Indoor Skydiving in Denver

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Lone Tree, CO


Year Round: Sunday - Thursday 9:00am - 8:00pm
Friday and Saturday 9:00am - 10:00pm

Experience new heights with an indoor skydiving flight in a wind tunnel. No parachute required!
  • Personal assistance from professional instructors. No experience necessary!
  • Begin with a training session and safety orientation
  • Gear included: helmet, goggles, flight suit, goggles and earplugs
  • Experience the thrilling sensation of soaring through the air, without having to jump from a plane!
  • Great for families and parties

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No Plane, No Parachute, No Problem! With indoor skydiving, you'll use a vertical wind tunnel to experience the freedom of flight - indoors!

Indoor skydiving is your chance to feel the amazing sensation of skydiving without jumping out of a plane! There is no falling sensation; you just float above the trampoline floor with ease.

You'll start out with a training class where you'll learn about flying in the wind tunnel and the use of your flight gear. Next, enjoy your flight rotations in the tunnel with one-on-one attention from your instructor and receive a flight certificate.

Indoor skydiving is a safe and fun activity, and a great way for you to taste the thrill of skydiving without an airplane or parachute. No experience is necessary and just about anyone of any age can participate.

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Essential Information:
For your safety, participants must weigh no more than 250 lbs.

Participants must not have a medical history of heart, neck or back problems; no history of shoulder dislocations; and must not be pregnant.

Participants must be at least 3 years of age and those under 18 must have parent or guardian sign a consent waiver.

The entire flight experience lasts about 1-1.5 hours. 1 minute in the wind tunnel is equivalent to 1-2 real skydives. Many flyers find that each minute feels much longer, due to the adrenaline involved with flying in a 120 mph wind stream. Most people find 2-4 minutes to be an ideal amount for beginners.

Maximum Participants:
One person flies at a time. 12 participants per class.

If your guest chooses to watch, they are welcome to accompany you through your experience and can watch from the flight deck.

Weather Dependent:
This experience is not weather dependent.

What to Wear:
Comfortable clothes that you move freely in, shirts without collars, and shoes that tie. A flight suit to wear over your clothing is provided.

Booking Information:
For this experience, it is recommended to request bookings at least 7 days in advance.

Cancellation Policy:
Prior to scheduling/booking a date for this experience, Cloud 9's standard return and exchange policy shall apply. Once you have scheduled a date and received a booking confirmation, no refunds will be given. For individuals, rescheduling is allowed up to 72 hours prior to your experience, failure to appear on your booked date or to reschedule at least 72 hours prior to your booked date will result in the loss of the value of your experience. For party package, rescheduling is allowed up to one week prior to your experience, failure to appear on your booked date or to reschedule at least one week prior to your booked date will result in the loss of the value of your experience.

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  1. What is it?
    A vertical wind tunnel that has fans at the top with the purpose of drawing the air up past you in the flight chamber. You will experience a controlled environment providing you the just the right amount of airflow for ultimate flight enjoyment.
  2. What is indoor bodyflight?
    Indoor bodyflight is the development of a skill allowing you to fly your body in a controlled manner in a wind tunnel. Indoor Skydiving provides the perfect environment for the quickest development of this skill due to the professional instruction, and the quality of the airflow.
  3. Is it scary?
    Indoor Skydiving is not scary; there is no jumping, no falling and there is no experience needed. You are simply floating on a column of air. There is no sensation of falling or anything that would cause motion sickness.
  4. Can I do tricks and flips in the tunnel?
    The first concern is for your safety in the flight chamber, so the tricks or flips are done by experienced flyers only. Some flyers are able to do turns, move up and down, forward and backward during their first flight. Be sure to ask your instructor how to advance your flight skills, tunnel flying is an exciting sport