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Christmas Gifts for Men


Make his season unbelievably merry and bright with unique experiences from Cloud 9 Living! Our Christmas gifts for men make the perfect yuletide presents. Check out food and beer tours, ziplining, Ferrari racing, golfing with PGA Pros, rafting, flying lessons, urban excursions and more!


  • "This was a great Christmas gift to my son and I, great bonding experience and better than another sweater that does not fit."
    Codzilla Harbor Ride
    Ryan G
  • "It was Absolutely wife gave me this as a Christmas gift and I did the ride on Father's Day. I am ready to go again, maybe the wife will go to?! What an AWESOME time!! Thanks Bruce"
    Dragster Thrill Ride
    Bruce S
  • "Christmas present from my wife. Awesome experience!"
    Stock Car Ride Along - Sparta, KY
    Brad G
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    Got a guy on your hands who is hard to buy for or is a man who seems to have everything? Find unique Christmas gifts that are bound to blow his mind for years to come! Give him a holiday present that's beyond worthy of any shelf. Find one that's capable of fulfilling his biggest bucket list wishes, whether a leisurely outing or one that's laced with adrenaline. You're sure to have him rockin' around the tree in no time when he unwraps any number of Christmas gifts from Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Chicago, Boston, and dozens of other big cities across the U.S.!

    Our collection of tasty Christmas gifts for husbands, boyfriends, brothers or dads can go the distance if the way to his heart is his stomach. Mouthwatering options have never been so merry with tours featuring the likes of brewery hopping, fine wine, BBQ eats, classic city treats, Prohibition style libations, and much more. And for wining 'n' dining holiday gifts for guys that come with a romantic spin you both can enjoy — board a luxurious yacht for a gourmet brunch, lunch or dinner complete with cash bars. Looking for something that boasts some cool, cultural cuisine? Cloud 9 Living even offers authentic luau experiences in Hawaii that are sure to tantalize the taste buds!

    Searching for the perfect Christmas gifts for men who have everything? You've found 'em! And they'll come with making heart-pounding memories that will last forever. Nothing will put the 'happy' in a thrill-seeker's holiday quite like top Christmas gifts that come packed with action! Explore adrenaline-pumping excursions that he'll adore like aerobatic biplane thrill rides, fighter pilot missions, skydiving, cave spelunking, bungee jumping off the Bridge to Nowhere, kayaking, and plenty more. With adventures like these by air and H2O, it will be hard for him to suppress a hearty ho-ho-ho!

    Satisfy his need for speed with the ultimate stocking stuffer! Cloud 9 Living's race car driving experiences make awesome Christmas gifts for men who are ready to burn some rubber. Easily find a hot rod that puts a holly-jolly grin on any guy's face as he zips around the track for the adrenaline rush of his life! Choose from Christmas experiences that feature all kinds of racing on a variety of tracks across the U.S. Give him an authentic, high-speed NASCAR ride along in Dallas. Indulge his Indy car dreams on the famed Chicagoland Speedway. Let guts 'n' glory take over as he wields exotic cars like Ferraris, Porsches, and Lamborghinis on professional road courses full of hairpin turns and straightaways. Unique Christmas gifts like these are sure to be presents he will never, ever forget.

  • Santa Claus is comin' to town... and he's got a sleigh full of joys: cool Christmas gifts for men from Cloud 9 Living!

    From the tastiest holiday eats, to the most unforgettable stocking stuffer treats — give your favorite guy what men really want as holiday presents this year. Wrap up amazing gifts for him that he'll never forget... and will hope are back under the tree year after year to come.

    Invite him to brave larger-than-life adventures that make the perfect Christmas gifts for men! Get him rockin' around the Christmas tree and the race car track with an unrivaled driving experience — from driving fast 'n' flashy exotic wheels like Ferraris, to the rugged and relentless horsepower that comes with stock, Indy, and Formula 2000 cars. If a roaring river is more his speed, then nothing beats an outdoor gift for guys like white water rafting! And you can always make his dreams soar with airplane or helicopter lessons, too. Not to mention countless other types of holiday presents for him that are bound to make his heart pound!

