It’s nearly that time of year where we celebrate our heroes. No, not your favorite Marvel character . . . we’re talking about dear old dad. He’s patient, he works hard, and he’s got an endless supply of corny jokes. What’s not to love?

This year for Father’s Day, don’t settle for an easy gift that you’ll both quickly forget about (we’re looking at you, gift cards). Give him a gift that will surprise and delight him—treat him to something he’ll never forget! Spending time together is what he loves best, so make it an experience gift and go along with him. Just think of all the jokes you’ll get to “laugh” at!

At Cloud 9 Living, we’ve got hundreds of gifts for dad that you won’t find at a store. Browse through our website for some great men’s gift ideas. You’ll be amazed by all the options!

Short on time? This blog post highlights some of our most popular gifts for dad. They’re tried and true, and popular for good reason. Check them out and choose one today—Father’s Day is June 16!

Driving Experiences

Cloud 9 Living offers incredible driving experiences all across the country. Wherever he lives, your dad’s not far from a heart-racing, adrenaline pumping, unforgettable driving experience. He can get behind the wheel of his dream car, whether it’s a Lamborghini, Porsche, or Ferrari, and test his racing skills. Or he could ride along with a professional NASCAR or Indy Car driver and feel what it’s like to hang with the pros! If you really want to put a smile on his face (not to mention give him an edge on his daily commute), sign him up for a 3 Day Formula Racing School!


If golf has a special place in your dad’s heart (like it does for so many dads), this is your chance to give him a golf experience gift that goes way beyond a new bag or pair of gloves. How about improving his game through a lesson with a PGA pro? Life changing! Or treat him to a package at PGA National in south Florida. Not only is it recognized as one of the world’s best golf resorts, it’s also host to many annual pro competitions. Your dad could play at the same course where some of his favorite players compete! Or how about the world renowned Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina? It’s a dream come true for lovers of the game.

Adventure Gifts

Is your dad always up for an adventure? If so, the sky is literally the limit! Cloud 9 Living has adventure opportunities all across the country that will delight the thrill-seeker in your life. Give your dad the gift of learning how to fly a helicopter or a WWII biplane. Send him glamping in some of the most scenic places in the country. From skydiving to bull riding, snorkeling to kayaking, we’ve just the right adventure to make your dad feel like a kid again.

Food & Beverage

You can never go wrong with a delicious meal served with his favorite drink. Remember, this is Cloud 9 Living. We go way beyond your typical patio lunch or fancy dinner. Our extensive list of food and drink gift options includes walking food tours, private sushi lessons, champagne brunch on a gorgeous yacht, and microbrewery tours. And that’s just scratching the surface! Treat your dad to any of the hundreds of food and drink options and he’ll be thanking you for years.
We hope you’re feeling inspired by all of the unique and memory-making experiences we’ve talked about here. If you aren’t sure which one your dad would like the best, you can always give him a Cloud 9 Living gift card. You can send one instantly or schedule it for the day you want (like, I don’t know, June 16?). Our gift cards never expire, so your dad won’t feel any pressure—just a lot of excitement and anticipation over choosing his experience!