There’s no question receiving a new toaster is a much different experience than spending an entire afternoon on a beer tasting kayak tour with people you love. This holiday season, give the gift of unforgettable memories with Cloud 9 Living’s experience gifts! Here are 10 reasons why experience gifts make the perfect gift to give this year.

#1 It’s More Memorable Than A Scarf 

Remember when that one friend in 3rd grade gave you that one scarf for Christmas that one year? Neither do we. Humans are 70 times more likely to remember an experience gift rather than a scarf; it’s not a scientific fact rather it’s just an assumption. To put it simply, if you want to give a memorable gift, give a memorable experience.

#2 Give The People What They Want

The only way you can fully customize a sweater is if you knit it yourself. Since it’s 2019 and no one has time to knit these days, give the next best thing: an experience. Cloud 9 Living’s gift cards are the perfect way for the lucky humans in your life to not only choose their own exciting adventure, but to forgo having to wear an itchy sweater every Christmas for years to come!

#3 No More Wrapping Presents

Not only are you saving money on wrapping paper, but you’re saving the planet–literally.  If being incredibly sustainable and saving trees isn’t enough of a reason to give an experience this holiday, then think about how you won’t have to use your subpar gift wrapping skills. Now that’s a triple whammy. 

#4 You Can’t Eat Jewelry 

You can only give her so much heart-shaped jewelry before she purposefully begins to “lose” them one by one. This year, give the unique gift of a Cloud 9 Living dinner cruise! There’s no question eating Filet Mignon is a lot more fun than eating a necklace. 

#5 Fishing: A Lifetime of Free Dinners

“If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day; if you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.”  This proverb doesn’t lie. If you give someone a Cloud 9 Living fishing lesson, you’re basically feeding them for a lifetime. There’s really no greater gift than that.  

#6 Drive a Lamborghini, Get a Lamborghini 

Driving a Lamborghini is great and all, but what happens afterwards? The second your significant other gets home, it’s likely they will subconsciously want a Lamborghini of their own. This will lead them to working harder, getting promoted, taking over a company as CEO, and then buying a Lamborghini the both of you can drive. Keep in mind, it'll take a few months (more or less) to get to the official point of purchase. 

#7 No Longer Lose Bets

Those who bet money against friends usually overestimate their skills. Giving someone the gift of golfing lessons will do two things: they’ll become a better golfer, which will result in them losing less money when they bet on themselves. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Furthermore, if you’re married to the golfer it’s likely you’ll eventually make money on this gift as well (or at least break even)!

#8 It’s Thoughtful

Giving someone a unique gift gives off the impression that you are super creative and thoughtful. Gift your lady some hand towels and you’re in the doghouse. Gift your lady a sunset cruise and she’ll love you forever (unless you give her hand towels sometime after that). 

#9 A Reason to Drink More Wine

Cloud 9 Living offers an extensive list of wine experiences. Wine tours not only force someone (and probably yourself) into “tasting” a lot of wine for hours on end,  but they also allow individuals to drink at last an entire bottle of wine by themselves without the judgement of others. Talk about a perfect gift!

#10 See Ya Later Kids!

We love them and we’ve birthed them, but sometimes a night away from children is exactly what’s needed before going completely ballistic. And there's no better excuse for hiring a babysitter or calling the in-laws than getting to check something like going skydiving off your bucket list!

So there you have it – ten reasons to give an experience gift this Christmas. For more great ideas to get started, check out our collection of over 2,300 Christmas Gifts.