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Dinner or lunch on a cruise is so much more exciting than visiting another restaurant! Enjoy the views of some of America's most famous cities while devouring delicious cuisine.

  • Dinner and Lunch Cruises

    Delicious Food & Incredible Views

  • A Romantic Night Out

  • Take In Breathtaking Views

  • Set Sail With Someone Special!

Featured Reviews:

  • Gourmet New York Dinner Cruise

  • 5

  • New York

"It was great. The food was better then I thought it would be. Very classy. It was worth every penny. I highly recommend cloud 9 living to take care of anyone's bookings. Thanks for being professional. "

  • Gourmet New York Dinner Cruise

  • 5

  • New York

"We were in NYC 5 days which sound like a lot of time until you start trying to "do everything" so giving up three hours is a pretty big deal. We could not have been happier with the time or money spent. Getting the experience booked and our questions answered were handled perfectly by the Cloud 9 representatives. Once we were on board, it just got better. The staff, especially Ashanti -our server- were incredible! We LOVED the cruise so much!! The only feedback we would give was about the dress code. We called Cloud 9 to confirm required dress and we're told no jeans were permitted. (This was not clear on the Wells Fargo site where we initially purchased the cruise). We had to go buy dress pants for one of the members of our party -which we were happy to do in order to comply with the code. However, several people were in jeans, one even wearing a GAP hoodie as well. We weren't looking for a fancy event but given the fact that we made a specific purchase only yo find out jeans WOULD have been fine was a bit annoying. "

  • Baltimore Harbor Dinner Cruise

  • 5

  • Baltimore

"My boyfriend and I had an incredible time celebrating our one year anniversary aboard the Spirit of Baltimore! Every single staff member was beyond friendly, entertaining, and accomodating. This experience was a surprise for my boyfriend and he loved every minute! The food was fantastic, we definitely left stuffed to the gills...the music was awesome, never a dull moment on the dance floor...and the excellent staff members topped off the overall experience. Thank you again so much. I think we will be looking at other experiences through your site in the near future!"

How To Pick The Perfect Night Out

Here at Cloud 9 Living we know that every person's definition of "perfect" is different.  Making sure we send our customers on the best experience possible according to each person's preferences is incredibly important to us.

Dinner Cruises are no exception, and in fact we try to go the extra mile to make sure you book just the right kind of cruise to suit your particular needs.  That's because we know our cruises are "the perfect night out," as long as you know which one to pick.

Cloud 9 Living offers three distinct types of dining cruises:

Lunch CruiseThe Lunch Cruise (available at Blue and Light Blue marker locations on the Perfect Night Out map)

Perfect For: 

- Taking a family member or friend out for a fun afternoon
- Experiencing a unique tour in a new city or getting a fresh perspective on your home town
- Going on a casual excursion

Expect: A scenic cruise with some light narration and staff-performed music mixed in.  Enjoy the daytime views of some of America's most famous cities on both the East and West Coasts.  Weather permitting you will also enjoy beverages and take in the sea air on one of the outdoor observation decks.  Finally, be prepared to go back for seconds at the bountiful buffet!

Don't Expect: Intimate or private surroundings.  The Lunch Cruise is a social affair with up to 600 guests!  This is about cruising the waters and taking in the sights while enjoying a great lunch.


Dinner CruisesThe Dinner Cruise (available at Blue and Light Blue marker locations on the Perfect Night Out map)

Perfect For:

- Couples looking for a fun, social atmosphere
- Groups of friends and family

Expect: A party on the water with the Bright Lights of the Big City twinkling in the background. The DJ will be spinning Top 40 hits and the dance floor will be bumping.  Dinner is buffet style and is perfect for fueling up before a memorable night filled with great views, dancing, and drinks.

Don't Expect: A quiet night filled with slow, soft music.  This cruise is about fun, and if you're in the mood that's exactly what it will deliver!


Gourmet Dinner Cruise

The Gourmet Dinner Cruise (available at Light Blue & Green marker locations on the Perfect Night Out map)

Perfect For:

- Couples looking for a romantic escape
- Friends and family looking for a relaxed, intimate setting

Expect: Seasonal hors d' oeuvers followed by creative and sumptious appetizers, entrees, and desserts.  Breathtaking views of the city.  Relaxing live music.  And, of course, dancing!

Don't Expect: A party atmosphere.

While these are a few of our most popular cruises, we also have other great options to choose from, including Gondola Dinner Cruises in Dallas, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, a Lobster Dinner Cruise in Boston, Romantic Dinner Cruises and more.

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Where can you enjoy the Perfect Night Out with a scrumptious dining cruise from Cloud 9 Living?

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View The Perfect Night Out - Dinner & Lunch Cruises in a larger map


Green: Gourmet Dinner Cruise & Lunch Cruise

Red: Other kind of dining cruise

Blue: Lunch Cruise & Dinner Cruise

Light Blue: Lunch Cruise, Gourmet Lunch Cruise, Dinner Cruise & Gourmet Dinner Cruise