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With 1,800 of larger-than-life experiences offered nationwide, Cloud 9 Living makes saying "thank you" to Dad more exciting and memorable than ever! Choose from Race Car Driving, Golf Lessons, Fighter Pilot For A Day, and more.

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  • Drive a Stock Car

  • 5

"loved every minute of it"

  • Chesapeake Bay Sailing Cruise

  • 5

"The cruise was a gift to my husband from our daughter. Really didn't know what to expect. What we got was a wonderful experience!!!! The Captain and his first mate were great hosts!!!!. We had all kinds of weather(it added to the fun),and were rewarded with a rainbow!!! My husband was able to "help" the captain. He LOVED IT!! Would recommend this adventure!! "

  • Ride & Drive a Stock Car - Dover

  • 5

"Everyone at Monster Racing was great and very professional. Very knowledgeable and they really just wanted everyone to have a great time. They were not only great to me but also to my wife, who was just watching the fun. Had a fantastic time and will highly recommend the experience to others."

Father's Day Gifts_Super Gifts for Super Dad_Cloud 9 LivingAre you ready to put the happy back into Father's Day gift ideas this year? Because we sure are — in a heroic kind of way!

With an array of larger-than-life experiences offered nationwide, Cloud 9 Living makes saying "thank you" with cool Father's Day gifts more exciting and memorable than ever!

Because let's face it. Dads are basically superheroes. And whether they double as brothers, uncles, husbands, grandpas, step-parents or best buddies, their Father's Day gifts should be just as extraordinary as they are!

So box up those grilling goods you were thinking of re-gifting. Return the tie. Rethink that favorite brand of socks that he insists he likes so much. And remember the incredible moments that you've shared with the magnificent man you are honoring this June…

Brave bike lessons. Single-handed flights around the family room. Daredevil driving lessons. Rescued pets. Saved dinners. Fixed faucets. Patched knees. First dates and friendly threats. Super-human hugs. And countless other endearing parental superpowers.

While nothing will fully compare to the heroic happenings he's added to your life, Cloud 9 Living has some adventurous Father's Day gift ideas that come pretty close!

Hook him up with a sweet set of racecar or Harley wheels to take for a spin. Fly him to the skies for a scenic biplane ride, flight lesson, or a heart-pumping fighter pilot mission! Sharpen his savvy culinary skills with a local food tour or an in-home cooking lesson from a professional chef. Cheer him on to go courageously in the direction of his dreams — whether it's skydiving, rafting, or perfecting his golf game, double-dare him to do it! With a unique assortment of experiences to choose from nationwide, Cloud 9 Living can instantly complete even the wildest items on a bucket list — and probably add a few more to it!

With great Father's Day gift ideas like these, you're guaranteed to get the ultimate high-five from your very own superhero.

So get to it! Make some epic gift-giving action happen this Dad's Day!

Fighter Pilot for a Day_Experience Gift_Cloud 9 LivingLook!  Up in the sky!  It's a bird, it's a plane! It's... DAD!?!

For all the times he hoisted you high overhead, give dad the chance to spread his own wings with an air-worthy Father's Day gift!

With Cloud 9 Living's widespread collection of Flying Experiences, freely choose exactly how you want to send dad soaring through the skies.

Give the history-buff a scenic ride in a vintage aircraft, like a T-6 Warbird or a stylishly-restored 1920's biplane. Want throw some aerial antics into the mix? Launch the daredevil dad on an aerobatic biplane thrill ride, complete with barrel rolls, loops and stunts galore!

For the man with piloting dreams, an airplane or helicopter lesson makes the perfect present!  And if you're searching for a Father's Day gift idea that's going to let him take piloting to the extreme, nothing beats the ultimate air adventure — being a Fighter Pilot for a Day!

Maybe the fearless fellow in your life prefers to take the more "natural" route back down to the ground? Check out our skydiving, hang gliding and paragliding opportunities!

Get your dad going up, up and away on his big day!

Beer tasting tour_Experience Gifts_Cloud 9 LivingIs dear old dad a super-foodie? If the way to your main man's heart is through his stomach, Cloud 9 Living has dozens of delicious Father's Day gift ideas to show him how much you love him!

With appetizing topics to choose from like beer, cheese, desserts, local dishes, renowned restaurants, best-kept secret diners, even the most curious cravings will enjoy a creative Father's Day gift fix!

Maybe he's more interested in creating his own cuisine?

Arrange for him to enjoy an in-home cooking lesson with a qualified culinary professional. From sushi spreads to hearty steak and potato dinners, Cloud 9 Living has the chef connections to make dad's dream-menu come true!

Treat him to the tastiest Dad's Day yet in nearly every major U.S. metropolitan area with a Food & Wine Experience Gift!

Father's Day Gifts_Driving Experiences_Cloud 9 LivingDoes a dad in your life have a super-human need for strength and speed?

Cloud 9 Living offers the perfect Driving Experience Gifts for dad to really celebrate Father's Day!

These cars aren't just fast — they exude powerful, performance-oriented freedom and are available at various tracks from coast to coast! So for the father-figure who drives the kids to school with an unusual swiftness, check out our assortment of exotic, stock and Indy car racing experiences!

If you know a dad that's perhaps a little too excited to get rid of the toddler's training wheels, then perhaps there's no greater Father's Day gift than a day or two cruising the open roads on a Harley-Davidson rental.

Or, when it comes to "driving," maybe Father's Day gift ideas for your pops are better coming with a fairway and a cart. If a game of golf brings an endless smile to your fellow's face, don't miss out on the chance to get him taking tips from a PGA Pro!

This Father's Day, help your hero do some super-duper bucket list damage with an Action & Adventure Gift!

Be it by land or by water, Cloud 9 Living has a seriously spectacular selection of Father's Day gift ideas that are guaranteed to get dad's senses surging with unparalleled excitement!

Dare him to get his adrenaline pumping. Send him on a hiking or rock-climbing expedition. Zoom him among treetops on a ziplining tour, taking in the stunning scenery from hundreds of feet in the air! Or let him give his sea-legs a go with a kayak outing, sportfishing session, scuba lesson, or snorkeling adventure.

Want to kick things up a notch? Double-dare dad to tackle some extreme sporting excursions like bungee jumping, white water rafting, and surfing! Still not quite extreme enough? He's welcome to go diving with great white sharks, too.
We double-dog-dare you to get dad a Father's Day gift that will leave him with some legendary memories!

Capes and spandex suits are optional.