be at the very tip-top of any “easy to make Christmas decorations” list. These gems are quick to make, as well as economical. And you can display them anywhere — inside or on an outdoor porch area. All you need are empty boxes and gift wrap, both of which you likely already have hand. Need boxes? Just ask your local grocer — for free!

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8. Throw Pillows

A non-patterned pillow from any store is your blank canvas for this easy holiday craft. A lil’ fabric marker love goes a long way to add seasonal words, phrases or drawings. And you can always add other soft décor to garnish your pillow, via thread or hot glue. No matter how you decorate the fluff, you’ll end up with one cheerful couch this Christmas!


9. Snowy-Simple Holiday Décor

In a pinch for festive party decorations, but don’t want to spend the time or money to go too crazy? Grab some glass jars. Fill each one with an inch or two of Epson salt. Then pop in a votive candle. And you’ve got a nice little ‘snow’ scene to stylishly display somewhere.

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10. Outdoor Ice Lanterns

The “cool yule” ambiance doesn’t get much cooler than this! These trendy DIY Christmas crafts are a great front porch addition when hosting a party. Fill a container (any size) with water, and sink a small plastic cup in the middle (for a ‘donut’ like effect). Add some colorful pizzazz to the lantern water, dropping in items like tinsel, pine twigs, or cranberries. Freeze until solid (outside or in freezer). Remove the inner cup and replace space with a battery-operated candle. Tea lights and votives are ok, too — but going flameless obviously helps to avoid melting. (*Helpful hints! Milk jugs work as great larger containers. And wrapping the small plastic cup in clear plastic cling-wrap may help to wiggle it out once frozen.)


11. Decorative Vase

Forget buying a pre-assembled (expensive) gem! Customize one of these cute Christmas decorations yourself with thrifty craft items. All you need is a clear, square/cylinder vase (of your size choice). Then go to town picking out fillers for it — garland, pinecones, ornaments, and other sparkly or festive flair that strikes your fancy. Arrange as desired and display. Cool tip! If using a large vase, throw a paper towel tube or two in the middle of it, and display accessories around it; such a space-filler means having to buy and arrange less décor for inside the vase.

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12. Frost Your Windowpanes

Invest in glass chalk and window-worthy spray paint or decorative spray snow. Create a merry masterpiece on as many spots in your home as you wish. This offers fun, super-easy Christmas decorating ideas the whole family can enjoy. Kids and adults alike will enjoy customizing windows and storm doors with anything from hand-drawn trees and snowmen, to elegant snow-lined sills glowing with enchanting candles and green trim.


13. DIY Christmas Craft “Trees”

No space for a spruce, or no time to get a real tree to trim for Christmas? Fix that in a holly-jolly jiffy by adding some faux evergreen branches or pine garland ties to a vase. Throw on some itty-bitty ornaments, tie a star around the vase, and voila! You have a perfect lil’ “tree” for a desk or smaller living space!

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14. Wooden Blocks Countdown

This cute Christmas craft is a true classic. And it’s as low-maintenance to make as you can ask for! All you need is two blocks, and your preferred choice of decorating method, be it paint or even just Sharpies. Stencil on numbers that will allow for displaying one through 25, as you make your way through December.


15. Very Merry Vino Glasses

This is a great Christmas craft idea for adults, especially for a group get-together! Have an assortment of colored acrylic or enamel paints handy, as well as fine brush types. Make like Santa Claus and go to town, decorating the glasses with holiday designs. (A fine-tip Sharpie marker is an ideal way to stencil out a paint guide. Be sure to practice on paper first! Prop the paper against the inside of the glass, for extra guidance!) Then let your glass dry adequately —most acrylics/enamels use either air- or oven-drying methods— to set your art.

