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New York Dinner and Lunch Cruises

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Our New York Dining Cruises make for truly unique gifts they're sure to remember forever.

Cloud 9 Living's experience gifts are the perfect solution for anyone on your list and are guaranteed to bring a smile to your gift recipient's face.

Create a memory. Give the gift of experience!

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  • Take fine dining off-shore with Cloud 9 Living's collection of New York dinner cruises and more!

    From simple to chic, recreational to romantic, head to the harbor to admire Manhattan in entirely new ways. An array of NYC cruises featuring unique dining opportunities await both visitors and locals alike.

    So double your dining out delight with NY dinner cruises and lunch outings in 'The City So Nice They Named It Twice'! Board a luxurious ship and embark on one of the most memorable New York experiences around.

    For a casual but classy afternoon the water, relaxed NYC cruises for lunch are ready to set sail. Guests will delight in unlimited trips to the impressive yacht's grande buffet, as well as cash bars, plenty of dancing, dazzling city sights, and DJ entertainment just waiting to take your top rug-cuttin' requests.

    Celebrate a special occasion with an evening of entertainment aboard a New York Dinner Cruise. Enjoy all of the incredible amenities featured aboard the lunch cruise, with the addition of a dazzling night skyline and the breathtaking sparkle of city lights on the Manhattan horizon.

    Add an extra splash of elegance to lunch and dinner cruises from NY aboard the Bateaux — a most exquisite ship, specially designed for fine dining, entertaining, and unrivaled sightseeing. Boasting floor-to-ceiling windows, each seat allows for magnificent 180-degree views of Manhattan. Gourmet Dinner Cruises and formal lunch outings enjoyed on the breathtaking vessel include enticing plated meals, private seating, and dancing. The romantic ambiance of a soothing vocalist accompanied by an acoustic trio (showcasing a baby grand piano, bass, and jazz guitar) adds a touch of chic entertainment to the ship's already intimate dining atmosphere.

    Upgrade packages are also available on various cruises, for a touch that will make your time on the water even more memorable. These typically include extras like complementary beverages, champagne and keepsake flutes, chocolates, and guaranteed window-seating.

    And taste buds aren't the only thing that will be tantalized when it comes to Cloud 9 Living's cruises from NY. Remarkable lunches or dinners on a boat in New York also double wonderfully as NYC sightseeing cruises! Take in some of Manhattan's most magnificent sights from the distinguished decks of the ships. Learn fascinating facts about historical hot spots and renowned landmarks like Staten Island, the Statue of Liberty, Governor's Island, and the Brooklyn Bridge — all amid the awe-inspiring views of the city's skyline.

    All in favor of leaving the concrete jungle behind for a bit to enjoy unforgettable outings on NY cruises say, "Aye, aye, Cloud 9 Living!" That's what we thought — welcome aboard!

  • Sail into life's most cherished moments with unique NY cruises!

    Enjoy some of Manhattan's most marvelous getaways aboard New York sailing outings. From a foodie's favorite fare to fun city facts, there's something to put a joyful wind in the sails of both locals and visitors!

    For a unique twist on New York dinner cruises, indulge in a savory Lobster and Beer Lovers Sail aboard the NYC's only tall ship. Gracefully glide past remarkable landmarks on one of the most majestic vessels in the Hudson River. The 158' vessel (with masts rising a breathtaking 120' above the ship's deck) certainly raises the bar for cruises from NY.

    Or traverse the waters on a remarkable 105' schooner, the America 2.0, for a Sushi and Sake Sunset Sail amid the unrivaled backdrop of the cityscape.

    Take NYC sightseeing cruises above and beyond typical 'tourist' fanfare. Soak up the sights and sounds of The Big Apple from the serenity of a 1929 vintage sailboat deck! Enjoy fascinating narrations of the city, paired with history, fun facts, or even samples of fine wine, delectable cheeses, craft beers, chocolates, and whiskey.

    Add a hint of romance to your day with evening sails that showcase New York's shimmering sunsets, dazzling harbor lights, or the playful and classy ambiance of a live local jazz band. And if celebrating a special occasion or the end of the work day is more the name of your NY cruise game, don't miss fun outings like happy hour cruises and luxury yacht parties!

    No matter how you choose to take to the water, there's no denying it… When it comes to New York dinner cruises, sailing outings and beyond, "eat, drink and be merry" takes on a whole new meaning when the grand allure of The Big Apple is captured from the deck of a ship, making for unparalleled New York experiences.