What are your plans for summer? Maybe you’ve been holding off on making them, but now that things are opening up again, it’s time to take action! There are many ways to safely get out and enjoy new experiences, as well as spend time with family and close friends. 

As things reopen, precautions are being taken to ensure public safety and keep people healthy. Businesses are getting creative with ways to offer products and services while staying in compliance with these new measures. 

Small businesses have been hit especially hard by the pandemic. The backbone of the U.S. economy, small businesses are vital to keeping the economic wheels turning. As you venture out this summer, a significant way that you can help small businesses is by seeking them out and showing your support.

Here are some ideas of ways you can do that while picking up a new skill this summer:

  • Dance Lessons – Many dance studios are offering private lessons. This is a great time for you and your partner to finally master ballroom dancing or salsa. 
  • Flying Lessons – If you’ve ever dreamed of learning to fly, you don’t have to wait any longer! Cloud 9 Living offers flying lessons across the country, from gliders to planes to helicopters. 
  • Music Lessons – Admit it: you’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar (or piano, or didjeridu). Check out local music studios and sign up for lessons. Now is the time! You'll soon be keeping audiences spellbound with your quarantine-themed ballads.
  • Swim Lessons – Private lessons in the pool are a fantastic way to stay healthy and get in shape. Whether it’s overcoming a fear of water or fine-tuning your breaststroke, you, or your kids, will benefit from private swimming lessons.
  • More Unusual Skills – Looking for something a little more … unique? We can help with that! Fencing, making sushi or crepes, glass blowing, or even trying out the trapeze are all examples of skills you can learn while supporting a local business.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to relax or enjoy the city without necessarily learning anything new, there are plenty of options as well.

  • Indy Car or NASCAR Ride Along – Perfect for those who want the thrill of the racetrack without the pressure of the driver’s seat. Search through our many exciting Driving Experiences for a ride along with a pro. 
  • Spa Packages – Book a couples massage or treat yourself to a facial! From hot stone to deep tissue, there’s a massage out there for everyone. A day at the spa is one of the surest ways to improve your mood and your summer.
  • Helicopter Tour – Experience the joy of truly getting away from it all and see your city from a new perspective with a helicopter tour. 
  • Water Sports – Nothing says summer like a day on the water. You can safely enjoy all kinds of activities this summer, from kayaking to white water rafting to paddle boarding. 
  • Golf – Whether you simply enjoy a round of golf or kick it up a notch by golfing with a pro, hitting the green is a sure way to enhance your summer. 

We hope you’ve been inspired to seek out something fun or relaxing to do this summer, and to support small businesses in the process. If you’re looking for more ideas, try searching by experience type or your city below. Stay safe and have fun!