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Gift Ideas For Men

Cloud 9 Living has gifts for men that guys really want! Celebrate a favorite fellow with unique gift ideas for him like race car driving, golf lessons with PGA Pros, flying lessons, outdoor adventures, food & beer tours, & much more. Our experience gifts for guys are guaranteed to make his day unforgettable.

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Explore thousands of top gifts for men who have everything, that will leave him forgetting nothing!

Guys can be the toughest crowd to buy for. But lucky for you, Cloud 9 Living loves a good challenge. So we’ve already found great gift ideas for him that make gift-giving easier than ever! With 2,000+ experiences to choose from across the U.S., find the gifts that men actually want — suited for every occasion, interest, personality type, or hobby.

Got a golf lover on your hands? Make his biggest birthday or anniversary wishes come true on emerald-green fairways. Our golf gifts for him are sure to get any guy grinning from ear to ear, with options like resort getaways on renowned championship courses across the country. Or invite him to take his game to the next level, thanks to exclusive instruction from a real PGA Pro. Whether he tees up on the driving range or plays a few holes, experience gifts for men like these are guaranteed to be the ‘par-fect’ way to commemorate a special day.

Is he a bucket list buff? Holidays and other special occasions are the best time to push the limits of his bravery with adventurous gifts for him! Dare him to take the ultimate plunge with outings like skydiving and bungee jumping. Get his adrenaline pumping behind the wheel of a real race car or burnin’ rubber with a flashy exotic car. Have him defy gravity on an aerobatic biplane thrill ride. Or head to the H2O for as much action on the water as he can handle with cool gift ideas for guys like surfing, kayaking, and white water rafting!

Know a fellow who’s a jack of all trades? Add to his growing repertoire of interests! With outstanding gifts for him in the hottest urban areas of the country, he can unwrap awesome outings like city sightseeing and boat rides, food and beer tastings, aerial tours and lessons on how to fly an airplane, art or photography classes, cooking instruction, and plenty of other ways to feed his hobby-hungry appetite!

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, planning a unique date, or just looking for fun things to do in a favorite part of the U.S. — these are the best gifts for men who have everything, and for those guys love going after once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

For the man whose motto is "eat, drink and be merry," Cloud 9 Living has perfectly delicious gift ideas for him!

Make any man's heart just as happy as his stomach with an array of tasty tours, cruises, and classes. With countless experiences to choose from across the U.S.'s finest cities, it's easy to find a mouthwatering gift for your favorite man!

Cheers to a special occasion or simply delight him with a unique date night on the water. A dinner, lunch or brunch cruise on a scenic bay, river or harbor makes for much more than just a meal. So when it comes to cool gifts for guys, this one takes the cake! Dining cruise options vary across location, but amenities may include choices like: plated cuisine, buffet service, cash bars, DJ entertainment, live music, public seating, and private tables. Want to explore more options on the water? Check out a beer or wine tasting sail, or light hors d'oeuvres aboard a boat ride at sunset.

Further tantalize his taste buds with unique gift ideas for him like food tours! He'll find out what's cookin' in kitchens across the U.S., with topics like renowned restaurants, fascinating histories, best-kept cocktail secrets, cheese, chocolates, cultural influences, craft beers, local bites, and so on. Whether he's a local or just visiting a new neck o' the woods, these urban tours are nothing short of the most mouthwatering gifts for men a city has to offer!

Need a few more 'menu' options for a favorite male foodie? Cloud 9 Living's collection of in-home chef experiences and culinary classes make great gifts for him! From chocolate-making to sushi-rolling, simple appetizers to more elaborate entrees, wine-pairings and more — he'll learn the tricks of a tasty trade straight from the professionals themselves! And it's safe to say his palate will be pretty pleased, too.

So whip up some gourmet gift-giving and fire-up some tasty treats for a favorite guy… because these gift ideas for him are sure to make memories that will last longer than any barbeque stain on a white t-shirt!

Nothing makes a guy's heart race quite like Cloud 9 Living's adventure gifts for men!

Knock a few items off a fellow's bucket list! Our adrenaline-filled experience gifts provide a plethora of dashing and daring excursions by land, water and air! They're guaranteed to give even the biggest thrill-seeker the fix of a lifetime — along with plenty of memories to boot.

Want to really  put a guy 'on cloud nine'? Cool gifts for him like flying lessons and aerial tours will do just that! Invite him to spread his wings with unforgettable experiences that are the perfect way to wish him well for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, holiday, or other special occasion. Gifts for guys like learning to fly a helicopter or airplane put him in control of the actual aircraft! He'll learn the ins and outs of aviation during a brief ground instruction, then take to the pilot's seat for himself. Does he crave some G-force in the air up there? Give him a healthy dose of it with air-ventures like combat missions and aerobatic thrill rides.

Maybe you need a gift for the man who's always going after a new H2O excursion. Challenge him to tackle waves, ride rapids, and encounter nautical beasts with top gifts for him that offer plenty of aquatic-adrenaline and smiles. With lessons and guided tours for kayaking, snorkeling, flying jetpacks, whale watching, white water rafting, surfing, scuba diving, sportfishing, and more — Cloud 9 Living has plenty of wet 'n' wild gifts guys will love!

If he's the type to thrive on drier dares, there are lots of ways to make it a double. Check out unique outdoor adventure gifts for him like bungee jumping, rock climbing, zip lining, skydiving, mountain biking, and cave spelunking. Or tempt him straight into the driver's seat of the planet's fastest vehicles, making all of his extreme MPH and race car driving dreams come true!

Not quite sure how to satisfy his bucket list hunger? Sometimes the best gifts for men are those that let them choose their own kind of action — like Cloud 9 Living Gift Certificates!

Put your favorite fellow into the car of his dreams with driving gift ideas for him from Cloud 9 Living!

Whether it's a husband, boyfriend, brother, boss or friend — nearly everyone knows a guy who loves to rock a lil' lead foot. If that's the name of his game, his ticket to fast cars and freedom is here! Take him where speed limits don't exist with great gifts for men like driving exotic cars, dragsters, stock and Indy cars, motorcycles, and more.

For the man who can't get enough "flashy" with the fast, it's high time to get him behind the wheel of the world's most prestigious vehicles. With options including (but not limited to) Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Nissan GT-Rs, Corvettes and Porsches — there isn't a need for speed that these awesome racing gifts for guys can't satisfy. He'll enjoy top-notch coaching from a professional driver as he zips along the straights and hairpin turns of a competitive road course, to ensure only the most impressive performance!

If he prefers horsepower that's a bit more rugged as it rumbles around a track, then there's no better gift idea for him than slipping into the driver's seat of an authentic stock car. After a formal training session, he'll suit up and speed out of pit road for the most memorable miles of his life! Is he a bigger fan of open-wheel vehicles? Then gifts for men like driving dragsters, Indy cars or Formula 2000 vehicles will be the best way for him to burn rubber, on the very same tracks raced by the professional circuits themselves.

Of course, nearly all race car driving experience gifts also offer the option of ride alongs. He can buckle up for one of the most exhilarating adrenaline rushes of his life, as a pro driver rockets him around the track with mind-blowing MPHs and G-force! Not sure if he'd prefer to ride or drive? No need to decide — combo packages are often available, so that this cool gift for men gives him the very best of both wow-factors!

And for the motorcycle man with dirt bike adventures or a Harley Davidson rental on his must-have list, Cloud 9 Living can get him puttin' the pedal to the metal with two wheels in no time!