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Boston Learn to Fly Experiences

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Our Boston Learn to Fly Experiences make for truly unique gifts they're sure to remember forever.

Cloud 9 Living's experience gifts are the perfect solution for anyone on your list and are guaranteed to bring a smile to your gift recipient's face.

Create a memory. Give the gift of experience!

  • Go from the hangar to sky-high with Boston Learn To Fly experiences!

    If pilot lessons are part of a bucket list for yourself or someone you know in or around Beantown, Cloud 9 Living has you covered! As partners with only FAA certified instructors from the most reputable flight schools in the Boston area, learning to fly is safe, thrilling, and full of unforgettable air time.

    Explore America's Walking City from high overhead, in the cockpit of a Cessna 172 — learn to fly an airplane out of the nearby Nashua Airport! The flying lesson will begin with a ground orientation from an instructor, touching on aviation basics like plane mechanics, and what to expect in the air. Assist the pilot with the pre-flight aircraft inspection, then prepare for take-off!

    Learn how to fly over some of the most stunning scenery the east coast has to offer! The flight instructor handles taxiing, take-off and landing. Enjoy just the right amount of time to sit back take in the sights, and eagerly anticipate the start of an interactive pilot lesson. The controls in the cockpit are all yours once the plane's cruising altitude is reached.

    Go confidently in the way the instruction takes you, practicing basic flight lesson maneuvers like turns, slight ascending, and descending. With the instructor seated right beside you, it's easy to ask questions on the spot, and make the most of your air time. The plane is efficiently equipped with a set of controls for your instructor as well, so you can let him/her take over at any time, or watch demonstrations first-hand.

    Of course, airplane lessons aren't the only Boston Learn To Fly experiences that put you in the pilot's seat! Take advantage of a most extraordinary outing at the Norwood Memorial Airport by learning to fly a helicopter. The Schweizer 300 offers a most exhilarating way to take to the air! A pre-flight ground school provides a thorough overview of safety, aircraft information, and basic helicopter flying techniques. Then it's time to take action!

    Hop into the cockpit for a hands-on flying lesson that explores aviation skills like hovering, take-off, landing, sideways flight, and rearward traversing. And don't forget to take a moment or two to also enjoy the breathtaking expanse of landscape below — especially from such prime seating!

    Without a doubt, Boston Learn To Fly experiences are one-of-a-kind! Use them as a great introduction to formal pilot lessons. See an old or new city in a different way. Or even just make a few more unique memories in the City of Champions!