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New York Learn to Fly Experiences

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Our New York Learn to Fly Experiences make for truly unique gifts they're sure to remember forever.

Cloud 9 Living's experience gifts are the perfect solution for anyone on your list and are guaranteed to bring a smile to your gift recipient's face.

Create a memory. Give the gift of experience!

  • Soar like never before with New York learn to fly experiences!

    Embrace entirely new elevations with flying lessons in New York! Whether a big dream means the pilot's seat of a biplane, or right behind the controls in the cockpit of a helicopter — Cloud 9 Living has the aerial connections to take lifelong memories up, up and away!

    Learn how to fly a Piper Archer biplane with one of the most reputable flight schools in NY. Join an FAA certified flight instructor for a brief ground orientation and pre-flight check, preparing for take-off! Then buckle up and get ready for the flight of a lifetime.

    The flight instructor will take care of the taxi and take-off; once cruising altitude is reached, the controls are all yours! This unique, one-on-one airplane lesson provides a great introduction to the fundamentals of flying with on-the-spot instruction. Not to mention the breathtaking scenery below is unbeatable! As your NY flying lesson comes to an end, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as the pilot takes care of the landing.

    Dreaming of wings of a different sort? Try a New York learn to fly experience in a helicopter! Discover the basics behind straight and level flights, vertical climbs, drops, and hovering in a Robinson R-44. A short helicopter lesson on the ground will provide all the necessary info needed to hop behind the controls for an unforgettable hands-on experience!

    From seasoned pilots looking for a new aircraft model to try, to novices wanting to take to new heights to learn how to fly for the first time — Cloud 9 Living's New York Learn to Fly experiences offer sky-high fun for everyone!