    Santa himself will be extra-impressed when you stuff your main man's stocking (and stomach) with delicious gifts like sampling a city's famed breweries, tasty food tours, cooking classes, and creative dining experiences. For even more Christmas gift ideas for men that come with an unbeatable amount of entertainment, check out options like urban tours and our collection of great golf experience gifts!

  • True or false: finding Christmas gifts for men has never been easier. True!!

    Especially if you skip the mall and steer clear of go-to holiday gifts for guys like the typical wallet, cologne, sweater or tie. And maybe he already has more tech gadgets than he could ever use, too?

    Make shopping easy on yourself this year, with gifts for him that are just as much fun to give as they are to receive?! Gifts that won’t end up collecting dust, getting worn out, breaking, or losing a recipient’s interest.

    Quite the contrary.

    Explore Christmas gift ideas for men that come jam-packed with endless thrills, timeless memories, unique skills, unbelievable bucket list adventures, and plenty more!

    Give the gift of an experience.

    Studies continue to show that experiences make humans truly happy. They also gain added luster over time thanks to the memories associated with them, while material goods fade and their allure declines rather quickly. In fact, a health article from The New York Times once put forth the claim that “materialism is bad for your emotional well-being.” Now that isn’t the message that the spirit of the season is supposed to send, is it?

    So let’s divert the threat of such ho-humming this holiday season...

    Here are 100 top-notch experience Christmas gifts for men:

    Have a look. Check out a quick video on ho-ho-holiday gifts for him if you need some extra inspiration. And have a merry and bright shopping season, as you pick out the perfect present!

    Trips: Trips are a great way for couples to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, to reconnect and rejuvenate. In other words, they are the perfect gifts for husbands, dads or couples who are always on the go and could benefit from a breather. Depending on your holiday budget, trips can be as simple or extravagant as you wish. And either option will make for a gift he’ll remember forever.

    •     Cabin getaway in the mountains: $$$
    •     Long-weekend road trip: $$$
    •     Weekend at a ski lodge: $$$$
    •     Week at an all-inclusive resort: $$$$$
    •     Pack his bags and don’t tell him where you are going until you get to the airport (or decide together on the spot!): $$-$$$$$

    Lessons: Every man has skill sets that he plans to conquer someday. Nonchalantly engage him in a conversation about new hobbies, and discover adventure-based and educational desires that will make for unrivaled gifts for him.

    •     Ninja lessons (believe it or not, they do exist!): $$
    •     Golf lessons with a PGA Pro: $$
    •     Bull riding school: $$$
    •     Art class (photography, pottery, sculpting, woodcarving) - $-$$$$
    •     Guitar lessons: $$
    •     Learn how to drive a Ferrari: $$$
    •     Learn to fly a plane or helicopter: $$
    •     Scuba diving: $$
    •     DJ lessons: $$
    •     BBQ cooking class: $-$$$
    •     Pyrotechnic instruction: $$$
    •     Fly a hydro-powered jetpack: $$
    •     Outdoors skills class: $$$
    •     Surfing lessons: $-$$
    •     Rock climbing: $
    •     Stand-up paddleboarding: $
    •     Fencing: $$
    •     Fly fishing: $$
    •     Learn to drive a stock car: $$$

    Tickets/Memberships: From inexpensive to outright spoiling, tickets to an event are a sure way to get your man grinnin’ like a little kid on Christmas morning. Try to find a concert or show that he doesn’t even know is coming to town. And if your fine fellow is really in to an activity, memberships make great Christmas gifts for men that last all year long!

    •     Tickets to an NFL game, with possible splurging on VIP seats: $$ - $$$
    •     Gym membership: $$
    •     Concert tickets: $-$$$
    •     Personal training session(s): $$-$$$
    •     Ski/snowboard pass: $$-$$$$
    •     VIP pass to meet his favorite band/musician: $$$
    •     Tickets to a beer festival: $-$$
    •     Comedy club tickets: $
    •     Movie passes: $
    •     Tickets to classic car show: $
    •     Pass or membership to museum (science, aviation, history, etc): $-$$
    •     Monster truck rally: $
    •     X-Games tickets: $-$$
    •     MLB tickets: $-$$
    •     Wine tasting events: $-$$$
    •     Tickets to Comic Con: $$
    •     A day at the race track: $-$$$

    Activities: From adrenaline-pumping to relaxing or creative, a unique experience gift for men can satisfy a variety of fun and much-needed fixes. A gifted activity can be time for the two of you, time for himself, or time with his buddies. Either way, it will be a gift that he remembers forever.

