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From the romance of a hot air balloon ride to the thrill of flying a fighter plane, our air experiences will bring you up to, and through Cloud 9.

Cloud 9 Living Has A Flying Gift For Everyone

There are so many ways to enjoy the skies, and Cloud 9 Living makes it possible for you to send a lucky gift recipient up in the air multiple ways with our awesome list of flying experience gifts.


Which kind of flying adventure are you looking for?  Check out some amazing options:


Fighter Pilot For A DayBe A Fighter Pilot For A Day

This is one of our best selling experiences, and for good reason.  Imagine the look on his face when he opens up a Cloud 9 Living Gift Pack and realizes you've just given him a day actually flying a fighter in aerial combat!


That's right: with this experience your gift recipient will take a Marschetti SIAI aircraft aloft and actually man the controls while searching for, engaging, and locking opposing aircraft in real time.  You'll ride with a flight instructor who will ensure your safety at all times, but make no mistake: how you fly the aircraft is 100% up to you.


This experience available in: New York, New Jersey, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, and Atlanta plus three locations in Florida, five locations in the Midwest, and three locations in the Southeast!

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Learnt To Fly A PlaneLearn To Fly

If you know someone who has always dreamed of being a pilot, then we've got the perfect gift for them!  Cloud 9 Living offers learn to fly experiences all over the U.S., and each one gives your gift recipient the chance to actually fly a plane on their first trip up.


We work with Best In Class flight schools at municipal and regional airports across the country and the reviews from past gift recipients has been overwhelmingly positive.  It's never too late for you to learn how to master the skies, and there's no kind of freedom quite like the feeling of cruising aloft at the controls of a plane.


And if hovering is more your speed, Cloud 9 Living has you covered there too!  That's right, we also offer Learn To Fly A Helicopter experiences in multiple locations all over the U.S.!  Just click the link below to find an experience in your area.Learn To Fly A Helicopter


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For those who view going up in planes as merely a means to an end, Cloud 9 Living has the perfect gift.  After all, true flying only happens after your gift recipient has jumped out of the plane, right?


With skydiving experiences from top organizations all over the U.S., we can make even the most hardcore adrenaline junkie hold their breath with either a Tandem or Accelerated Freefall skydiving experience!

Indoor Skydiving


And if you (or a lucky gift recipient you know) would love to experience the sensation of falling through air without actually having to jump from a plane at altitude, why not try an Indoor Skydiving experience?  That's right: just you, a wind tunnel, and a five foot drop instead of 5,000.  You'll be flying in no time!

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Hang Gliding

Do you know someone who's looking for the sensation of fixed wing flight but without the buzz of Hang Glidingmotors?  There's something amazingly peaceful about gliding through the air with nothing but the wind in your ears.


Cloud 9 Living offers several hang gliding and paragliding experiences, so if you or someone you know has an adventurous spirit and a hankering for flying in its purest and most peaceful form, a hang gliding experience gift from Cloud 9 Living is just the thing!

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Scenic Aerial Tours

Scenic Aerial ToursThere's visiting a place, and then there's visiting a place from the air.  If you really want to get to know some of this country's most beautiful locations then a scenic tour in a classic biplane is the perfect way to do it.  There's something special about gazing down on beautiful country from the back of an original flying machine: it gives an entirely new perspective while creating a completely relaxing experience.


And for those looking for something with a little more zip, Cloud 9 Living also offers aerobatic rides, where a professional pilot takes your lucky gift recipient on the ride of a lifetime, including loop-the-loops, dives, and much more.

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