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Indoor Skydiving in Nashua
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Indoor Surfing & Skydiving

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Nashua, NH

Monday through Friday - 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Saturday - 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Sunday - 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

*Arrival Time is 45 minutes prior; e.g. arrive 1:15 PM for a 2:00 PM surfing session

  • Try out Indoor Surfing and Indoor Skydiving - all in one day!

    • Certified instructors teach you all you need to know - no experience necessary
    • This combo package includes a 15-minute group surf session and a 2-minute flight session
    • Skydive in the 12-foot, 1,200 horsepower, 160 MPH re-circulating state-of-the-art wind tunnel and experience the exhilarating feeling of surfing on the endless wave
    • To add the Fishpipe water-slide, check out theIndoor Skydiving, Surfing & Fishpipe experience
    • Great for families, groups or anyone who wants to have a fun day out!
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  • Get ready to surf and skydive in one day - indoors!

    You will start the day with Indoor Skydiving.With the help of a certified instructor, you will be flying on your own after a brief 20-minute training class. You will learn the basics of body flight and hand signals used in the tunnel.

    Experience the skydiving sensation without having to jump from a plane. There is no falling sensation; you simply float above the trampoline floor with ease. The indoor vertical wind tunnel is used not only by the world's best skydivers to train, but was also designed for the general public to experience the sport of body flight.

    After this skydive session you will get ready to surf the endless wave. You will start out with abrief training class where the instructors will teach you the fundamentals of surfing.There can be up to 2 surfers on the wave andthe entire group will take turns.

    All gear required for this experience is included: Boogie or surf boards, helmets, goggles, flight suits, ear plugs, elbow and knee pads.

    This Indoor Surfing & Skydiving experience is perfect for families, groups or anyone who wants to have a great day out!

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  • Essential Information

    • No experience necessary
    • This combo package includes a 15-minute group surf session and a 2-minute flight session
    • Participants must be at least 5 years of age
    • Parental consent is required for anyone under 18
    • Maximum weight is 250 pounds
    • Physical restrictions include a hard cast or previous shoulder dislocation
    • Not recommended for women who are pregnant
    • Not recommended for anyone with heart, back, neck or previous injuries
    • If you have a group of 7 to 12 people for the Indoor Surfing, you will be scheduled as a 30-minute session instead of a 15-minute session
    • No outside equipment is permitted: Boogie or surf boards, helmets, goggles, flight suits, ear plugs, elbow and knee pads will be provided

    *A good test for shoulders is to place yourself in a doorway, grab the top of the door frame and gradually move forward. If you feel strain on your troubled shoulder at this point, it is suggested that you do not fly.


    The entire experience will last approximately 3 hours. This includes a 15-minute group surf session and a 2-minute flight rotation. One minute in the wind tunnel is equivalent to 1 - 2 real skydives. Many flyers find that each minute feels longer due to the adrenaline involved with flying in a 120 MPH wind stream.

    Maximum Participants

    Up to 12 participants.


    There is an observation deck for spectators to watch participants.

    Weather Dependent

    This experience takes place indoors and is not weather dependent.

    What To Wear

    Wear loose, comfortable clothing and sneakers for Indoor Skydiving. It is recommended to wear a one piece bathing suit or board shorts and rash guard shirt for Indoor Surfing. Rash guard shirts are available for rent or purchase on the day of the experience. Jewelries are not allowed during both experiences.

    Booking Information

    For this experience, it is recommended to request bookings at least 7 days in advance.

    Cancellation Policy

    Prior to scheduling/booking a date for this experience, Cloud 9 Living's standard return and exchange policy shall apply. Once you have scheduled a date and received a booking confirmation, no refunds will be given. Rescheduling is allowed up to 72 hours prior to your experience. Failure to appear on your booked date or to reschedule at least 72 hours prior to your booked date will result in the loss of the value of your experience.

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    1. What is indoor skydiving?
      It is the closest thing to skydiving you'll ever get without having to jump out of an airplane. It's so realistic that professional skydivers use the tunnel to practice and master their moves, yet safe enough for people of all ages without any experience to learn how to fly.
    2. What is the water and air temperature?
      The water is 85 degrees and the air 82 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit.  
    3. Can I bring my own equipment?
      No outside equipment is permitted. All gear required for your skydive and surfing session will be provided: Boogie or surf boards, helmets, goggles, flight suits, ear plugs, elbow and knee pads.
    4. What is a Boogie board?
      A Boogie board is also referred to as a body board. The most common way to ride a Boogie board is on your stomach.
    5. Is there a place to eat or drink something?
      Yes, there is a restaurant called the Oasis Cafe. It's located alongside the surfing area. Here you can enjoy freshly prepared breakfast, lunch and refreshments. Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase after you are done skydiving and surfing.
    6. Do I have to jump for Indoor Skydiving?
      Indoor skydiving offers the freedom and excitement of skydiving, but without the jump or hard fall. In the tunnel, your instructor will assist you in leaning directly into the wind flow so you will be lifted up. An instructor will be with you 1-on-1 while you are in the tunnel. No experience or special skills are needed to fly.
    7. Can I do tricks and flips in the wind tunnel?
      Tricks and flips are only done by experienced flyers. After your indoor skydive, our experience provider offers training programs and camps that you can sign up for. These programs and camps develop your skills so you can learn many exciting stunts in the tunnel.
    8. Can I get a video of my flight?
      You can purchase a DVD of your flight on the day of your experience. Video cameras and loose objects are not allowed in the wind tunnel. Spectators outside of the wind tunnel are allowed to take videos.
    9. Can I surf and fly with my friends or family members?
      You can be scheduled into the same group (up to 12 participants). Non-experienced flyers are not able to fly with each other. However, you will be able to watch each other fly and share this experience together. There can be up to 2 surfers on the wave at a time. While surfing, the entire group will take turns on the wave sharing time.