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Don't know what to buy this year? Doesn't matter if it's your husband or mom - skip the boring sweater! We have tons of experiences ranging from NASCAR Stock Car Ride Alongs to relaxing Spa Packages. There is something for everyone and every budget. Plus, they're 100% refundable and exchangeable.

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Featured Reviews:

  • Tomales Bay Kayak Tour

  • 5

"I would like to do a family kayaking trip since this one was so much fun. "

  • Best of Brooklyn Food Tour

  • 4-half

"It was a great day in New York and Laurie was fun and knowledgeable. It was just the right amount of time to get a good variety of tastes in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. The day was so nice we walked back across the Brooklyn Bridge. Thanks for a great excursion. "

  • Drive a Stock Car

  • 5

"It was an excellent day. Great training, great instructor and the experience on the track was excellent."

The Top 10 Reasons To Give A Unique Christmas Gift This YearTop Christmas Gifts

Every Christmas we hunt for the perfect gift, and in that hunt we have to balance shopping time available vs. cost vs. finding a gift that will make December 25th a truly magical time for friends and family.

Fortunately, Cloud 9 Living is dedicated to providing the top Christmas gifts you'll find anywhere - and that's not just coming from us.  A quick read of the testimonials given by hundreds of satisfied customers (a few are available in the Featured Reviews section above) will surely help convince you that an experience gift is the way to go.


Still not convinced?  That's OK, because we've put together 10 reasons why a Cloud 9 Living gift is the best gift around:


1)  Things are temporary.  Memories last a lifetime!  At first glance it may seem counterintuitive, but think about it: objects rarely last an entire lifetime.  The things we carry with us forever are the memories we love and cherish.  Cloud 9 Living's mission is to change the way people give gifts by changing the focus from things to moments, because moments become memories, and memories are eternal.


2)  A Christmas gift from Cloud 9 Living is totally unique.  Who would expect a food tour, or a hot air balloon ride, or a day driving a Ferrari?  The best part about giving an experience gift is just how unexpected that gift will be when your lucky recipient opens a Cloud 9 Living gift pack on Christmas The Cloud 9 Living Gift Packmorning!


3)  Speaking of the Cloud 9 Living gift pack...  Have you seen one?  When you buy a Cloud 9 Living experience and gift it to someone you love we'll send them a beautiful tri-fold with a personalized message from you and a picture of the experience you've chosen from them!  Alternatively, you can opt to email your experience gift and make things instantaneous.


4)  Cloud 9 Living gifts are 100% refundable and exchangeable.  How nice is it to give a gift knowing your recipient can customize things according to their particular tastes?  Making your Christmas stress-free is exactly what we're all about.  We are happy to provide a 100% refund for any experience gift within 30 days of purchase.  Even better, any gift you give can be exchanged by your gift recipient for any other experience on our website!


5)  These gifts are downright cool.  Let's see... spa packages, food tours, sailing, adventures: yep, all available right here.  Be a fighter pilot for a day, go hang gliding, drive a NASCAR stock car or a Ferrari or a Lamborghini: that's right, all available right here at Cloud 9 Living.  Inspire some truly WOW moments this Christmas by giving friends and family a truly different kind of gift.


6)  Cloud 9 Living only works with "Best In Class" experience providers.  That's right: we've taken the time to find the best of the best, and by that we don't mean the latest guy to offer a deal in a city near you.  Our experience providers are established businesses with top reviews, lots of satisfied customers, and an experienced service staff.  You're not taking a chance when you gift a Cloud 9 Living experience!

Christmas Gifts

7)  We offer more than 1,800 experiences in 46 regions across the U.S.  Cloud 9 Living has something for everyone, and we are confident we can say that because we've spent 8 years building a catalog of amazing - and amazingly diverse - experiences in just about every nook and cranny in this great country.  To find out what's available near you, or to see what's within easy access for your gift recipient, simply select your region above and start discovering!


8)  Experience gifts will cut your Christmas shopping time.  Hey, we know: it's the holidays!  There's always so much to do that shopping for that perfect gift can seem incredibly difficult.  We make that part so easy you'll be knitting cheesy sweaters in no time.  Our website is divided by region and experience type, which means all you have to do is select a place, then select a gift category, and BAM - dozens of awesome experiences will pop right up for you.


9)  Speaking of saving time...  How about a Cloud 9 Living Gift Certificate?  This is not your average plastic card from a big box store folks.  With one of these certificates you will place your lucky gift recipient in a virtual playground of amazing possibilities...the only problem for them will be choosing exactly which experience to enjoy!


Changing How Christmas Gifts Are Given

10)  Together, we can change how gifts are given.  We've already mentioned that we take our mission very seriously: changing how gifts are given is kind of a big deal, and it really does mean the world to us.  Think about it: if you give someone an experience this year instead of an object, maybe that person will give someone else an experience next year, and so on.  Before we know it, we'll all be creating lasting and beautiful memories for each other every Christmas!

The Best Christmas Gifts For Men

Christmas Gifts For Men

We've taken the time to put together a truly stunning list of unique gift ideas for any man in your life, whether it be Father, Husband, Brother, Son, Friend - whatever!  Whoever is lucky enough to get an experience gift from you this year will surely remember it for years to come.

Check out Christmas Gifts For Men!

Totally Unique Gifts For HerChristmas Gifts For Women

We haven't forgotten about the ladies!  From relaxing spa packages to indulgent food tours, spectacular balloon rides to heart-pumping adventures, there's something for every kind of woman of any age!  Go ahead, do something different this Christmas and check out an experience gift.

Check out Christmas Gifts For Women!