Just when you thought the most exciting thing about 2019 was when Marie Kondo came out with a mind-blowing Netflix show about how to be more organized, think again. There is no worse way to end the last year of the decade with subpar Christmas gifts. Christmas 2019 is the time to shine; do it by giving your favorite people gifts they’ll look forward to experiencing in the new year!

Doors Off Helicopter Thrill Ride in Hawaii

The only thing more exciting than flying in a helicopter is flying in a helicopter without doors! Strap in (seriously, this part is crucial) for a one-of-a-kind, blood-pumping adventure bound to put a smile on your face! Feel the swift ocean breeze while taking in bird’s eye views over the most amazing waterfalls and coastal scenes Oahu has to offer!

Deluxe Glamping in Moab, Utah

You get the best of both worlds with Cloud 9 Living’s Deluxe Glamping experience! Not only is the luxurious tent fully-furnished, but the private deck and wood-burning stove makes this camping adventure something you’ve never experienced before! Just minutes from Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, this Deluxe Glamping experience is the perfect opportunity to explore the  hidden gems of the desert. Glamping can now be one of the most exciting–yet insanely comfortable–adventures you’ve ever experienced! 

Bungee Jumping off of the Bridge to Nowhere

If throwing your body over the “Bridge to Nowhere” to free fall between steep canyon walls isn’t one of the most exciting things you can do, we don’t know what is! Not only does this Arizona bungee adventure begin with a beautiful five mile hike, but you’ll have the opportunity to jump off the bridge up to five times during this adventure!

Helicopter Skiing in Telluride

There’s no question dropping out of a helicopter onto snow-capped peaks is one of the most exciting things you can do on a day off. Add in the fact that you’ll be skiing expert backcountry terrain, and you’ve got yourself an adventure! Not only will the helicopter take you to the best skiing spots around, but the incredible panoramic views of the San Juan Mountains are sure to take your breath away!

Lessons at a Bull Riding School

Riding a mechanical bull is definitely not the same thing as riding a real bull–or so they say. Experience the thrill of riding a 2,000 pound aggressive animal! This two day long course will put you in the hands of some of the greatest national rodeo competitors who will teach you the ins and outs of how to ride a bull like a champ. There’s no question this experience will open your eyes to the new and exciting world of bull riding!

Night Vision White Water Rafting in the Rockies

Since rafting wasn’t exciting enough, we give you… rafting in the dark! Utilize state-of-the-art vision monoculars to see a whole new side of the wilderness! Whether you’ve never been rafting in your life, or you’d consider yourself a professional, there’s no question going on an adventure such as this without being able to see is one of the most exciting and eye-opening (literally) adventures you’ve yet to experience! 

Now we know bull riding and helicopter skiing aren’t for everyone, which is why Cloud 9 Living offers more than just really awesome, thrilling adventures. Shop all of our great Christmas Gifts and regardless of the experience you choose to give the amazing people in your life, just be happy you’re not having to go to the mall on December 24th.