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16. Winter-Lovin’ Wine Bottles

For those ambitious holiday crafters, why not pair a fun wine bottle with the festive glasses described above? Paint an empty wine bottle all over with a white or frost color. Once dry, there are several creative directions you can take. Think of one yourself or use this for inspiration…  1 – Brush glue around it in ‘candy cane’ like stripes, section by section, and sprinkle red glitter over the wet glue. 2 – Use black and orange paints to add a snowman face. 3: Stencil one letter onto each bottle in red, green or gold paint, collectively spelling out short festive word. Or anything else you can think of to make this easy Christmas decorating idea a cheerful reality.


17. 10-Second Centerpiece

Place a few glass candles on a solid color candy dish. Then spread red/green/white starlight mints, or peppermint puffs around to cover the dish as desired. Done!

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18. Decorative Lettering

This idea is the definition of easy DIY Christmas crafts. Invest in foam or wooden letters to spell out your favorite short ‘n’ sweet holiday word: snow, noel, joy, etc. Many craft stores often also have sturdier tin or resin letters at bargain prices. Decorate as/if needed.


19. Use Christmas Ornaments to Make Garland

Need a quick way to deck your halls? Look no further than this festive piece of homemade holiday décor! Buy an assortment of ornaments, and maybe some faux evergreen sprigs for extra variety. Use mini clothespins to hang each ornament and sprig on a piece of twine or ribbon, spacing as desired.

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20. Make Your Own Mistletoe

Wrap a big foam ball in holiday-esque tissue paper or fabric. Secure with a rubber band. Tie a ribbon around the band, leaving some slack to help with hanging. If desired, add a few dots of hot glue to help keep ribbon in place. Further garnish rubber band area by gluing on a couple simple items — holly leaves, a bow, snowflake, ornament, etc. Then hang this easy-to-make Christmas decoration in your favorite smoochin’ spot, STAT!


21. Ornament Lanterns

Have some extra ball holiday ornaments floating around? And already own a display lantern? Perfect! Put them both to good use with this elegant (and cheap!) DIY Christmas decoration. Instead of putting a candle inside the lantern, use ornament balls. Fill it as full as you’d like. A ribbon or evergreen twigs make perfect toppers, if you wish to add a little more merry flair.

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22. Homemade Snowballs!

Using Polyfil or another sort of white stuffing, grab enough to make a handful. Lightly roll into a ball shape, fluffing and pulling as necessary. Spritz with a bit of watered down glue spray to help hold the shape. Sprinkle or spray on a dusting of micro-glitter if desired, to add a magical sheen to the puffs. Let dry, and then add to a tin bucket for display. This soft, simple DIY Christmas craft is made for safely throwing around! So don’t be shy about getting an indoor snowball fight goin’ — sure to bring lots of laughs!


23. Stylish Holiday Party Wine Display

Want to dress up a bar area for a holiday shindig? Grab a few wine glasses, of varying heights and sizes. Then fill them each with mini ball ornaments. Arrange the glasses together as desired to complete this chic, easy DIY holiday decoration.

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24. Burlap Garland

If “less is more” is your motto for homemade Christmas decorations, this cute holiday craft fits the bill. Cut tan burlap into strips (2”x8” works well, if you need a ballpark). Then tie the strips around a strand of white twinkle lights, clustering them together to volumize as desired. For a little extra ‘country color,’ pop in a few evergreen garland ties or bits of red ribbon here and there. Then hang and plug in to let ‘er shine!


25. Cute Christmas Candle Jars

These fun DIY Christmas crafts are sure to warm up any room this season. The only supplies you need are glue, glitter and glass jars (the mason or hurricane variety work great). Coat the inside of the jars with glue, shake or sprinkle on glitter, and let dry. Want to really jazz up your jar? Paint glue around a removable stencil/silhouette profile of a reindeer, Santa, snowman, star, tree, etc. Once dry, light a votive candle inside and proudly display!

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25½. Or for a classy alternative to glitter for candle jars…

Use imitation gold and silver leaf for a vintage, ‘mercury glass’ look. Secure to the inside of the jar with special leaf adhesive. And voila! You’ve easily created a beautiful “all is calm, all is bright” ambiance.


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