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Dallas Experiences

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Dallas offers a great selection of unique and memorable experience gifts that are perfect for your next gift giving occasion.

With experiences ranging from Corvette Thrill Rides and Flying Lessons to Yoga Classes and Indoor Rock Climbing, you are sure to find an incredible Dallas experience gift guaranteed to please anyone on your list.

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  • Explore the many things to do in Dallas in a brand new way!

    There's much more to Dallas than may initially meet the eye — making it one of America's major cities that's deserving of exploration from the inside and out, top to bottom!

    While oil is certainly one claim to fame of the area, that's not the only fuel that keeps locals and visitors going — folks are wild about fueling up on the Dallas food scene! Dallas boasts more restaurants per capita than even NYC, making for quite the mouth-watering menu to enjoy. And speaking of 'water,' the city's scrumptious selection even includes wining and dining aboard the exquisite luxury of private gondolas, along the serene shores of Mandalay Canal and Lake Carolyn.

    There's no doubt that this major hub of Texas sports some impressive entertainment for the masses, especially when it comes to football. But it's also the proud playing field for an array of outdoor things to do in Dallas.

    For starters, there's ample opportunity to explore D-Town from high in the sky! Take a freefall from a plane and cross skydiving off of a bucket list. Enjoy a peaceful float over rolling landscape in a hot air balloon ride. Put your piloting skills to the test, learning to fly an airplane or helicopter and soaring over renowned Dallas attractions!

    Want to live up to the namesake of the acclaimed football team? There's no better way than to cowboy-up with a real bull riding school! And for those who prefer to ride a hog on the open road instead, check out Dallas experience gifts like Harley Davidson rental options.

    The sweet rides don't stop there! Adrenaline enthusiasts will delight in action and adventure by land and by air, with unforgettably fun things to do in Dallas and the surrounding areas — like racecar driving at the Texas Motor Speedway and tearing up the Texan skies on a real fighter pilot mission!

    Want to go a little more low-key with Dallas attractions? Indulge in the hospitality and health of relaxing spa treatments. Or unwind on lush fairways with Cloud 9 Living's collection of unique golf outings available in the surrounding area. Typically available all year, thanks to the accommodating climate of Dallas, players can enjoy a round at their leisure, or even tee up beside a real PGA Pro to polish up their game!

  • Burn rubber with one of the hottest Dallas attractions around!

    One of the most memorable things to do in Dallas is a visit to the infamous Texas Motor Speedway. But don't just take a stroll and a snapshot. Hop in a real stock car take a real racing lap (or several) around it — just like the NASCAR pros!

    Cloud 9 Living's Dallas driving experiences offer the unique opportunity to make memories on the 1.5-mile oval of hot asphalt at speeds of 120+ MPH, in a real Sprint Cup Series style stock car.

    And the hype goes far beyond pit road, making it an absolute "must" when it comes to things to do in Dallas! Enjoy the full racing atmosphere — concessions, exclusive spectator seating, photo ops, cheering crowds, revving engines, excited anticipation, exhaust-scented air, and checkered flags waving with the roar of horsepower-hungry cars!

    Get a first-hand feel for how the pros handle the race track, sitting shotgun in a racecar that thunders around the track at unfathomable speeds! Stock car ride alongs at the Texas Motor Speedway are the perfect Dallas experience gift, allowing for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to buckle up and hang on tight as a professional driver unleashes a stock car's full potential on the track's curves and straightaways.

    Have a desire to do the driving yourself? Take a lean, mean, stock-racin' machine for a spin! Suit up in driving gear, get trained up, then hop behind the wheel of a stock car! Prep for the pedal-to-the-metal session with a thorough drivers' orientation — learn about the track's geography, driving lines, car mechanics, communication techniques, safety protocol, and much more.

    Indy car racing fans can satisfy their need for speed at Texas Motor Speedway, too! Cloud 9 Living's Dallas experience gifts include heart-pounding Indy excursions similar to stock car options. Participants enjoy the exhilaration of the car's open cockpit and unique frame and wheel structure, burning rubber around the track on ride alongs or drives.

    Of all the Dallas activities out there, there's no thrill quite like the one that comes with the Texas Motor Speedway — and no memories quite like those of fast cars and freedom.

  • Discover unforgettable things to do in Dallas this weekend by air!

    Want an undeniably incredible way to explore D-Town? Go sky-high on a Dallas flying experience with Cloud 9 Living!

    A generous variety of air ventures are available, offering everything from sensational adventures and surges of adrenaline, to serene rides over Dallas attractions and scenic aerial tours to encounter the air up there.

    There are plenty of things to do in Dallas that get the heart racing, and this is one of them! Sweep a special someone right off his or her feet with a date unlike any other — on a picturesque aerial tour of the city and surrounding landscapes! Enjoy air time full of indescribable tranquility, breathtaking views, and majestic colors above and below. A Dallas experience gift like this is guaranteed to get the heart jumping and a-pumping for joy!

    Hunting for an airborne adrenaline rush? The search is over! Brave a 13,500-foot airplane ascent, stand at the edge of an open door, then leave inhibition behind, tandem skydiving into fresh air and freedom for the ultimate flight! Enjoy an unparalleled view of renowned Dallas attractions, urban landscapes and countryside during an unforgettable 60-second freefall.

    Prefer to stay inside the aircraft? In addition to scenic tours, check out Cloud 9 Living's collection of high-flying piloting lessons in the Dallas area. From private planes to helicopters, and even authentic fighter pilot missions that come loaded with dogfights, laser "ammo," and side-by-side cockpit coaching — the sky's the limit when it comes to air-venturous things to do in Dallas!

  • Make the most of tee-rific things to do in Dallas!

    Explore some of the 'greener' parts of Dallas and its surrounding areas with golf outings from Cloud 9 Living!

    Whether you're searching for the best sort of Dallas experience gift for a favorite golf guru, or are hoping to spend some time on the fairway for yourself, there's something awaiting every skill set on the course — from 'very first timers' to veterans.

    Cross off a bucket list item and enjoy a one-on-one lesson with a real PGA Pro — either on the practice range or out for a round on the course! Practice range lessons are customized to fit any level of golfer. After an initial consultation to address personal golf goals, the PGA Pro assesses various aspects of the student's current golf game, tailoring a lesson that is the perfect balance of enjoyable and effective. Topics covered during instruction typically include equipment, stance and posture, club grip, swing, short game techniques (pitching, chipping and putting), course navigation, and ball flight interpretation.

    For a unique spin on unforgettable things to do in Dallas this weekend, a playing lesson with a PGA Pro is the way to go! Take any level of current skill to the fairway for a side-by-side playing lesson. Tackle as many holes together on the course as the instruction time allows for, receiving on- the-spot verbal advice and visual demos from your professional playing buddy.

    Looking for a leisurely way to unwind? Take a break from mainstream Dallas attractions, and make way for a golf getaway to Barton Creek instead! Bask in the comfort of the luxurious resort, and enjoy the challenge posed by its elite, nationally-ranked golf courses.

    For additional information about golf experiences available in Texas, check out our national list of courses and PGA instructors. With Dallas experience gifts like these, making great golfing memories is a breeze.