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Seattle Learn to Fly Experiences

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Our Seattle Learn to Fly Experiences make for truly unique gifts they're sure to remember forever.

Cloud 9 Living's experience gifts are the perfect solution for anyone on your list and are guaranteed to bring a smile to your gift recipient's face.

Create a memory. Give the gift of experience!

  • Seattle's Learn To Fly experiences from Cloud 9 Living are your ticket to sitting in the pilot's seat!

    So you want to learn how to fly? Roger that! Seattle is one of the most beautiful places to find out what it takes to make pilot training dreams come true.

    Experience the freedom of flight aboard a Piper Warrior aircraft, with an FAA certified instructor to guide you. Kick off the air-venture by engaging in a brief ground orientation, covering the fundamentals of aviation and the aircraft. Then assist with the pre-flight inspection, strap in, and prepare for take-off!

    Once cruising altitude is reached, the airplane lesson really begins — the plane's controls are all yours for hands-on training covering skills like ascending, descending and turning. Bring a friend (or two!) along as passengers, as you learn to fly over iconic Seattle sights like downtown, Mount Rainier, the Space Needle, Snoqualmie Falls, and plenty more!

    Are your aviation ambitions full of helicopters like the Robinson R22 or R44? Make them a reality with Cloud 9 Living's Learn To Fly a Helicopter experience! A ground training gets you ready to start up the engine and soar. Learn how to fly vertically, horizontally, hover, and more — right from the pilot's seat, and in the good company of an FAA certified instructor. Savor the unparalleled sensation of being airborne, as well as the unbeatable views of downtown Seattle!

    Take things to do in Seattle to new heights with these unforgettable outings from Cloud 9 Living!