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Give the Gift of Flight. Soar in silence on a breathtaking flight and let your cares melt away as you experience the purest form of flying possible in a motor-less sailplane. To ensure your loved one has the best experience, we vet all our experience providers to make sure they are safe and awesome.

Featured Reviews:

  • Aerobatic Glider Ride

  • 5

  • San Diego

"I had a GREAT time. The only downside is that I wish it lasted longer. Though, I understand that the flight was a little shorter because we were doing a lot of tricks that caused our altitude to drop more quickly. Perhaps starting at a slightly higher altitude would help. Other than that, I had an amazing experience. My pilot was able to perform a number of great maneuvers of up to 4 G's and we were even able to chase a red tailed hawk! I would definitely want to do this again!"

  • Scenic Glider Ride

  • 5

  • Denver

"This was an 80th birthday present to my father, who has been a retired airline pilot for 20 years. The young man who took him on the glider ride wasn't even born when my dad retired, but demonstrated such courtesy and professionalism. Dad is still smiling from the ride, and is considering getting his sailplane rating as a result of the outstanding experience he had for his birthday. Thank you for making it special."

  • Glider Ride and Flying Lesson

  • 5

  • Orange County

"This was just too much fun. It was a new experience, and I learned a lot about gliding and dispelled some of the myths I had. My guide/pilot was a delightful young man who knew his stuff. It is also beautiful up there! Everyone should try it once in their lives. I for one, would go back for more!"

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