• Father's Day Gift Ideas

Unique Father's Day Gifts

With 1900+ larger-than-life experiences offered nationwide, Cloud 9 Living makes saying "thank you" with cool Father's Day gifts more exciting and memorable than ever! Choose from a variety of experiences including race car driving, golf lessons, real fighter pilot missions, skydiving, and much more!

  • Flight Fan
  • Auto Enthusist
  • Golf Guru
  • Adventure Seeker
  • Food Lover
  • Urban Explorer
  • Social Sipper
  • Zen Master
  • Smooth Sailer

Find the best Father's Day gifts for your main man!

Father's Day gifts_fighter pilot experience gifts for himCloud 9 Living's remarkable collection of gifts for husbands come loaded with not only a whole lot of "happy," but also a good deal of adrenaline, appetizing eats, and urban appeal.

Get your favorite fellow's engine really  revving with great gifts for guys that provide him with endless ways to 'play.' Let him burn rubber with exotic and stock car racing — not to mention Indy, Formula 2000 and dragster experiences.

Check out air outings that put him right into the pilot's seat of an unforgettable flight — flying a plane or helicopter! Or add even more action to the airborne rush with the ultimate fighter pilot mission in a real Marchetti SF260 jet!

Entertain his inner outdoorsman, with cool Father's Day gifts that get him making the most of what Mother Nature has to offer — hiking, scuba diving, rock climbing, rafting, and much more!

Looking for a date-like way to celebrate his big day together? Cloud 9 Living's assortment of city tours make the perfect gift for men residing in or near almost every major metropolis in the U.S. The two of you can enjoy an urban excursion featuring intriguing topics such as art, history, entertainment, architecture, hauntings, food and beverages, breweries and vineyards, local culture, sightseeing, happenin' hot spots, monuments, mysteries, and more tours galore!

Or celebrate with a spark that leaves a lasting impression when it comes to unique Father's Day gifts — hop aboard a lunch, dinner, or champagne brunch cruise. Enjoy stunning views of the surrounding shorelines and cityscapes while strolling along the ship's deck. Delight in gourmet dishes and cash bar amenities. Sway to the relaxing rhythm of live music, or cut a rug as a DJ spins crowd-pleasing beats. Add a touch of intimate ambiance to the boat ride by taking advantage of upgrade options like First-Class and Romance packages that come with perks like complimentary drinks, chocolates and private seating.

With gifts for husbands like these, it's exciting and easy to treat your main man to his most memorable Father's Day festivities yet!


Need unique Father's Day gifts for a bucket list buff?

father's day gift ideas_adventure gifts for himWe know it can be tough to shop for the man who seems to have  or have done  it all. But we're willing to bet we have a few tricks up our sleeves that he actually hasn't tried yet.

Cloud 9 Living's action and adventure experiences make the perfect gift ideas for men who are always looking for the adrenaline rush that leaves them speechless.

Bungee jumping from L.A.'s Bridge to Nowhere sounds like a pretty good place to start. Not able to venture out west? Not a problem. With over 1,900 experiences offered nationwide, it's easy to find an action-packed Father's Day gift nearly anywhere!

Available at various tracks throughout the U.S., stock car racing experiences can be enjoyed on the same asphalt the pros drive! Hop into a horsepower-hungry set of wheels for an exhilarating ride along, as a pro thunders the car around curves and straightaways.

Or satisfy a need for speed with a Father's Day gift that puts dad right behind the wheel to do the actual driving himself!

Care to take dad to the air? Send his adrenaline soaring as the pilot of a real plane, helicopter, fighter jet, or hydro-powered jetpack! And if he prefers the passenger role, launch him into great gift ideas for guys like a scenic aerial tour of his favorite terrain, cruising among the clouds in a vintage aircraft, or holding on tight through high-flying loops and dives aboard an aerobatic biplane thrill ride!

Of course, there's no better month than June for an aquatic adventure for dad! Invite him to board a ship for whale watching. Kayak on pristine waters among wildlife. Snorkel and scuba dive with sea turtles. Make the ultimate summertime splash with a unique Father's Day gift like white water rafting! Dad will never forget the invigorating rush that comes with rockin' and rollin' down a river full of unruly rapids.

This year, surprise your favorite dad with the type of gift for men that helps him remember this Father's Day long after June has come and gone. Give him memories. Give him an experience gift.