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Our driving experiences make the perfect gift for that loved one who just can't get enough speed on civilian highways. The best part about our experiences is the sheer variety you can choose from. Drive a stock car, an exotic car like a Ferrari, or even a dragster.

What Kind Of Car Do You Want To Drive?

Cloud 9 Living makes it possible to drive... very fast.  Our driving experiences make the perfect gift for that friend or family member who just can't seem to get enough speed on civilian highways.  The best part about our experiences is the sheer variety you can choose from.


Drive A Stock Car

Drive A NASCAR Stock Car Experience

How does racing a Sprint Cup-style NASCAR stock car around a premier racetrack grab you?  This is a natural and perfect gift for even the most casual of race fans, but don't think for a second that anyone who loves to go fast won't jump at the chance to feel a souped-up 600 horsepower engine roaring under their feet at full throttle.

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Race A Ferrari

Yes, you can treat yourself or give the gift of a lifetime to the Ferrari fan in your life with one of Cloud 9 Living's amazing racing experiences on one of 8 closed courses all over the U.S.

But did you know you can also choose the kind of Ferrari you want to race?  That's right: whoa.

Race The Ferrari F430The Ferrari F430

According to Ferrari's website, "Every inch of the car was inspired by the engineering research carried out at Ferrari's Gestione Sportiva F1 Racing Division."  That's right, the F430 is made to race like a Formula 1 car but lives in the body of a classic V8 exotic car. You can't go wrong putting yourself, your favorite family member or friend behind the wheel of this superbly engineered machine!

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Race A Ferrari 458 Italia ExperienceThe Ferrari 458 Italia

With over 30 international awards for performance and design, the 458 Italia is a standout car even among the Ferrari family of standout exotic cars.  There's really only one thing left for you to do: get out on a closed, professional track and see what happens when you punch the gas pedal!

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Race A Lamborghini Gallardo

Race A Lamborghini Gallardo Experience

This supercar was made to go fast, and whoever is lucky enough to try this experience from Cloud 9 Living is going to remember the thrill of driving a Gallardo for a long time to come.

Just as we've got choices for Ferrari, we've got choices on the kind of Lamborghini you can race as well!  

The LP 560-4 is a fresh design on the body of the classic Gallardo.  That means this car has all the power and performance of the original with an updated face. 

The LP 570-4 is a gearhead's supercar dream.  This Gallardo adheres to a higher standard of design specifications and is lighter and faster (if that's even possible!) than any other in the Gallardo family. This car was made for racing and racing is precisely what it does.

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Race An Indy Car ExperienceRace An Indy Car

Well, the racing purist will certainly be blown away by this experience.  This racing school was started by the great Mario Andretti himself, and if there's a better way to feel pure, unadulterated power on four wheels we sure haven't heard of it.

Of course, any driving enthusiast would be equally amazed by the sheer speed of these Indy style race cars, and that means you can really blow someone's socks off when you give them this experience and they get a ticket to drive a machine that was built for no other reason than to go fast.  Very, very fast.

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Hey, we understand.  There's just as much thrilling fun to be had riding shotgun in some of the world's fastest cars.  And you get the chance to really take in the action as it happens instead of trying to focus on accelerating, steering, and braking.

Even better: a professional driver will show you how to push that car to its performance limit, which means you'll see what racing is really all about.

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Ride Along In A NASCAR Stock Car

Ride In An Indy Car

Ride In An Exotic Car

Ride In A Stock Car Ride In An Indy Car Ride In An Exotic Car


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