Celebrate Dad this father’s day with a gift that he’ll remember for a lifetime. He may be the man who has everything, but we’ve pulled together a few father’s day gift ideas that are a little more unique than the standard gift.

These gifts are thoughtful ways to say thank you for everything that he’s done. So this year, help Dad check off a few items on his bucket list, enjoy a relaxing day, or even learn something new.

Golf Gifts

Golf Lessons

Practice makes perfect, and practice with a PGA pro makes you even more perfect. Give Dad a gift that will last a lifetime from Cloud 9 Living and select from a variety of golf experiences. We’ll set him up with a lesson from a golf pro or let him play a round on some of the country’s best golf resorts. The skills he learns will stick with him, but be prepared for a little extra competition the next time you head out to play.  

New clubs

With advancements in technology and materials, your dad could benefit from some new clubs. They’ll be lighter, perform better, and make him feel like a pro when he pulls it out of his bag. Whether you get him a whole set, or just upgrade his driver, a new club is the perfect way to really put his newly acquired skills to the test.

Tee time at his favorite course

Now that he’s perfected his swing and has some new clubs to try out, set up a tee time for him on his favorite course. Father’s day is all about giving dad a day to relax and enjoy doing the things that he loves, so make sure he spends it on the greens.

Golf Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Pour a Glass

Bottle of Scotch

A nice bottle of scotch is a gift that can last for years to come and is something you and your dad can share anytime you’re together. You can pour a glass after dinner and it gives you a great chance to slow down and catch up. There are plenty of high quality bottles of scotch you can pick up for around a hundred dollars, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank on this gift.   

Tasting Tour

It’s one thing to drink a nice glass of whiskey or a cold beer, but let dad appreciate it even more by taking him on a brewery or distillery tour. At Cloud 9 Living you can choose from a variety of brewery tours across the country. In some cities you’ll be able to see them all with a wine, beer, and spirits tour taking you around to see all of the great breweries and distilleries in your area.

New Glasses

With a great bottle of scotch and a newfound appreciation for how it was made, give Dad some new glasses to pour it in. A high quality scotch glass will help concentrate the aromas and bring out the flavors in every pour, making each sip that much more enjoyable.

Beer Gifts for Father's Day

Let Dad Try Something New

Flying Lessons

Let Dad check off a bucket list item by giving him the gift of flight. At Cloud 9 Living we have a variety of flying experiences you can choose from including hands-on flying lessons in an airplane or helicopter. There’s no experience necessary to take one of these classes as he’ll learn about the aircraft, the rules of the sky, and all there is to know about successfully flying an airplane or helicopter.  

Flying Adventure Gifts for Father's Day

Racecar/Exotic Driving Experience

Dad helped teach you how to drive, so now it’s time to return the favor by putting him behind the wheel of a race car, where he’ll learn how to drive high performance vehicles at the track. From Cloud 9 Living you can choose from either an exotic car track day or a true race car experience where he can take lessons on driving a stock car or open seater. He’ll be able to drive some of the world’s fastest cars on the country’s most famous tracks.

Driving Gifts for Father's Day

Gift Certificate

Sometimes it’s best to let Dad decide what he wants, so get him a Cloud 9 Living gift certificate. We have so many experiences and gifts to choose from and he’s sure to find something that he’ll love. Who knows, maybe instead of those golf lessons what he really wants is a night on the water with a dinner cruise or even taking the whole family to an escape room. Pick up a gift certificate and see what he comes up with!