    •     Snowball fight: free!
    •     Whiskey tasting: $
    •     Whitewater rafting: $-$$
    •     Laser tag: $
    •     Food tours: $-$$
    •     Kayaking: $-$$
    •     Bottle service at a night club: $$
    •     Harley rental: $$
    •     Hang gliding/paragliding: $$
    •     Sledding/tubing: free-$
    •     Brewery tour: $
    •     Cash to spend at the casino: $
    •     Cliff diving: free-$
    •     Bowling (complete with nachos and beer, of course): $
    •     Cross country skiing: $
    •     Gift card to his favorite restaurant: $-$$$
    •     Alternative date night- try new ethnic cuisine: $-$$
    •     Race a Porsche: $$-$$$
    •     Zip lining: $$
    •     Romantic dinner at home cooked by a personal chef for a night: $$-$$$
    •     City segway tour: $
    •     Lift ticket for a scenic gondola ride: $$
    •     Mountain biking: free-$
    •     Afternoon at the shooting range: $
    •     Snow kiting: $$$
    •     Jet skiing: $$
    •     Paintball: $
    •     Boat charter for a day, $$$-$$$$$
    •     Day at the motocross track: $$
    •     Guided hike: $
    •     Heli-skiing: $$$$$
    •     Snowmobiling: $$
    •     Skydiving: $$
    •     Weekend back packing trip: $-$$$
    •     Fighter Pilot for a Day combat mission: $$$$
    •     Make a reservation for him and his friends at his favorite sports bar: $-$$
    •     Zorbing: $
    •     Day at the theme park: $$
    •     Dune buggy ride: $$
    •     Buy fireworks for he and his buddies: $
    •     Horseback riding: $
    •     Wind surfing: $$
    •     Buy him a round of golf: $-$$
    •     Kite boarding: $$
    •     Buy him a visor and take him to play bingo: $
    •     Hunting trip: $$-$$$
    •     Afternoon at the skate park: Free-$
    •     Let him play with a bulldozer/excavator: $$$
    •     Professional, city-wide scavenger hunt: $$$$
    •     Pack up the jeep/truck for a day of ‘off-roading’: $-$$

    Gift of Favors: If you’re on a budget, the gift of favors is light on the wallet but strong on value. These Christmas gifts for men are especially perfect if your dude is in need of some relaxation. And don’t forget — when giving a gift of favors, it’s nice to add an extra touch by making a homemade certificate.

    •     Coupon book full of mini-date ideas: $
    •     Clean his car for him, inside and out: $
    •     Be his personal chef for the day: $
    •     Be his personal masseuse for the day: $
    •     Give him the day off from household chores: $
    •     Day free of the kids with the house to himself: $
    •     Free reign of the television every Sunday during playoffs: $
    •     Plan an ultra-romantic at-home dinner together: $-$$
    •     Pack up a cooler for a day at the beach, park or mountains: $




  • For the daredevil dude, nothing beats placing a heart-pounding adventure gift for him under the tree!

    Wrap up endless adrenaline rushes and put a festive bow on unparalleled action — with top Christmas gifts for men that will blow all other presents out of the water! Forget the socks, sweaters and novelty sports gear... This year, give holiday gifts for him that will kick up some sweet dust, rather than collect it!

    Cloud 9 Living has just the action-packed excursions to grant the holly-jolly bucket list wishes of any dashing, daring fellow! Get his blood pumping with invigorating excursions like rock climbing, bungee jumping, zip lining, bull riding, snowmobiling, and skydiving.

    If he's the type to find comfort and joy in the water world, send him on the ultimate H2O adventure! Christmas presents for him like surfing lessons, scuba diving classes, and kayaking tours will make a splash in a whole new way! And if he's a fan of upping the aquatic ante a bit, check out our unique holiday gifts for men that will put him in even wilder waters — like white water rafting, America's Cup sailing, and even diving with great white sharks!

    Challenge him to tackle astonishing speeds and powerful G-force by land or air, on exhilarating experiences like race car driving and flying lessons. Put him behind the wheel of some serious horsepower to make his rubber-burnin' dreams come true as he zips around a real race track!

    Got a guy who's gunnin' to explore the air up there? Take him to new heights with Christmas gifts for men that make him the master of the skies! Pop a festive bow on an aerobatic biplane thrill ride, helicopter outing, or airplane flying lesson right in the pilot's seat — all soaring high over breathtaking cityscapes, coastlines and impressive terrain.

    No matter what adventurous Christmas gifts for him get wrapped up this year, they're bound to make sure his holiday season is extra-merry!

  • Say "Happy Holidays!" with horsepower, high performance, and the fastest Christmas gifts for men ever found under the tree!

    Cloud 9 Living's remarkable fleet of engine-revving racing experiences feature both ride alongs and drives in vehicles that let participants really put the pedal to the metal! Choose from stock cars, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Audis and plenty of other exotic makes and models, on top of Indy and Formula 2000 excursions!

    Just imagine the thrill that zips through him from head to toe as he slides into a real Sprint Cup style stock car for a NASCAR ride along or drive. And the praises he'll sing at the top of his lungs when he unwraps the chance to drive a Formula 2000 car or set of exotic wheels, far out-doing any volume of carols playing at a party.

    To add to the excitement, these Christmas gifts for guys mean he will burn rubber on the very same tracks and courses raced by the professional circuits: Texas Motor Speedway, Chicagoland Motor Speedway, Pocono Raceway, Talladega Superspeedway, Homestead-Miami Speedway, and many more — so it's easy to score access to the fastest things to do in the US of A!

    If it's motorcyclin' that makes the man you know merry, send him dashing through the roads on a one- to three-day Harley Davidson rental — available for his cruising pleasure in most major cities throughout the country. Does the dude want to get a little dirty? Stuff that stocking of his with off-roading Christmas gifts for men like dirt biking classes and Land Rover outings, as well as digging and driving with bulldozers and excavators!

  • Golf experiences make a tee-rific touch to any collection of Christmas gifts for men!

    Cloud 9 Living is your one-stop shop for top golf gifts for guys this holiday season! And you better believe that they come bursting at the stocking seams with memories as bright as Christmas lights!

    Make a golf-lover's holly-jolly bucket list wish come true, as he tees up beside a real PGA pro for a lesson on the driving range. Or go a step further, inviting him to actually play a few holes with one of the masters of the course!

    Lessons typically cover fundamentals of the game such as club selection, course interpretation, obstacle navigation, swing assessment, and other valuable elements.

    For those fairway fans who prefer to play rather than practice, check out Christmas gifts for men like golf resort getaways! With several nationally ranked courses to choose from, your lucky recipient can walk in the footsteps of golf's greatest legends over the years! And as they "stay and play," they can enjoy the resorts' many luxurious amenities when they aren't teeing up.

  • Treat a lucky lad to vibrant merry-making with Christmas gifts for men that showcase a city's finest features!

    Wish him the happiest of holidays with exquisite waterfront outings! He'll admire brilliant skyline views from the decks of scenic cruises. Or as a romantic Christmas gift for your boyfriend or husband, board a luxurious ship for lunch, dinner or brunch together — featuring appetizing menus, cash bars, music entertainment, dancing and upgrade options. No matter how he wanders across the water, he'll enjoy dazzling city sights by day or night!

    For the fellow who wants to fire up his kitchen skills, Cloud 9 Living has the culinary connections to get the perfect holiday present for him cookin'! Classes like cocktail mixing, sushi rolling, wok sizzling, or private instruction from a chef make the best Christmas gifts for men who crave classy cosmopolitan fare.

    And the classes don't stop in the kitchen! Encourage him to tap into a new hobby that will prove unforgettable! Nothing will compare to the memories he makes trying cool gifts for guys like lessons in glass blowing, photography, painting or ceramics, and the art of being a real ninja.

    Does he live for exploring hot spots throughout the U.S.? Then Cloud 9 Living is your one-stop shop for fa-la-la-la-finding unique Christmas presents for him, that are far too impressive for any box! Our collection of guided city tours offers a diverse spectrum of topics: arts, culture, local history and libations, architecture, hauntings, food, best-kept secrets, and so much more.

    Without a doubt, these top Christmas gifts for men mean he's in for the happiest ho-ho-holiday season yet!